A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature/Cibber, Colley

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Cibber, Colley (1671-1757).—Actor and dramatist, b. in London, s. of a Danish sculptor, and ed. at Grantham School. Soon after his return to London he took to the stage. Beginning with tragedy, in which he failed, he turned to comedy, and became popular in eccentric rôles. In 1696 he brought out his first play, Love's Last Shift, and produced in all about 30 plays, some of which were very successful. In 1730 he was made Poet Laureate, and wrote some forgotten odes of no merit, also an entertaining autobiography. Pope made him the hero of the Dunciad.

Among other plays are The Nonjuror (1717), Woman's Wit, She Would and She Would Not, The Provoked Husband (1728) (with Vanbrugh).