American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009/Division B

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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
United States Congress
Division B - Tax, Unemployment, Health, State Fiscal Relief, And Other Provisions
369518American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009Division B - Tax, Unemployment, Health, State Fiscal Relief, And Other ProvisionsUnited States Congress

DIVISION B— Tax, Unemployment, Health, State Fiscal Relief, And Other Provisions

Title I— Tax Provisions
Subtitle A— Tax Relief for Individuals and Families
Part I— General Tax Relief
Part II— Alternative Minimum Tax Relief
Subtitle B— Energy Incentives
Part I— Renewable Energy Incentives
Part II— Increased Allocations of New Clean Renewable Energy Bonds and Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds
Part III— Energy Conservation Incentives
Part IV— Modification of Credit for Carbon Dioxide Sequestration
Part V— Plug-in Electric Drive Motor Vehicles
Part VI— Parity for Transportation Fringe Benefits
Subtitle C— Tax Incentives for Business
Part I— Temporary Investment Incentives
Part II— Small Business Provisions
Part III— Incentives for New Jobs
Part IV— Rules Relating to Debt Instruments
Part V— Qualified Small Business Stock
Part VI— S Corporations
Part VII— Rules Relating to Ownership Changes
Subtitle D— Manufacturing Recovery Provisions
Subtitle E— Economic Recovery Tools
Subtitle F— Infrastructure Financing Tools
Part I— Improved Marketability for Tax-Exempt Bonds
Part II— Delay in Application of Withholding Tax on Government Contractors
Part III— Tax Credit Bonds for Schools
Part IV— Build America Bonds
Part V— Regulated Investment Companies Allowed to Pass-Thru Tax Credit Bond Credits
Subtitle G— Other Provisions
Subtitle H— Prohibition on Collection of Certain Payments Made Under the Continued Dumping and Subsidy Offset Act of 2000
Subtitle I— Trade Adjustment Assistance
Part I— Trade Adjustment Assistance for Workers
Subpart A— Trade Adjustment Assistance For Service Sector Workers
Subpart B— Industry Notifications Following Certain Affirmative Determinations
Subpart C— Program Benefits
Subpart D— Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assistance Program
Subpart E— Other Matters
Part II— Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms
Part III— Trade Adjustment Assistance for Communities
Part IV— Trade Adjustment Assistance for Farmers
Part V— General Provisions
Part VI— Health Coverage Improvement
Title II— Assistance For Unemployed Workers And Struggling Families
Title III— Premium Assistance For Cobra Benefits
Title IV— Medicare And Medicaid Health Information Technology; Miscellaneous Medicare Provisions
Title V— State Fiscal Relief
Title VI— Broadband Technology Opportunities Program
Title VII— Limits On Executive Compensation