A Roster of General Officers/Generals

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A Roster of General Officers
by Charles Colcock Jones
Generals Confederate States Army, in Order of Rank
1596879A Roster of General Officers — Generals Confederate States Army, in Order of RankCharles Colcock Jones

  Name. State. To Whom to Report. Appoint. Rank. Confirm. Accept.
1 Samuel Cooper Virginia  . . . . .  Aug. 31, 1861. May 16, 1861. Aug. 31, 1861,
Apl. 23, 1863.
Remarks: Adjutant and Inspector-General.
2 Albert S. Johnston Texas  . . . . .  Aug. 31, 1861. May  30, 1861. Aug. 31, 1861.  . . . . . 
Remarks: Killed at the Battle of Shiloh; assigned by Special Order No. 149, A. & I.G.O., Sept. 10, 1861, to the command of Department Number 2, embracing Tennessee and Arkansas, that part of Mississippi west of the N.O.J. & G.N.R.R. and the G.N. & C.R.R., and the military operations in Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, and the Indian country west of Missouri and Arkansas, &c., &c.
3 Robert E. Lee Virginia  . . . . .  Aug. 31, 1861. June 14, 1861. Aug. 31, 1861,
Apl. 23, 1863.
Remarks: Nominated and confirmed as "General-in-Chief of the Armies of the Confederate States of America" January 31, 1865; at first appointed Major-General of the military forces of Virginia; In command of the operations in the Trans-Alleghany region; in the winter of 1861 in command of the South Carolina and Georgia coast; from the spring of 1862 to the close of the war in command of the Army of Northern Virginia, &c., &c.
4 Joseph E. Johnston Virginia  . . . . .  Aug. 31, 1861. July  4, 1861. Aug. 31, 1861,
Apl. 23, 1863.
Remarks: At first Major-General of Virginia State forces; assigned by President Davis to command at Harper's Ferry; at Manassas; in command, on the Peninsula, of the Department of Northern Virginia; June 9, 1863, assigned to command of forces in Mississippi; December 18, 1863, assigned to command of the Army of Tennessee; February 23, 1865, again in command of the Army of Tennessee in North Carolina and of all troops in the Department of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, &c., &c.
5 Gustav. T. Beauregard Louisiana  . . . . .  Aug. 31, 1861. July 21, 1861. Aug. 31, 1861,
Apl. 23, 1863.
Remarks: Assigned to command at Charleston, S. C.; at Manassas; in command of the District of the Potomac; March 5, 1862, assumed command of the Army of the Mississippi; subsequently in command of the Department of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, of North Carolina and South Virginia, &c., &c.
6 Braxton Bragg Louisiana  . . . . .  Apl. 12, 1862. Apl. 12, 1862. Apl. 12, 1862.  . . . . . 
Remarks: Assigned to duty at the Seat of Government, and, under the direction of the President, charged with the conduct of military operations in the armies of the Confederacy; see General Orders No. 23; A. & I. General's office, Richmond, Va., February 24, 1864; had previously commanded Department of the West, Army of Tennessee, Second Corps, Army of the Mississippi, &c., &c.
General Provisional Army Confederate States.
1 Edmund Kirby Smith Florida Trans-Miss. Dept. Feb. 19, 1864. Feb. 19, 1864.  . . . . .   . . . . . 
Remarks: Commanding District of Louisiana, occupied by Taylor's [afterwards Buckner's] corps, consisting of Walker's and Polignac'a divisions and Green's cavalry brigade; the District of Texas, defended by Magruder's corps, consisting of Forney's, McCulloch's and Wharton's divisions; the District of Arkansas, held by Price's corps, consisting of the divisions of Price and Churchill and the brigades of Fagan, Shelby and Marmaduke, and the district of the Indian Territory the whole constituting the Trans-Mississippi Department.
General with Temporary Rank
1 John B. Hood Texas  . . . . .  July 18, 1864. July 18, 1864.  . . . . .   . . . . . 
Remarks: Commanding Army of Tennessee.
Note.—At the times of their resignations from the United States army In 1861, five of the above named officers held the following ranks respectively:
General Samuel Cooper was Adjutant-General U.S.A., with the rank of Colonel.
General Albert S. Johnston was Colonel of the Second cavalry U.S.A. with the rank of Brevet Brigadier-General.
General Robert E. Lee was Colonel of the First cavalry U.S.A.
General Joseph E. Johnston was Quartermaster-General U.S.A., with the rank of Brigadier
General G. T. Beauregard was Captain and Brevet Major Corps of Engineers U.S.A.

See Official Army Register for September, 1861, page 61