Aunt Caroline's Dixieland Recipes/Pies and Desserts

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Pies and Desserts


Three eggs,
Two-thirds cup of sugar,
One-half cup of butter,
One-half cup of milk.

Cream butter and sugar and add to the well beaten yolks. Then add milk and one teaspoonful of vanilla. Mix well and bake on a nice crust. When done, spread with the whites and three tablespoonful of sugar and a little flavoring. Return to oven and brown.


Sweeten, flavor and whip stiff one pint of cream. Add to cream one-half pound of marshmallows cut into small pieces. Set on ice to chill. Then add one-half pound of blanched almonds chopped fine and garnish with marschino cherries. Line bowl in which cream is put after being whipped, with powdered lady fingers or macaroons.


One cup of sugar,
One-fourth pound of dates,
One-fourth pound of nuts,
Three tablespoonsful of cracker crumbs.

Beat whites of three eggs stiff and add one heaping teaspoonful of baking powder and the above ingredients. Cut the dates and almonds into small pieces. Put mixture in a pudding pan set inside of a pan of water and bake in oven one hour. Cover while cooking. Serve with cream.


Two cupsful of milk,
Two egg yolks,
One-half cup of sugar,
Two tablespoonsful of Knox Gelatine softened in one-fourth cupful of cold milk,
One teaspoonful of vanilla,
One-eighth cupful ofSherry wine,
Two egg whites,
One-half pint of whipped cream.

Heat the milk to the boiling point in double boiler. Beat the yolks very light and beat into them the sugar. Add this to the hot milk and cook until the custard begins to get thick. Take from the fire. Add gelatine, which has been softened in one-fourth cupful of cold milk. Add vanilla and sherry wine and let cool. Beat the whites of eggs stiff, and fold into them the whipped cream. When custard begins to set, fold into it the cream and whites of eggs and put into a mold. Mold with alternate layers of broken macaroons and crystallized cherries.


One pint of cream, rich and sweet,
One-half cup of sugar,
One cup of sherry wine,
One teaspoonful of vanilla.

Sweeten the cream and when the sugar has dissolved, stir in the wine carefully. Add the vanilla and beat to a stiff froth. Serve in glasses.


One cup of finely chopped crystallized pineapple,
One cup of finely chopped crystallized cherries,
One cup of finely chopped nuts,
Six eggs.

Add a tablespoonful of sugar to each egg, beat well, leaving out the whites. To the yolks and sugar add one cup of sherry wine and cook to a thick custard in double boiler. To the custard while hot add one talbespoonful of gelatine dissolved in one-half cup of water, then whip in lightly the beaten whites. Roll out macaroons or Social Teas into dust. Into a bowl begin to lay cracker dust, pineapple, nuts and cherries. When you have used half the ingredients, pour over it the other half of the fruits and custard, sprinkling the top with cracker dust. Put into refrigerator to congeal. Serve with whipped cream (no sugar or flavoring in cream).


1 pint of Rhubarb,
1 tablespoonful of flour,
1 cupful of sugar,
¼ teaspoonful of soda.

Remove the skin, and cut into small pieces enough rhubarb to fill a pint bowl. Add the soda, and pour over it boiling water to cover. Let stand fifteen minutes and pour off the water. Line a deep plate with a rich crust. Put in the rhubarb, sugar and flour, cover with crust. Bake twenty minutes or half an hour.


Four eggs, beaten separately,
One cup of cream,
Two tablespoonsful of butter,
Two cups of sugar.

Flavor to taste. Pour the mixture on thin, rich crusts.


Stir one-half pound of butter into a pint of warm water, set it on the fire in a sauce pan and bring it to a boil, stirring often. When it boils put in three fourths of a pound of flour and let boil one minute, stirring constantly. Take from the fire and turn into a deep dish to cool. Beat eight eggs light, and whip into this cool paste, first the yolks, then the whites. Drop in great spoonsful on buttered paper so as not to touch or run into each other, and bake ten minutes. Split them and fill with the following cream:

One quart of milk,
Four tablespoonsful of cornstarch,
Two eggs,
Two cups sugar.

Stir while boiling and when thick, add a teaspoonful of butter. When cold, flavor.


Pare and slice apples thin. Put alternate layers of apples and bread crumbs sprinkled with cinnamon, bits of butter, and brown sugar in buttered baking dish. Then add one cup of water and bake until apples are thoroughly done and brown on top.


