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ABBOTT, Lyman, clergyman, b. in Roxbury, Mass., 18 Dec, 1835. He is the third son of Jacob Abbott, was graduated at the University of the City of New York in 1853, studied law, was admitted to the bar, and went into partnership with his brothers, Benjamin V. and Austin, in 1856. Be- coming convinced that he was better qualified for the pulpit than for the bar, he studied theology with his uncle, the Rev. John S. C. Abbott, and en- tered the ministry in 1860. His first pastoral charge was the CJongregational church in Terre Haute, Ind., where he remained until, in 1865, he was chosen secretary of the American Union (li'reed- men's) Commission. This office called him to New York city, and occupied him until 1868. During a part of this period he was also pastor of the New England church in^New York city, but he resigned in 1869 to devote himself to literature and journal- ism. He was joint author with his brothers of two novels (see Austin Abbott), and for several years he edited the " Literary Record " of " Harper's Magazine," at the same time conducting the " Il- lustrated Christian Weekly." This last-named duty he resigned to take charge of the " Christian Union," an independent weekly journal, in the editorship of which he was associated with Beecher. For several years he has been pastor of Plymouth church antl editor of " The Outlook." His works include " Jesus of Nazareth : His Life and Teach- ings " (New York, 1869) ; " Old Testament Shadows of New Testament Truths " (1870) ; " A Dictionary of Bible Knowledge " (1872) ; " A Layman's Story " (1872) ; an " Illustrated Commentary on the New Testament," in four volumes (1S75 ct seq.); a Life of Henry Ward Beecher (1883) ; " For Family Wor- ship," a book of devotions (1883) ; and " In Aid of Faith" (1886). He is also the author of several pamphlets, the most important being one on " The Results of Emancipation in the United States" (1867). He has edited two volumes of " Sermons by Rev. Henry Ward Beecher," and " Morning and Evening Exercises," selected from tiie writings of the same author.