Aunt Caroline's Dixieland Recipes/Meats

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Cut a young tender dressed fowl into small pieces. Salt well and let stand several hours. Then wash and drain, dip each piece of chicken into flour, to which has been added salt and black pepper, and fry a golden brown in deep hot fat. Let chicken fry slowly.


1½ cupsful of boiled rice,
1 cupful of veal,
½ teaspoonful of salt,
½ teaspoonful of poultry dressing,
1 egg,
1 tablespoonful of milk.

Grind or chop the veal, salt, and stir into the rice with the dressing; beat the eggs, add milk, and stir all together. Drop a tablespoonful spread out thin on the griddle, and fry as you would griddle-cakes. Pork, or lamb may be used instead of veal.


1 pound raw ham,
2 beaten eggs,
1 cup dried crumbs,
½ teaspoon mustard,
1 cup boiling water,
¼ teaspoon salt.

Put ham, including the fat, through meat chopper; add crumbs, water, eggs, and seasoning; mix well, and bake in a small bread pan, in a slow oven, an hour and a half; or cook in steamer two hours.


½ cup rice,
1 tablespoon onion finely chopped,
2½ cups stock or water,
2 cups milk,
2 tablespoonsful carrot finely chopped,
½ cup cooked ham finely chopped.

Wash rice, place in greased baking dish; and liquid, ham, vegetables, and salt if necessary. Bake slowly for three hours; stirring occasionally during the first hour. Ham stock or corned beef stock may be used, and any cooked meat substituted for ham. Serve with boiled spinach or dressed lettuce.


Slice one-half pound of cheese in thin slices, cover with water and cook on top of the stove until cheese has thoroughly melted. Then remove from the stove and when cool add to it two eggs well beaten, one table spoon of flour, one-half tea spoon of salt, pinch of red pepper and one-fourth teaspoon of baking powder. Put in greased baking dish, cover top with bits of butter and bake in moderate oven.


To four eggs beaten separately add three tablespoonfuls of milk, a small quantity of butter and a pinch of salt. Pour quickly into a hot greased pan. Let remain on stove two minutes, then place inside oven for three minutes. Take out and fold twice; serve immediately.


4 cupfuls of chopped meat,
12 cupfuls of chopped apples,
2 cupfuls of chopped suet,
1 cupful of vinegar,
3 cupfuls seeded raisins,
1 cupful seeded currants,
5 cupfuls of brown sugar,
1½ cupfuls of molasses,
6 teaspoonsful of cinnamon,
3 teaspoonsful of cloves,
1 teaspoonful of nutmeg,
½ pound of citron,
Rind and juice of one lemon,
Butter the size of an egg,

Moisten with cold coffee or strong tea. Cook slowly two hours.


1 cupful of hot mashed potatoes,
½ cupful of shredded cod-fish,
2 teaspoonsful of melted butter,
2 tablespoonsful of milk,
Salt to taste.

Put the fish into a piece of cheese-cloth, let cold water run over it, and squeeze dry. Mix ingredinets all together. Take a little flour in the hand and roll half a tablespoonful of the mixture between the palms, to the size of a small peach. Fry in deep fat.


1 pound liver,
4 tablespoons flour,
2 cups boiling water,
¾ teaspoon salt,
2 tablespoons bacon fat,
¼ teaspoon paprika,
1 tablespoon grated onion,
6 slices toast.

Cut liver into half-inch cubes, and soak in cold salted water fifteen minutes; drain; cover with the boiling water, and simmer six minutes; cook bacon fat, onion and flour until brown; add seasonings, and stock in which liver was cooked; stir until smooth; add liver, and pour over toast or small, thin baking powder biscuit.


6 chops,
1 egg,
½ cupful of milk,
1 cupful of bread crumbs.
Pinch of salt.

Beat the egg and milk together, adding the salt. Dip the chops into this mixture, then into the crumbs. Fry in hot fat. Veal cutlets can be served in the same way.


One can of salmon, the yolks of six hard boiled eggs. Mix and season to taste with salt and pepper. Beat into the mixture one raw egg. Add three or four grated crackers and brown in hot lard.


1 pint small oysters,
2½ tablespoons butter,
¼ teaspoon paprika,
⅓ teaspoon celery salt.

Cook oysters in their own liqour until plump; drain and measure the liquor; melt butter, add flour, and blend well; add oyster liquor, and enough milk to make two cups; stir until smooth, add seasonings and oysters, and serve on toast. Garnish with toast points and sliced pickles.


One pint of crab meat; two hard boiled eggs, two tablespoonsful melted butter, three tablespoonsful vinegar, pepper, salt, and mustard to taste, one raw egg, well beaten. Drain the liquor from the crabs, cream the yolks of the eggs with the butter, add seasoning, then stir in the raw egg, then the chopped whites of the eggs and mix well with the crab meat. Wash the shells and fill them lightly, put grated bread crumbs over the top and pour over each two tablespoonsful of melted butter. Place in pan and bake until light brown.


