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There is no attempt to give here anything like a complete bibliography. The books, pamphlets and leaflets are those which the writer has found most useful in this study. The full report of the Chicago Convention (1905) has great value to the student and may be had, I think, through publishing centers here indicated.

American Literature



I. W. W. Song Books

To Fan the Flames of Discontent:

  • "Songs of Joy!"
  • "Songs of Sorrow!"
  • "Songs of Sarcasm!"
  • "Songs of the Miseries That Are."
  • "Songs of the Happiness To Be."

May be had, P. O. Box 622, New Castle, Pa.


  • "Syndicalism and the General Strike," Arthur D. Lewis. 309 pp. Publisher, T. Fisher Unwin, London, 1912.
  • "Syndicalism," J. H. Harley, M. A. Publisher, T. C. & E. C. Jack, London.
  • "Syndicalism and Labour," Sir Arthur Clay. 230 pp. Publisher, E. P. Button and Company, New York, 1911.
  • "The Worker and His Country," Fabian Ware. 288 pp. Publisher, Edward Arnold, London, 1912. The author shows strong sympathy with the syndicalists, and has intimate knowledge of the French movement.
  • "The Miner's Next Step." Robert Davies & Company, London, 1912.
  • "Industrial Unionism and the Mining Industry," George Harvey. Published by Socialist Labour Party, 28 Forth St., Edinboro.
  • "Syndicalism," J. Ramsay MacDonald. Publisher, Constable, London, 1912.
  • "The Philosopher of Change," Henri Bergson. Publisher W. Carr, 67 Long Ave., London.
    This useful little volume of 90 pp. is in "The People's Books" series.


  • "Le Syndicalisme Contemporain," A. Zévaès. 22 Rue Huyghens, Paris, 1911. An elaborate study of 358 pp., especially valuable from Chapter V–XI.
  • "Syndicalisme et Socialisme," Hubert Lagardelle, Arturo Labriola and others. Marcel Rivière, 30 Rue Jacob, Paris.
  • "Histoire des bourses du travail," F. Pelloutier. Paris, 1902.
  • "Le Sabotage," E. Pouget. Paris, 1910.
  • "Les bases du Syndicalisme," E. Pouget. Paris.
  • "Syndicalisme révolutionnaire et Syndicalisme réformiste," Félicien Challaye. Paris, Alcan, 1909.
  • "Anarchisme individualiste," Edward Berth.
  • "Comment nous ferons la Révolution," E. Pataud et E. Pouget.
  • "A. B. C. Syndicaliste," Georges Yvetot. 3 Rue de Pondichéry, 1908.
  • "La Confédération Générale du Travail," Émile Pouget. Marcel Rivière, 30 Rue Jacob, Paris.
  • "L'Action Syndicaliste," Victor Griffuelhes. Marcel Rivière, 30 Rue Jacob, Paris.
  • "La Decomposition du Marxisme," and "Les Illusions du progres," 2d ed., 1911, Georges Sorel. Marcel Rivière, 30 Rue Jacob, Paris.
  • "Réflexions sur la Violence," Georges Sorel. Publisher, Marcel Rivière, 30 Rue Jacob, Paris.
  • "Les Syndicats et la Révolution," L. Niels. 140 Rue Mouffetard, Paris, 1902.
  • "La Philosophie Syndicaliste," Guy-Grand. 2d ed., Paris, 1911.


"Der moderne französische Syndikalismus," Dr. Anton Acht. Verlag von Gustav Fischer, Jena, 1911.
A severely academic study, but one of the most useful yet published.

The voluminous Italian literature I have not seen except such as appears in French translations. Something of this will be found in the French sources noted above.