A brief look at the imaginary report on the situation of human rights at Mazar-I-Sharif

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A brief look at the imaginary report on the situation of human rights at Mazar-I-Sharif  (1998) 
by Choong-Hyun Paik

Released to the Embassy of Afghanistan in Islamabad following report of Taliban atrocities in Afghanistan.

It seems that the author has travelled before to Afghanistan; however, instead of knowing the country he has tried to know the opponents well. This is because if an Afghan tries to read his report, suddenly he will find out that the author is going in the wrong direction. He inspires those who act contrary to the wish of human rights, and according to his claims these wrongdoers are totally dedicated to human rights and have performed extraordinary services in this respect.

It is emphasized that if the judgement is made on this report by some impartial, realistic and acknowledged individual, then right away the conclusion is drawn that he has not verified a single point of what he has claimed but most likely has relied on anecdotes and baseless reports of the press or on the false stories of opponents. It must be mentioned that there are a few points which are accurate, such as the killing and detention of military personnel, the collection of arms and the temporary evacuation of some places. But the rest of the explanations and accusations are simply a vast propaganda which only provokes baseless prejudices and brainwashes the people. For example, he takes up matters such as: "With a Pashtun lady certain affairs were done".

The author has tried to adjust his novel-styled report to attract the attention of the reader.

And as to the suggestion that the opponents of the Islamic Emirate have obviously committed different crimes in various forms, has the author ever tried to explore those? When thousands of unarmed and peace-demanding Taliban were tortured with different means, where were these alert ears?

As far as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is concerned, using two different attitudes in one concern and having two different views for the same phenomenon is not acceptable, and they are merely exaggerations for the sake of wide publicity. As to the Iranian intelligence agents, the information provided even goes beyond the jurisdiction of the investigation of the responsible committee. This is to make the Iranian authorities happy and conceal their intervention in Afghanistan.

In the report, there is a mention of China and Mongolia just for future exploitation purposes.

To illustrate the author's short-mindedness, it is enough to reject this unjust claim of his which states that Taliban kill even animals, women and children, or rape women. All of these accusations are baseless, and are only directed to disrespect Islam. They are useless efforts, and only the passage of time proves its falsehood. The world will necessarily find out the truth in the course of time.

Our only demand from the humanitarians of the world is to please heal the wounds of Afghans and don't make them worse.