Aunt Caroline's Dixieland Recipes/Beverages

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Beat the yolk of one egg, add a teaspoonful of sugar, and a small pinch of salt, then pour in slowly stirring all the while a cup of milk. Pour in a glass and put spoonful of whipped cream on top and any quantity of “flavoring desired.”


Two cups of sugar,
One cup of water,
One cup of tea,
One pint of strawberry syrup,
Juice of ten lemons,
Juice of six oranges,
Two cans of grated pineapple,
One large bottle of Maraschino cherries.

Make syrup by boiling sugar and water together for ten minutes. Add the tea, fruit juices, pineapple, and strawberry syrup. Let stand thirty minutes, strain and add enough iced water to make one or one and one-half gallons of liquid. Turn into large punch bowl over a piece of ice and lastly add cherries. This quantity will serve about ten people.


One heaping tablespoonful of coffee, a little white of egg, one cup of boiling water (Allow this quantity for each person). Scald the coffee pot, add the coffee, egg, and sufficient cold water to moisten. Mix well, add the boiling water and cook five minutes. Then place where it will keep hot, but not cook, for fifteen minutes. It is then ready to serve.


One and one-half squares of Baker's Chocolate,
Four teaspoonsful of sugar,
Pinch of salt,
One cup of boiling water,
Three cups of milk,
One-half teaspoonful of vanilla.

Melt the chocolate over hot water. Add the sugar, salt and boiling water. When smooth, add the heated milk and cook twenty minutes in double boiler. Then beat with egg beater and flavor. More sugar may be added if desired.
An excellent substitute for whipped cream to serve with hot chocolate is marshmallows. Drop one in each cup of the hot liquid.


Take one-half teaspoonful of tea to one cup of boiling water. Put the tea in the pot, pour the boiling water upon it and let stand where it will keep hot for five minutes. Then serve. Tea should never be boiled for it makes it bitter.


Use one scant teaspoonful of tea to one cup of boiling water. Pour boiling water over tea leaves and let stand until milk warm. Then strain and sweeten to taste while tea is still warm, as it requires less sugar. Serve with crushed ice, green mint leaves, and sliced lemon and orange.


¾ cup sugar,
Juice 3 lemons,
1 cup of water,
4 sprigs of mints,
1 pint ginger ale,
“Any flavoring desired.”

Boil sugar and water ten minutes, and cool; add strained lemon juice, mint leaves bruised, and ginger ale; half fill glasses with crushed ice, and julep, and garnish with a sprig of mint.


Over three quarts of dewberries pour one pint of vinegar and let it stand twenty-four hours. Strain and add one pound of sugar to one pint of juice. Scald twenty minutes and bottle tight. Strawberry and raspberry vinegar may be made in the same way.