Anglo-Saxon Riddles of the Exeter Book/Annotated/90

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Anglo-Saxon Riddles of the Exeter Book  (1963) 
translated by
Paull Franklin Baum
90 (k-d 92)

I was the boast of brown [things],     a tree in the forest,
a fine living thing     and a fruit of the field,
a foundation of joy,     a woman’s message,
gold in the homes.     Now I am a warrior’s
happy weapon     with a ring …

Ic wæs brunra beot     beam on holte ·
freolic feorhbora     foldan wæstm
wym staþol     wifes sond ·
gold on geardum     nu eom guðwigan
hyhtlic hildewæpen     hringe be
[…]e[…] byreð

The rest is lost. Supposedly Beech tree (the brown things are swine, which eat beech-mast) and Book, then a treasure or treasured message, and finally a weapon.