Aunt Caroline's Dixieland Recipes/Pickles, Relishes

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Pickles, Relishes


Chop fine one-half gallon of green tomatoes, one pint of onions, one pint of green and red peppers with seeds taken out, and one gallon of cabbage. Mix well and sprinkle two tablespoonsful of salt over it and let stand all night. Add three quarts of vinegar, two pounds of sugar, three teaspoonsful of celery seed, three of mustard seed two of spice, and one of cloves. Let simmer two hours.


Chop one head of cabbage, one gallon of green tomatoes, and one quart of onions. Add one-half cup of salt, put in a bag and let it drain for twenty-four hours.

Then put in kettle and add about two pounds of brown sugar, one cup of white mustard seed, and one-half cup of celery seed. Cover with good apple vinegar and cook until done, about three or four hours. To the above add one or two pods of chopped red pepper.


Cut rinds and soak over night in water to which has been added one cup of lime to a gallon of water. Rinse in four full waters and boil until tender in tea made of one-half gallon of water and four tablespoonsful of ginger. Then cook in the following syrup:

Four pounds of sugar,
One quart of vinegar,
Two tablespoonsful of ground cinnamon,
One tablespoonful of allspice,
Two tablespoonsful of whole cloves.

Cook until syrup is thick.


Seven pounds of apples,
Two pounds of seeded raisins,
One pint of vinegar,
Three and one-half pounds of sugar,
Two oranges,
One teaspoonful of powdered cloves,
Two teaspoonsful of powdered cinnamon.

Chop the raisins and put them into a porcelain lined kettle, add the apples, chopped and unpeeled, the juice and the chopped peel of the oranges, the sugar, vinegar and spices. Boil steadily for half an hour.


18 ears of corn,
1 onion,
1 cabbage,
¼ pound of mustard,
1 pint of vinegar,
4 cupsful of sugar,
½ cupful of salt,
2 peppers.

Cut the corn from the cob, chop, onion, peppers and cabbage, add sugar, salt and vinegar, and cook slowly three-quarters of an hour. Ten minutes before taking from the fire, add a very scant fourth of a pound of dissolved mustard. Seal in glass jars.


Twelve green peppers;
Twelve red peppers,
Six medium sized onions,
One quart of vinegar,
One and one-half cupsful of sugar,
Two tablespoonsful of salt.

Cut the peppers and onions into small pieces, sprinkle with salt and cover with boiling water. Let stand until cool, then drain, place in a kettle, and add the vinegar, and sugar. Cook for twenty minutes. Put into jars, seal and set away until needed. Serve with cold meats.


Two quarts of green tomatoes,
Six large onions,
Three red peppers,
Four quarts of cabbage, all chopped fine,
Two ounces of white mustard seed,
One-half ounce of celery seeds,
Two and one-half pounds of sugar,
One-half ounce of tumeric,
One gill of salt,
Two quarts of vinegar.

Soak tomatoes, onions and cabbage in salt water one-half hour, wash and drain, add other ingredients and boil twenty minutes.


Take enough cucumbers to fill a two-gallon jar. Cut into lengthwise pieces and soak until fresh. Cover with equal parts of water and vinegar, and boil an hour and ten minutes. Then take them out and boil one and one-half hours in one gallon of fresh vinegar, two pounds of sugar, one tablespoonful of celery seed, one tablespoonful of tumeric, one teaspoonful each of cloves, mace and ginger, one tablespoonful of black pepper, and one of horse radish. When cold add one-half teaspoonful of cayenne pepper.


One-half peck of ripe tomatoes,
One-half peck of green tomatoes,
Twelve sweet peppers, half of them green and half ripe or red,
Eleven small onions,
Two quarts of vinegar,
One quart of brown sugar,
One tablespoonful each of all kinds of spices.

Grind in coarse meat chopper, cover with one cup of salt and let stand over night. Next morning squeeze and put on to cook with sugar, vinegar and spices. Cook about half an hour or longer.


Wash as many fresh green peppers as desired. Then remove the tops from the peppers, scoop out the seeds, and fill with grated ham mixed with cream sauce. Cover with bread crumbs and bits of butter and bake until ready in a hot oven.


Peel peaches and put in stone jar. To seven pounds of fruit, use three and one-half pounds of sugar and one quart of vinegar. Boil sugar and vinegar together awhile and pour over fruit and flavoring, cinnamon, spice, ginger, cloves, nutmeg and mace may be used, put in little sacks. Do this for seven or eight mornings.


Twelve ripe tomatoes,
Four ripe or three green peppers,
Two tablespoonsful of salt,
Two tablespoonsful of sugar,
One tablespoonful of cinnamon,
Three cups of vinegar.

Peel tomatoes and onions, chop very fine, add chopped peppers, and the other ingredients and boil one and one-half hours.


One peck of green peppers,
One string six inches long of red peppers,
One large cabbage or two small ones,
Four large onions,
Four tablespoonsful of celery seed,
One-fourth pound of black and white mustard seeds each,
Two tablespoonful of tumeric.

Chop peppers, onions and cabbage fine and soak in one and a half cups of salt all night. Then cover well with vinegar and put equal parts of sugar. Add seasoning and cook about two and one-half hours.


One large head of cabbage,
One gallon of green tomatoes,
One small bottle of sliced cucumber pickle (store pickle),
Fifteen large onions.

Chop all fine and let stand over night, sprinkling them with salt. Do not put cabbage with onions and tomatoes. Next morning squeeze out the cabbage, onions and tomatoes, and put on in kettle. Add three quarts of vinegar, four pounds of brown sugar, one package of seedless raisins, one-half ounce of ground red pepper, eight tablespoonsful of white mustard seed, four tablespoonsful each of celery seed, one tablespoonful each of allspice, ginger, cloves and tumeric. Mix well together and cook about one hour.