Anthology of Modern Slavonic Literature in Prose and Verse/From "Songs of the Pilgrim"

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It was in April. Youthful May
Hard by a crag his shawm did play.
A well-knit, sturdy youth was he,
Each breath was filled with melody.

It was in June. And wearied there
Stood Siren Summer: from her hair
Fell bloom on bloom; the forest stilled
Its roar; the bird no longer trilled.

'Twas in October; o'er the plain
Careered the frenzied Maenad-train
With loosened hair; on russet breasts
The ivy with the hop-sprig rests.

'Twas January; flowers no more;
Birdless the field, and at the door
A beggar cowered in silent woe,
His garb and beard bedecked with snow.

And there I sped with gaze outspread,
And deep within my heart I said:
"This self-same landscape will arise
—How oft!—before my wearied eyes."

"Songs of the Pilgrim" (1895).

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