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WILDEY. (Retired Captain, 1840.)

Henry Wildey entered the Navy, 4 March, 1790, as Midshipman, on board the Colossus 74, Capt. Hugh Cloberry Christian, lying at Portsmouth. He served in 1791 in the Porcupine 24, Capt. Geo. Martin, off Belfast; and in the following year he joined the Hussar 28, Capt. Rupert George, on the Halifax station; where he removed as Acting-Lieutenant, in 1795, to La Raison of 30 guns and 195 men, Capt. John Poo Beresford. He was present, 25 Aug. 1796, in the latter ship when she effected her escape from the French 40-gun frigate La Vengeance, after a running fight maintained with much gallantry for two hours, in which the British sustained a loss of 3 men killed and 6 wounded, and had their rigging and sails much damaged. He was confirmed a Lieutenant, 3 Nov. 1797, into the Plover sloop, Capt. John Chesshyre, in the Downs; and was appointed next – 11 Oct. 1798, to the command of the Camperdown hired cutter, on the same station, where he made prize, 26 Nov. 1799, of the French lugger-privateer Républicain of 20 men – 15 May, 1801, to the Jason frigate, Capt. Hon. John Murray, off Guernsey – in the course of the same year, to the Seahorse 38, Capt. Edw. Jas. Foote, with whom he proceeded in escort of 10 sail of Indiamen to Calcutta, returning to England in 1802 – 23 March, 1804, to the Queen 98, Capts. Theophilus Jones, Manley Dixon, and Fras. Pender, in which ship we find him, until he invalided in May, 1807, employed in the Channel and Mediterranean, and off the Port of Cadiz – and 13 Jan. 1808, to the command, for two years, of the Whiting schooner, on the Home station. In the latter vessel, which had been fitted for throwing rockets, he assisted in Lord Cochrane’s attack upon the French squadron in Aix Roads 11 April, 1809. He was promoted to the rank of Commander 3 May, 1810; and was for some time in 1812 employed in that capacity in the Rover sloop in the Channel. He was placed on the list of Retired Captains 10 Sept. 1840. Agents – Hallett and Robinson.