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As You Like It


ACTS:(not individually listed)


Duke Senior, living in exile

Frederick, brother to Duke Senior, and usurper of his dukedom

Amiens, Lords attending upon Duke Senior in his banishment

Le Beau, a courtier attending on Frederick

Oliver, eldest son to Sir Rowland de Boys, who had formerly been a servant of Duke Senior

Jaques, younger brothers to Oliver

Adam, an old servant of Sir Rowland de Boys, now following the fortunes of Orlando

Dennis, servant to Oliver

Charles, a wrestler, and servant to the usurping Duke Frederick

Touchstone, a clown attending on Celia and Rosalind

Corin, Shepherds

William, a clown in love with Audrey

Sir Oliver Mar-text, a country curate

A boy impersonating Hymen

Rosalind, daughter to Duke Senior

Celia, daughter to Frederick

Phebe, a shepherdess

Audrey, a country wench

Lords belonging to the two Dukes, with Pages, Foresters, and other Attendants

The scene lies first near Oliver's house, and afterwards partly in the Duke Frederick's court, and partly in the Forest of Arden.]

D. P. First given by Rowe, ed. 1709