Two pounds of beef ground in a meat chopper. Add to this one-half cup of grated bread crumbs, two beaten eggs, a little onion, salt and pepper to taste. Roll into a loaf, cover the top with bits of butter and cook in oven for one and one-half hours. The juice of a can of tomatoes poured over the loaf while baking gives a delicious flavor.


One cup of cold diced chicken, two tablespoons of flour, one-half teaspoon of salt, cayenne pepper to taste, one cup of chicken stock.

Melt butter in sauce pan; stir in flour, add chicken stock, season and bring to boiling point. Add chicken and cook slowly for five minutes. Fill patty shells and serve at once.


Clean, rinse and wipe dry a white fish or any fish weighing three or four pounds. Rub the fish inside and out with salt and pepper, fill with a stuffing like that for poultry, but drier; put in a hot greased pan, dredge with flour and cover the top with bits of butter. Bake an hour and a half.


Sprinkle the bottom of a skillet generously with salt. Place on the fire and let it become quite hot. Then put in the steak, turning often so as to retain the juice. When done place on a heated platter and season with pepper and bits of butter.


Cut hard boiled eggs in two the long way; remove the yolks and mash very fine. Add vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper and mustard to taste, also a little butter, mix well, put back into the whites and serve on lettuce leaves or garnished with parsley. For a change, ground olives, chicken or boiled ham may be used with the yolks.


3 tablespoonsful shortening,
¼ teaspoon paprika,
⅓ cup bread flour,
¼ teaspoon mustard,
1 cup hot milk,
Few grains cayenne,
¼ teaspoon salt,
1 cup cheese cut fine.

Melt shortening, add flour; add hot milk, and stir until smooth and thick; add seasonings and cheese, and pour into a shallow dish to cool. Shape into small pyramids, roll in sifted crumbs, dip in egg, and again in crumbs, and fry in deep fat until brown. Serve immediately.


Arrange two cups of cooked macaroni and one pint of small oysters in layers in a buttered baking dish; season each layer with salt and pepper, and dredge with flour; cover with buttered crumbs and bake in a hot oven twenty minutes. One-fourth cup of grated cheese may be added.


One quart of oysters, one-fourth pound of butter, one-half pound of cracker dust, one-half cup of rich cream; salt and pepper to taste. Strew cracker dust and bits of butter over the bottom of an earthenware pan, then a layer of oysters. Proceed in this way until pan is filled, using a top layer of cracker dust and bits of butter. Add cream and bake about twenty minutes in a quick oven.


¼ pound dried beef,
1 cup milk,
1½ tablespoons butter,
2 tablespoons grated cheese,
2 tablespoons flour,
2 tablespoons ketchup.

Cut beef in small pieces, cover with boiling water, let stand five minutes and drain; melt butter, add beef and stir until hot; add flour and milk and stir until smooth; add cheese and ketchup, and stir until cheese is melted. Serve with baked potatoes.


One cup of grated cheese,
One cup of sifted flour,
One tablespoonful of butter,
One teaspoonful of salt,
One-fourth teaspoonful of cayenne pepper,
One-fourth teasponful of baking powder.

Mix flour, cheese, salt, butter, pepper and baking powder. Mix with iced water to make stiff dough. Cut in long slender strips. Place in greased pans and bake in quick oven.


Boil a chicken until tender and when cool cut in dice. To diced chicken add strips of pimentos and green peppers and a can of mushrooms. Season with salt and pepper and mix with cream sauce. Serve hot on buttered squares of toast.


4 raw potatoes,
¾ cup of water,
2 green peppers,
1½ cups cold chopped beef,
2 tomatoes,
Salt and pepper,
1 onion,
Toast points.

Put vegetables through the meat chopper, using coarse cutter; cook in the stock, covered, until tender; add beef, salt, and pepper, and when hot turn on a platter and garnish with toast points. If corned beef and stock are used, use salt with care.


Mix well together three pounds of finely chopped veal, with one-half pound pork . Add to this one-half cup of grated bread crumbs, two beaten eggs, a little onion, salt and pepper to taste. Roll into a loaf and pour the juice of a can of tomatoes over the loaf and two tablespoonsful of butter, cook in oven for one hour and half.


Boil chicken until tender, then chop very fine. Season with a little parsley chopped fine, salt and red and black pepper to taste. Mix with cream sauce and shape into croquettes. Roll croquettes in beaten egg, then in bread crumbs and fry in deep hot fat.


Put two cups of milk on stove to scald. Into two tablespoonsfuls of melted butter rub two tablespoonsful of flour until smooth. Then add scalded milk a little at the time to prevent lumping and season with salt and pepper. Stir constantly until thick, then remove from the stove.


Dress and cut up one chicken as for frying. Boil until very tender, then add two cups of rice, half a cup of butter, some salt and plenty of pepper. Cook until it can be eaten with a fork.