Don't be a Scab

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Don't be a Scab

Industrial Workers of the World Universal Label

This Strike is won if you, the workers stay out as you are doing.

The arrest of Ettor and others is simply a proof of the desperation of the bosses. Instead of breaking the strike, it has only strengthened the workers determination to get what is due them.

Various Committees have investigated the strike. Their reports state that all, or part of the demands of the strikers are justified.

Governor Foss in a statement to the New York Journal of Commerce says in effect, THE MILL MEN ARE TO BLAME!

Workers the country over are aroused and support is pledged and given. Not only that: but Textile Workers in this State, and in plants of the American Woolen Co., in at least two States WILL STRIKE within two weeks if necessary.

Bring all cases of distress to the attention of the Relief Committee.

See all who are still at work and induce them to stay out. Show them that their actions means increased misery to themselves and children; and that SCABS in this strike are TRAITORS to their families and class.

The strike cannot be lost. Who will come here to replace strikers at $6.00 per week?



An Injury to One is an Injury to ALL


Lawrence Typographical Union Label

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