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WILLIAMS. (Lieut., 1813. f-p., 11; h-p., 32.)

Augustus Aldborough Lloyd Williams, born 9 Oct. 1790, is third son of the late John Lloyd Williams, Esq., of Gwernant Park, co. Cardigan, by Martha Louisa, second daughter of Motley Pendred Saunders, Esq., of Saunders Grove, co. Wicklow; and brother-in-law of Sir Wm. Oldnall Russel, late Chief-Justice of Bengal. His eldest brother, Edw. Lloyd Williams, Esq., of Gwernant Park, is a barrister-at-law, a Magistrate and Deputy-Lieutenant for cos. Stafford, Worcester, and Warwick, and a Magistrate of Cardigan.

This officer entered the Navy, 10 Feb. 1804, as a Volunteer, on board the Illustrious 74, Capt. Sir Chas. Hamilton; and on the very next day, as well as on subsequent occasions, was in action with the enemy’s gun-boats, praams, and batteries in the neighbourhood of Boulogne. After serving for a time as Midshipman off Ferrol, he removed, in Feb. 1805, to the Diadem 64, Capt. Sir Home Popham; in which ship we find him present at the reduction of the Cape of Good Hope in Jan. 1806, at the capture, 21 Feb. and 4 March following, of the Rolla brig and Volontaire frigate, in Table Bay, and at the taking, in June and Oct. of the same year, of Buenos Ayres and Maldonado. In Feb. 1807, a few weeks after he had been transferred to the Sampson 64, Capt. Wm. Cuming, he assisted in the attack upon Monte Video. Joining, in the ensuing May, the Excellent 74, Capt. John West, he united in the early part of 1808 in a series of active co-operations with the patriots on the coast of Catalonia; where, in the month of Nov., he landed with a party of seamen and marines for the purpose of aiding in the defence of the fortress of Rosas, besieged at the time by several thousand French troops. While on this service Mr. Williams was present in a sortie, in which the British succeeded in rescuing a body of Spaniards, who were in danger of falling into the hands of the enemy. On the Excellent being ordered to the Adriatic he there aided in her boats in an attack upon the town of Pesaro. He was also, 29 July, 1809, in them, under the command of Lieut. John Harper, when, covered by a fire from the Acorn and Bustard sloops, they boarded and carried six Italian gun-vessels, armed with long 18 and 24 pounders, and each manned with 20 men; the whole of which, together with a convoy of 10 laden trabacolos, were brought out, with but trifling loss to the British, from the harbour of Duino, near Trieste. On leaving the Excellent Mr. Williams was received in succession, in April and Oct. 1810, on board the Apollo 38, Capt. Bridges Watkinson Taylor, and Barfleur 98, flag-ship of Hon. Geo. Cranfield Berkeley, both on the Lisbon station. During the time he belonged to the Barfleur he was sent up the river Tagus with a detachment of armed seamen to co-operate with the British army at Villa Franca; and was employed at Mugem in conveying despatches between Lord Wellington and General Hill. After he had been for about 11 months stationed in the Mediterranean and again off Lisbon as Master’s Mate in the Caledonia 120 and Impétueux 74, bearing the flags of Sir Edw. Pellew and the late Sir Geo. Martin, he was nominated, 22 Dec. 1812, Acting-Lieutenant of the Nemesis 28, armée en flûte, Capt. Hon. Jas. Ashley Maude. In the boats of that ship, to which he was confirmed 18 Jan. 1813, he was slightly wounded in the unsuccessful attack upon Crany Island, and was present at the taking of Hampton. On 12 July, 1814, he assisted at the cuttirg-out from Ocrakoke Harbour of the Anaconda of 18 and the Atlas of 10 guns. Since Jan. 1815 (he had been serving latterly at Halifax and in the West Indies in the Centurion 50, flag-ship of Rear-Admiral Edw. Griffith, and Rattler sloop, Capt. Henry Bourne) he has been on half-pay.

In 1816 Lieut. Williams went out to India in the East India country-service. He married, 9 Feb. 1826, Mary Anne, eldest daughter of Jas. Bell, Esq., of Uttoxeter, co. Stafford, Banker, and has issue two sons and one daughter.