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Daniel De Leon
Curaçao-born American socialist and Syndicalism-influenced trade unionist of Jewish origin
Daniel De Leon


  • The Voice of Madison, in The Nationalist, vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 1889), pp. 120-124. (external scan)
  • Two pages from Roman history, 1903 (external scan)
  • The Preamble of the Industrial Workers of the World, 1905 (external scan)
  • Woman's suffrage, 1909 (external scan)
  • Father Gassoniana, or, Jesuit "sociology" and "economics" at the bar of science and history, 1914 (external scan)
  • De Leon-Berry debate on solution of the trust problem, 1915 (external scan)
  • As to politics, and a discussion upon the relative importance of political action and of class conscious economic action, and the urgent necessity of both,1915 (external scan)
  • What means this strike?, 1916 (external scan)
  • Who pays the taxes?, 1918 (external scan)
  • Industrial unionism, 1918 (external scan)
  • Socialist reconstruction of society, 1919 (external scan)
  • Reform or revolution, 1919 (external scan)
  • Anti-Semitism: Its Cause and Cure, 1921 (external scan)


Les Mysteres du Peuple[edit]

Translation of Les Mystères du peuple by Eugène Sue, appearing in Daily People

  1. The Gold Sickle; or Hena, the Virgin of the The Isle of Sen: A Tale of Druid Gaul. [1904]
  2. The Brass Bell; or, The Chariot of Death: A Tale of Caesar's Gallic Invasion. [1907] (external scan)
  3. The Iron Collar; or, Faustina and Syomara: A Tale of Slavery Under the Romans. [1909]
  4. The Silver Cross; or, the Carpenter of Nazareth: A Tale of Jerusalem. [1903, 1909] (external scan)
  5. The Casque's Lark or Victoria; or, The Mother of the Camps: A Tale of the Frankish Invasion of Gaul. [1909] (external scan)
  6. The Poniard's Hilt; or, Karadeucq and Ronan: A Tale of Baguders and Vagres. [1907] (external scan)
  7. The Branding Needle; or, The Monastery of Charolles: A Tale of the First Communal Charter. [1908]
  8. The Abbatial Crosier; or, Bonaik and Septimine: A Tale of a Medieval Abbess. [1908] (external scan)
  9. The Carlovingian Coins; or, The Daughters of Charlemagne: A Tale of the Ninth Century. [1908]
  10. The Iron Arrow Head; or, the Buckler Maiden: A Tale of the Northman Invasion. [1909]
  11. The Infant's Skull; or, The End of the World: A Tale of the Millennium. [1904] (external scan)
  12. The Pilgrim's Shell; or, Fergan the Quarryman: A Tale From the Feudal Times. [1904]
  13. The Iron Pincers; or, Mylio and Karvel: A Tale of the Albigensian Crusades. [1909] (external scan)
  14. The Iron Trevet; or, Jocelyn the Champion: A Tale of the Jacquerie. [1906] (external scan)
  15. The Executioner's Knife; or, Joan of Arc: A Tale of the Inquisition. [1910]
  16. The Pocket Bible v. 1; or, The Christian Printer: A Tale of the Sixteenth Century. [1910]
  17. The Pocket Bible v. 2; or, The Christian Printer: A Tale of the Sixteenth Century. [1910]
  18. The Blacksmith's Hammer; or, the Peasant Code: A Tale of the Grand Monarch. [1910]
  19. The Sword of Honour v. 1; or, The Foundation of the French Republic: A Tale of the French Revolution. [1910, 1911]
  20. The Sword of Honour v. 2; or, The Foundation of the French Republic: A Tale of the French Revolution. [1910, 1911]
  21. The Galley Slave's Ring; or, The Family of Lebrenn: A Tale of the French Revolution of 1848. [1911]

Works about De Leon[edit]

  • Daniel De Leon, the man and his work; by Socialist Labor Party, 1919 (external scan)

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