Anglo-Saxon Riddles of the Exeter Book/Annotated/64

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Anglo-Saxon Riddles of the Exeter Book  (1963) 
translated by
Paull Franklin Baum

64 (k-d 46)

He sat at his wine     with his two wives
and his two sons     and his two daughters,
the beloved sisters,     and their two sons,
goodly first born.     The father of each
of these noble ones     was there and there also
an uncle and a nephew.     Five in all,
men and women,     were sitting together.
Wær sæt æt wine     mid his wifum · twam
his twegen suno     his twa dohtor
swase gesweostor     hyre suno twegen
freolico frumbearn     fæder wæs þær Inne
þara æþelinga     æghwæðres mid
eam nefa     ealra wæron fife
eorla idesa     Insittendra

Namely, Lot and his two daughters and their two children, Moab and Ben Ammi (Gen. 19: 30–38).