Joe Hill farewell letter to Elizabeth Gurley Flynn

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Joe Hill farewell letter to Elizabeth Gurley Flynn  (1915) 
by Joe Hill

Handwritten farewell letter by Joe Hill, who had been sentenced to death, to fellow IWW member Elizabeth Gurley Flynn.

Utah State Prison Sept 30 - 15

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn 511.E.134th st.
New York City NY.

Dear Friend & F.W.

Well Gurley I guess I am off for the great unknown to-morrow morning. I have said that I'd have a trial or die trying. They can kill me, I know, but they can never make me "eat my own crow." I consider my self lucky any way because I have managed to get some of the facts out, but not all of them by any means. Well I had the pleasure to fight under The Red Flag once, any way, so I guess I've had my share of the fun. I would like to kiss you good-bye Gurley, not because you are a girl but because you are the original Rebel Girl. Good Bye. Yours for the OBU Joe Hill.

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