Anglo-Saxon Riddles of the Exeter Book/76

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76 (k-d 45)

I have heard of something     wax in a corner,
swell and pop,     lift up the covers.
A proud-minded woman     seized with her hands
that boneless thing,     a prince’s daughter;
covered with her dress     the swelling thing.
Ic on wincle gefrægn     weax nathwæt
þindan þunian     þecene hebban
on þæt banlease     bryd grapode
hygewlonc hondum     hrægle þeahte
þrindende þing     þeodnes dohtor.

The answer is Dough. The first line contains a primitive pun (Wyatt); the scribe wrote weax, the noun, ‘wax,’ for weaxan, the infinitive, ‘to increase.’