An Etymological Dictionary of the German Language/Annotated/Lünse

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Lünse, feminine, ‘linch-pin,’ from the equivalent late Middle High German luns, lunse; compare Old Saxon lunisa, Dutch luns, lens. In Old High German lun, luna, Middle High German lun, lune, feminine, also Old High German luning, Middle High German lüninc, lüner, ‘lungs’; compare Anglo-Saxon lynes, masculine, English linch-pin (Gothic *lunisi is wanting); it may have been formed like Gothic aqizi, jukuzi. Some etymologists connect these cognates with the Aryan root lu, ‘to loosen,’ discussed under verlieren, so that Lünse is literally ‘peg for loosening the wheel.’ Compare further Anglo-Saxon âlynnan, ‘to release.’