Anandamath (Dawn over India)/Glossary

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Ashram Hermitage; a religious or spiritual retreat.
Bande Mataram Hail Mother.
Bowdi The wife of one's elder brother.
Brahmacharini A woman practising strict continence.
Charkha A spinning wheel.
Chucho Rat (used in the text as a term of contempt).
Deva A deity.
Dharma Sacred duty.
Dhoti A kind of clothing, often worn by males all over India.
Dhatura The narcotic thorn-apple.
Gurdwara Sikh place of worship.
Jaistha The second month of the summer (May-June).
Jatas Matted hair.
Kaba Long robe reaching the feet.
Kalai A lentil of pea family.
Kshatriya The warrior caste.
Lathis Bamboo sticks used as clubs.
Magh The second month of the winter (January-February).
Maund Indian measure of weight — about 36 kg.
Mirjai A short coat with short sleeves.
Myna A bird of starling family in India and Southeast Asia.
Pandit A wise man, often a Brahmin scholar.
Pariah An outcast; one who has no caste.
Prajapati A butterfly; symbol of marriage.
Sanyasi A holy man without family ties.
Sarangi A stringed musical instrument.
Sepoy Term for an Indian soldier of the British army in India.
Vihara A Buddhist monastery.
Zamindar A feudal landlord.
Zenana Women's quarters.