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TALBOT. (Commander, 1829. f-p., 16; h-p., 13.)

John Thomas Talbot was born 5 Nov. 1805.

This officer entered the Royal Naval College in 1818; and embarked, in 1820, as a Volunteer, on board the Cambrian 48, Capt. Gawen Wm. Hamilton, fitting for the Mediterranean; where and on the Home and South American stations he served, until 1824, part of the time in the capacity of Midshipman, in the Révolutionnaire 46, Capt. Hon. Fleetwood Broughton Reynolds Pellew, Pandora 18, Capt. Fred. Hunn, Gloucester 74, flag-ship of Sir Benj. Hallowell Carew, Surly cutter, Egeria 28, Capt. John Toup Nicolas, Owen Glendower 42, Capt. Sir Robt. Mends, Briton 46, Capt. Sir Murray Maxwell, and Doris 42, Capt. Wm. Jas. Hope Johnstone. In 1825, having passed his examination in the preceding year, he was nominated Mate of the Rose 18, Capt. Hon. Chas. Abbot, again in the Mediterranean; on which station, after he had been a second time employed with Capt. Hamilton in the Cambrian, he was nominated, in 1826, Acting-Lieutenant of the Brisk 10, and was confirmed, 22 June, 1827, into his former ship the Rose, then commanded by Capt. Lewis Davies, under whom he assisted at the capture of some piratical boats at Samothraki, and fought at the battle of Navarin. In Dec. of the year lost mentioned he removed to the Talbot 28, Capt. Hon. Fred. Spencer, also in the Mediterranean; and he was next, 1 March, 1829, appointed, a few months after his return to England, to the Melville 74, Capt. Alex. Wilmot Schomberg, fitting at Portsmouth. He attained the rank of Commander 7 Sept. following; and he served in that capacity – for a short time, we believe, in the St. Vincent 120, Capt. Humphrey Fleming Senhouse, again in the Mediterranean – from 20 May, 1831, until the summer of 1832, in the Procris 10, on the same station – and, from 18 March, 1834, until the spring of 1836, in the Coast Guard. He has been employed afresh in the latter service since 31 March, 1845.

Commander Talbot married, 5 Nov. 1833, Christian, eldest daughter of the late Wm. Kidd, Esq.