An Ainu–English–Japanese Dictionary/Foreword

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ラ之レカ編著ヲ企テ年ヲ歴テ茲ニ其業ヲ卒へ配スル ニ英和
一萬三千餘語自今アイヌ語ヲ研究スル者之ニ由テ求メ ハ則
       從三位男爵 園 田 安 賢

My Friend Mr. Batchelor has resided in Hokkaido for the space of nearly thirty years. When he first came to this island he almost at once commenced to study the Ainu language with the object of preaching the Gospel. He has visited nearly all the native villages and has at times lived entirely among the Ainu making light of the hardships which had to be endured. In course of time Mr. Batchelor gained a free command of the native tongue as well as a full knowledge of the customs of the people. As a consequence Christianity has been widely spread among them and he has gained their full confidence. Mr. Batchelor has felt the great need of a Dictionary and other books on the language, and at last, after many years of hard labour has compiled the present work entitled — An Ainu-English-Japanese Dictionary:— which work contains some 13,000 words. It is thought that this book will fully meet the requirements of any students of the Ainu language. The relation between the Ainu and Japanese dates from very ancient times, particularly so in respect of this island which they still occupy. Here too the names of many places retain the original Ainu words. Hence the completion of the present work is of much scientific interest as well as of great practical use. In writing this Preface I desire to express my deep interest in the publication of the present work.

Sept., 1905.
Y. Sonoda,
Baron of the Junior Third Court Rank.