6 apples,
Grated rind and juice of one lemon,
½ cup of sugar,
1 teaspoon cinnamon,
2 macaroons rolled,
¼ teaspoon salt,
2 tablespoons butter,
2 eggs slightly beaten.

Pare and slice apples, add one-quarter cup of water; cook until soft, and rub through a sieve; add other ingredients in order given. Line a deep plate or patty tins with rich paste, fill, and bake about forty minutes. Cake crumbs may be substituted for macaroons.


Line a pie plate with nice pastry. For one custard allow one egg well beaten, one cup of brown sugar, four teaspoonsful of milk, one tablespoonful of flour or starch and a piece of butter the size of an egg. Pour this in the crust and bake. After baking make a meringue and bake a delicate brown.


Two quarts of fresh pears ground fine,
Two cans of grated pineapple,
Six oranges cut into small pieces,
As many cups of sugar as there are cupsful of fruit.

Put all together on to cook and cook until thick and a pretty red color.


Six eggs,
One and one-half cups of sugar,
Two tablespoonsful of butter,
Three lemons,
Two tablespoonsful of flour,
One-half teaspoonful of baking powder,
One cup of milk.

To well beaten yolks add sugar, flour, milk, butter, baking powder, juice and grated rind of three lemons. Cook in double boiler until thick and then bake on a nice crust. After baking, make a meringue of the whites and bake a delicate brown.


2½ cupsful of flour,
3 teaspoonsful of baking powder,
¼ teaspoonful of salt,
½ cupful of sugar,
1 egg,
1 cupful of milk,
¾ cupful of English Walnuts chopped fine.

Beat egg and sugar together, then add milk and salt. Sift the baking-powder into the dry flour, and put all the ingredients together. Add the nuts last, covering with a little flour, to prevent falling, and bake in a moderate oven one hour.


Put two squares of unsweetened chocolate in double boiler, add two cupsful of cold milk, and bring to the scalding point. Mix thoroughly one-fourth of a cupful of sugar, three tablespoonsful of cornstarch, one-fourth of a teaspoonful of salt and pour on one-fourth of a cupful of milk gradually, while stirring constantly. Add to milk which was scalded with chocolate, and cook fifteen minutes, stirring constantly until mixture thickens and afterward occasionally. Add one-half of a teaspoonful of vanilla and turn into a serving dish. Chill and serve.


1 pint of stale bread,
1 quart of milk,
1 cupful of sugar,
1 egg,
½ cupful of raisins,
1 teaspoonful of cinnamon,
½ teaspoonful of salt.

Pour hot water on the stale bread and let soak until soft. Then add other ingredients and bake for three hours in a moderate oven. If eaten cold, serve with hot sauce. If eaten hot, serve with cold sauce.


One cup of seeded raisins chopped fine,
One lemon with grated rind.

Add lemon juice and grated rind to the raisins. Then add one cup of sugar and two tablespoonsful of water. Bake between upper and lower crusts.


One cup of sugar,
One tablespoonful of butter,

Creamed together. Add one-half cup of cream or milk and five tablespoonsful of wine. Stir constantly while cooking until dissolved and creamy. Flavor to taste with vanilla or nutmeg.


One-half cup of sugar,
One cup of molasses,
One-half cup of butter or lard,
One teaspoonful each of ginger, cinnamon and cloves,
Two teaspoonsful of soda in a cup of boiling water,
Two and one-half cups of flour,
Two well beaten eggs added last.

Mix in the order given and bake in slow oven.


Crumble three lady fingers into a baking dish, cover with a thin layer of cranberry preserves or jelly. Dot with small lumps of butter and add a sprinkle of cinnamon. Beat three eggs separately very light and add two cups of milk. Pour over the fruit and cake. Bake as a custard and serve with whipped cream.


Mix well the yolks of two eggs, one cup of molasses, one scant cup of sugar, one cup of buttermilk with pinch of soda and two tablespoonsful of flour. Flavor with cinnamon and vanilla. Cook in double boiler until thick, then bake on a rich pie crust. Use the whites for meringue.


Put on four cups of sugar and four cups of water with six cloves and bring to boiling point.

Peel and core apples and drop them into boiling syrup. Cover kettle and let apples steam slowly until they are clear and tender. Pour last of syrup over fruit and serve.


Grate three medium sized potatoes. Beat together one cup of sugar, three eggs, one tablespoonful of butter, one pint of milk, and add to the grated potato.

