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1989509A Naval Biographical Dictionary — Vibart, JamesWilliam Richard O'Byrne

VIBART. (Lieut., 1814. f-p., 10; h-p., 33.)

James Vibart entered the Navy, 19 April, 1804, as A.B., on board the Donegal 74, Capts. Sir Rich. John Strachan and Pulteney Malcolm. It would appear that in her he was present at the capture of the Spanish 44-gun frigate Amfitrite and of a vessel with a cargo on board worth 200,000l.; in Lord Nelson’s pursuit of the combined fleets to the West Indies and back; at the capture of El Rayo of 100 guns, one of the ships recently defeated at Trafalgar; and in the action off St. Domingo 6 Feb. 1806. In Sept. of the latter year he removed (he had already attained the rating of Midshipman) to the Ambuscade 32, Capt. Wm. D’Urban; and in that ship he continued employed in the Mediterranean, as Master’s Mate, until Aug. 1809. He was then transferred, in the capacity last-mentioned, to the Isis 50, Capt. Thos. Geo. Shortland, on the Channel station. He served subsequently – from Nov. 1810 until Sept. 1811, as Acting-Lieutenant, in the Royal Oak and Northumberland 74’s, Capts, Lord Amelius Beauclerk and Hon. Henry Hotham, in Basque Roads – from 2 Oct. 1811 until 6 June, 1812, as Midshipman, In the Barfleur 93, flag-ship of Hon. Geo. Cranfield Berkeley at Lisbon – from 7 June until 13 Sept. 1812, as Acting-Lieutenant, in the Mermaid 32, armée en flûte, Capt. David Dunn – from Nov. 1812 until Aug. 1813, as Midshipman, in the Stately 64, bearing the flag in the Tagus of Vice-Admiral Geo. Martin – and, from Aug. 1813 until July, 1814, as Acting-Lieutenant and Lieutenant (commission dated 1 Jan. 1814), in the gunboat service at Gibraltar and Cadiz. He has since been on half-pay.

Lieut. Vibart is Senior of 1814.