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Industrial Workers of the World

(IWW) radical international labor union founded in 1905. In its early history, its political radicalism and militant methods found it at odds with governments, business owners and the conservative trade unions, with literature at times banned as subversive materials. Despite this, the IWW managed to build a considerable cultural impact among workers through newspapers in many languages, political cartoons, songs, and literature ultimately written for, and by, workers.

This portal includes works published by, or about, groups within the IWW, plus those published by the "Detroit IWW" prior to its renaming in 1915. Each should be marked according to each work's specific publishing body, where possible.

IWW "universal label"

Cited as publisher[edit]

Title Author Year Location Notes
Eleven Blind Leaders: or "tactical socialism" and "revolutionary tactics" from an I.W.W. standpoint Benjamin H. Williams c. 1910 New Castle, Pennsylvania Pamphlet
The General Strike William Dudley Haywood c. 1911 Chicago Pamphlet
"Don't be a Scab" c. 1912 Lawrence, Massachusetts Leaflet
Proletarian and Petit-Bourgeois Austin Lewis c. 1912 Chicago Pamphlet
Industrial Unionism: the Road to Freedom Joseph James Ettor c. 1913 Chicago? Pamphlet
The I. W. W.: Its History, Structure, and Methods Vincent Saint John 1913 Cleveland Pamphlet
Songs of the Workers ("Joe Hill Memorial" 9th ed.) various authors 1916 Cleveland Pamphlet
"To Arms!" 1916 Australia Leaflet
The Advancing Proletariat: A Study of The Movement of The Working Class From Wage Slavery to Freedom Abner E. Woodruff 1917 Chicago Pamphlet
The Evolution of Industrial Democracy Abner E. Woodruff c. 1917 Pamphlet
The Onward Sweep of the Machine Process Nils H. Hanson c. 1917 Chicago Pamphlet
Sabotage: The Conscious Withdrawal of The Workers' Industrial Efficiency Elizabeth Gurley Flynn 1917 Chicago Pamphlet
Shall Freedom Die?: 166 Union Men In Jail For Labor Harrison George c. 1917 Chicago Pamphlet
When the Leaves Come Out Ralph Hosea Chaplin 1917 Cleveland Book
The Red Dawn: the Bolsheviki and the I.W.W. Harrison George c. 1918 Chicago Pamphlet
Evolution of American Agriculture Abner E. Woodruff c. 1919 Book
Letter from F. H. Bohn to IWW members (March 30, 1919) Frank H. Bohn 1919 Chicago Letter
One Big Union of All the Workers, the Greatest Thing on Earth c. 1919 Chicago Pamphlet
Songs of the Workers (15th ed.) various authors 1919 Chicago Pamphlet
"The IWW Needs an Industrial Encyclopedia" John Sandgren 1919 Chicago Article
Songs of the Industrial Workers of the World (4th Australian ed.) various authors c. 1920 Melbourne, Australia Pamphlet
"With drops of blood: the history of the Industrial Workers of the World has been written" William Dudley Haywood c. 1920 Chicago Leaflet
Historical Catechism of American Unionism c. 1923 Chicago Book
"The I.W.W. and political parties" Vincent Saint John c. 1924 Chicago Leaflet
Charter of the Seattle Branch of the Marine Transport Workers Industrial Union 510 of the Industrial Workers of the World, duplicate c. 1925 Charter

Legal documents[edit]

IWW members[edit]

The following authors may or may not have been members at the time of authorship of their works, but are or were known to have been IWW members, or "Wobblies."