Pour in a buttered pan, drop bits of butter on top and bake one hour in a moderate oven. Flavor with one teaspoonful of vanilla.


1½ cupsful of flour,
½ cupful of lard (scant),
½ teaspoonful of salt,
1 cupful of raisins,
1 cracker,
1 lemon,
⅔ cupful of sugar,
1 egg,
A little salt.

Beat the egg, add sugar, salt, lemon juice and grated rind. Roll cracker fine, chop raisins and mix all together. Roll the crust thin, cut into rounds. Put a spoonful of filling between two rounds and pinch the edges together. Prick top crust with fork. Bake in iron pan for twenty minutes.


¼ cup of sugar,
¾ cup hot water,
½ cup molasses,
¼ cup milk,
2 cups entire wheat flour,
1 cup bread flour,
5 teaspoons baking powder,
1½ teaspoons salt,
½ teaspoon soda,
¾ cup nut meats, finely chopped.

Mix in order given, sifting dry materials together before adding. Turn into a greased bread pan, let stand fifteen minutes, and bake in a moderate oven one hour.


Take rich pie crust, roll thin as for pie and cut into rounds as large as a tea plate. Pare and slice fine, one small apple for each dumpling. Lay the apple on the crust, sprinkle on tiny bit of sugar and nutmeg, turn edges of crust over the apple and press together. Bake in a hot oven for twenty minutes. Serve hot with cold sauce.


One quart of milk,
Four eggs,
One-half cup of sugar.

Beat eggs and sugar carefully together while milk is scalding. Then add gradually scalded milk, put back on stove and cook until thick, stirring constantly to prevent lumping. When cool, add any flavoring desired.


Sift one quart of flour and into the flour put one pound of raisins, one pound of currants, one-half teaspoonful of salt, one pound of sugar, one grated nutmeg, one teaspoonful of ground spice. Beat four eggs and add after mixing the fruit well in the flour, and mix with enough water to make a stiff batter as for fruit cake. Boil or bake and serve with sauce. Cook for about two hours.


3 cooked sweet potatoes,
¼ nutmeg grated,
2 eggs,
¼ cup brown sugar,
⅓ teaspoon salt,
1 quart milk.

Force potatoes through a ricer; beat the eggs and mix with potatoes; add other ingredients, pour into buttered baking dish or cups, and bake in a slow oven until firm.


Mix well the yolks of two eggs,
One-half cup of sweet milk,
One-half cup of sugar,
One teaspoonful of butter,
Two tablespoonsful of flour.

Cook in double boiler until thick. When cool, add one teaspoonful of vanilla. Bake on a nice crust. When cool, cover pie with thin slices of banana, then the meringue, and bake a delicate brown.


Make regular pie crust and roll it into two sheets, each about one-half inch thick. Bake in well-greased pan, laying one sheet on top of the other. When done and while warm separate them. When cold put between the crusts a thick layer of strawberries well sprinkled with powdered sugar. Arrange largest berries on top. Cut in wedge-shaped pieces and serve with sweetened whipped cream.


One quart of milk and one cup of soaked and drained tapioca should be placed in a double boiler and cooked until the tapioca is transparent; then add one cup of sugar and the yolks of three well beaten eggs. Let it cook for a few minutes, flavor as desired and pour into a bowl. Cover the top with the whites of the eggs beaten stiff and sweetened.


One quart of sweet cream whipped with two cups of sugar as stiff as for syllabub, two-thirds of a box of gelatine dissolved over the fire in two cups of milk, stirring constantly. Let cool. Flavor cream to taste, then beat in the milk and gelatine. If desired, fruits, nuts, and maraschino cherries may be added.


Whip stiff the white of one egg and add alternately and gradually three tabelspoonsful of sugar and a cup of cranberry sauce. Continue to whip until it has reached at least a pint and a half in quantity, for it swells surprisingly. Finely chopped nuts may be added if desired.


One-fourth cake of chocolate,
Two cups of sugar,
One-half cup of butter,
Four eggs,
One tablespoon of flour.

Beat yolks together with butter, sugar, milk and flour. Cook in double boiler until thick, then bake on a nice crust. Use whites for meringue.


2 cupsful of stewed and sifted pumpkin,
2 crackers rolled fine,
1 cupful of sugar,
Pinch of salt,
½ teaspoonful of cinnamon,
1 pint of milk,

Pour the mixture into a deep pie-plate lined with crust, and bake in a slow oven one hour.