American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009/Division B/Title I/Subtitle I

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Subtitle I—Trade Adjustment Assistance

SEC. 1800. SHORT TITLE.[edit]

This subtitle may be cited as the "Trade and Globalization Adjustment Assistance Act of 2009".

Part I—Trade Adjustment Assistance for Workers[edit]

Subpart A—Trade Adjustment Assistance For Service Sector Workers[edit]

Sec. 1801. Extension of trade adjustment assistance to service sector and public agency workers; shifts in production.
Sec. 1802. Separate basis for certification.
Sec. 1803. Determinations by Secretary of Labor.
Sec. 1804. Monitoring and reporting relating to service sector.

Subpart B—Industry Notifications Following Certain Affirmative Determinations[edit]

Sec. 1811. Notifications following certain affirmative determinations.
Sec. 1812. Notification to Secretary of Commerce.

Subpart C—Program Benefits[edit]

Sec. 1821. Qualifying Requirements for Workers.
Sec. 1822. Weekly amounts.
Sec. 1823. Limitations on trade readjustment allowances; allowances for extended training and breaks in training.
Sec. 1824. Special rules for calculation of eligibility period.
Sec. 1825. Application of State laws and regulations on good cause for waiver of time limits or late filing of claims.
Sec. 1826. Employment and case management services.
Sec. 1827. Administrative expenses and employment and case management services.
Sec. 1828. Training funding.
Sec. 1829. Prerequisite education; approved training programs.
Sec. 1830. Pre-layoff and part-time training.
Sec. 1831. On-the-job training.
Sec. 1832. Eligibility for unemployment insurance and program benefits while in training.
Sec. 1833. Job search and relocation allowances.

Subpart D—Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assistance Program[edit]

Sec. 1841. Reemployment trade adjustment assistance program.

Subpart E—Other Matters[edit]

Sec. 1851. Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance.
Sec. 1852. Accountability of State agencies; collection and publication of program data; agreements with States.
Sec. 1853. Verification of eligibility for program benefits.
Sec. 1854. Collection of data and reports; information to workers.
Sec. 1855. Fraud and recovery of overpayments.
Sec. 1856. Sense of Congress on application of trade adjustment assistance.
Sec. 1857. Consultations in promulgation of regulations.
Sec. 1858. Technical corrections.

Part II—Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms[edit]

Sec. 1861. Expansion to service sector firms.
Sec. 1862. Modification of requirements for certification.
Sec. 1863. Basis for determinations.
Sec. 1864. Oversight and administration; authorization of appropriations.
Sec. 1865. Increased penalties for false statements.
Sec. 1866. Annual report on trade adjustment assistance for firms.
Sec. 1867. Technical corrections.

Part III—Trade Adjustment Assistance for Communities[edit]

Sec. 1871. Purpose.
Sec. 1872. Trade adjustment assistance for communities.
Sec. 1873. Conforming amendments.

Part IV—Trade Adjustment Assistance for Farmers[edit]

Sec. 1881. Definitions.
Sec. 1882. Eligibility.
Sec. 1883. Benefits.
Sec. 1884. Report.
Sec. 1885. Fraud and recovery of overpayments.
Sec. 1886. Determination of increases of imports for certain fishermen.
Sec. 1887. Extension of trade adjustment assistance for farmers.

Part V—General Provisions[edit]

Sec. 1891. Effective date.
Sec. 1892. Extension of trade adjustment assistance programs.
Sec. 1893. Termination; related provisions.
Sec. 1894. Government Accountability Office report.
Sec. 1895. Emergency designation.

Part VI—Health Coverage Improvement[edit]

Sec. 1899. Short title.
Sec. 1899A. Improvement of the affordability of the credit.
Sec. 1899B. Payment for monthly premiums paid prior to commencement of advance payments of credit.
Sec. 1899C. TAA recipients not enrolled in training programs eligible for credit.
Sec. 1899D. TAA pre-certification period rule for purposes of determining whether there is a 63-day lapse in creditable coverage.
Sec. 1899E. Continued qualification of family members after certain events.
Sec. 1899F. Extension of COBRA benefits for certain TAA-eligible individuals and PBGC recipients.
Sec. 1899G. Addition of coverage through voluntary employees' beneficiary associations.
Sec. 1899H. Notice requirements.
Sec. 1899I. Survey and report on enhanced health coverage tax credit program.
Sec. 1899J. Authorization of appropriations.
Sec. 1899K. Extension of national emergency grants.
Sec. 1899L. GAO study and report.