Aunt Caroline's Dixieland Recipes/Cakes/Virginia Doughnuts

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Two eggs beaten light,
Two cups of sugar,
Three level tablespoonsful of melted butter,
One cup of sour milk (if sweet milk is used, add one teaspoonful of cream of tartar),
Four cups of flour,
One-half teaspoonful of soda,
One-half teaspoonful of cinnamon,
One-half teaspoonful of salt.

Mix in the order given adding the dry ingredients sifted together and enough more flour to make a dough just soft enough to handle. Have the board well-floured, and the fat for frying, heating. Roll out only a little at a time, cut into rings with an open cutter. Do all the cutting before frying, as that will take your entire attention. The fat should be hot enough for the dough to rise to the top instantly.