An hundred godly lessons that a mother on her death-bed gave to her children

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An hundred godly lessons that a mother on her death-bed gave to her children  (1718) 

An Hundred


That a Mother on her Death-bed gave to her


Whereby they may know how to guide them-
ſelves towards GOD and Man, to the
Benefite of the Common-wealth, Joy of
their Parents, and good of themſelves.

MY Children dear, mark well my Words,
and keep my Precepts well,
Conſider daily in your Minds
the Words that I ſhall tell;
The gain is great that doth enƒue,
good Counſel doth direct,
Their Ways and Actions for the beſt,
that do it not neglect.

Firſt, Worſhip GOD above all Things,
vain ſwearing ſee thou ſhun;
Hear much, but ſee thou little ſay,
thereby much good is won,
Speak thou no ill of any Man,
tend well thine own Affairs:
Bridle thy Wrath and Anger ſo,
that thereof come no Cares.

Be mild and Gentle in thy Speech,
both unto Man and Child,
Refuſe no good and lawful gains,
with Words be not beguil’d.
Forget not any good Turn done,
and help thy Neighbours need:
Commit no Evil in any Caſe,
the Hungery ſee thou feed.

Caſt no Man in the Teeth with that
which thou for him haſt done:
Remember Fleſh is fond and frail,
and hatred ſee thou ſhun.
Leave Wicked Things, then no Miſhap
ſhall thee to Trouble bring,
Crave no Preferment of the Lord
nor Honour or the King.

Boaſt not thy ſelf before GOD’s fight,
who knows thy Heart alway,
Offend not thou the Multitude;
faint not when thou doſt Pray.
Scorn nor a Man in Miſery,
eſteem not tatling Tales;
Conſider Reaſon is exil'd,
when as a Drunkard rails.

Uſe not thy Lips to loathſom Lies,
by Craft increaſe no Wealth;
And ſtrive not with a mighty Man,
with Temprance nouriſh Health.
Look that thou order well thy Words,
leave not thy Friends for Gold,
Truſt not too much before thou try,
in venturing be not bold.

In GOD repoſe thy ſtrength and ſtay,
with Tongue extol his Praiſe;
Honour thy Parents, and the LORD,
he will prolong thy Days.
He that his Father honoureth,
GOD will forgive his Sin:
He that his Mother loves, is like,
one that doth Favour win.

A Child obedient to the LORD,
his Mother Comfort ſhall;
The Fathers Bleſſing ſtays the Houſe,
his Curſe doth make it fall.
A wiſe Child makes his Father glade,
fools do their Mother grieve;
And ſhame ſhall come on ſuch as do,
their Parents not relieve.

He that his Mother doth deſpiſe,
ſhall come to nought or worſe,
The Ravens ſhall pick out their Eyes,
that do their Parents Curſe.
From needy Men turn not thy Face,
let not thy left Hand know,
What thou doſt with thy right Hand give,
or on the Poor beſtow.

They that upon the Poor beſtow,
unto the LORD do lend;
And GOD unto ſuch Men again
a Thouſand fold will ſend.
As Water doth the Fire quench,
whole Fury great doth grow;
Even ſo ſhall Mercy quench the Sins,
of thoſe who Mercy ſhow.

Hear thou GOD’s Word with earneſt Ear
with Wiſdom anſwer make;
Be thou not mov’d with every Wind,
ſuch courſe do Sinners take.
Thy talk will ſhow thy fame or ſhame,
fools do themſelves annoy:
Truſt not thine own with over much,
for that may thee deſtroy.

They that the Living GOD do fear,
a faithful Friend ſhall find;
A true Friend is a Jewel rare,
and Comfort to the Mind.
Hear Sermons, that good Sentences
thou may’ſt receive aright:
In GOD’s Commandments exerciſe
thy ſelf both Day and Night.

Think on the Pains thy Mother had
in bringing thee to Life;
Fear GOD that knows the Secret Heart,
and look thou make no Strife,
Viſit the Sick with Carefulneſs,
the Priſoners Grief conſider.
Show Pity to the Fatherleſs,
and he will thee deliver.

Help ſtill to right the Widows Wrong;
remember ſtill thy End,
So ſhalt thou never do amiſs.
nor willingly offend.
Truſt not a reconciled Friend,
more than an open Foe,
Who toutcheth Pitch ſhall be defil’d,
take Heed thou do not ſo.

Take not a Wife that wanton is,
and full of ſhameleſs Words;
The flattering of a Harlot is
at length more ſharp than Swords.
Caſt not thy Love on every one
whoſe Looks can thee alure;
In every Face where Beauty is,
the Heart’s not always pure.

A Woman fair and undiſcreet,
is like a Ring of Gold,
The which in a Swine’s Snout is ſet,
unſeemly to behold.
The Malice of lewd Women ſhun;
for they will thee deſtroy:
Hate her that doth on every Man,
ſet her Delight and Joy.

From others let thy Praiſe proceed,
boaſt not thy ſelf in ought:
And do not hear a flattering Tongue,
whereby much evil’s Wrought.
That Child that doth his Parents rob,
and counteth it no Sin,
A vile deſtroyer he is deem’d,
and ſhall no Favour win.

Correction bringeth Wiſdom found,
Fools hate good Counſel ſtill:
That Child doth ſhame his Mother much
that’s let to have his Will.
The good Man’s Path ſhines as the Light,
that beautifies the Day:
The Wicked know not where they walk,
for Darkneſs is their Way.

Put far from thee a froward Mouth,
a flattering Tongue is ill;
And do not thou an envious Mind,
in any Caſe fulfill.
A Harlot brings a Man to beg,
in her is found no Truth:
In Gladneſs therefore live and die,
with the Wife of thy Youth.

Much babbling breedeth much Offence;
he that ſpeaks leaſt is wiſe:
GOD’s Bleſſing only makes Men rich,
from whence all Joys ariſe.
Better a little fearing GOD,
than Bags of Gold got ill:
And better in one Bit of Bread,
that fat O(illegible text)

Who brooks no Warning, hates his Soul,
true Old Age worſhip right,
A patient Man far better is,
than one endu’d with Might.
Mens Credit comes by doing Good.
an humble Mind indeed,
Is better than a Lyar proud,
from whence vain brags proceed.

By this dear Children, you may learn
hew to direct your Ways,
To GOD, your Prince, and Country too
wherein your Welfare ſlays.
Print well in your Remembrance,
the Leſſons I have ſhown,
Then ſhall you live in happy ſtate,
when I am dead and gone.

F I N I S.

Printed and Sold by Robert Brown in For
reſter's Wynd, Anno DOM, 1718

This work was published before January 1, 1926, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.