Aunt Caroline's Dixieland Recipes/Pies and Desserts/Stonewall Jackson Pudding

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Two cupsful of milk,
Two egg yolks,
One-half cup of sugar,
Two tablespoonsful of Knox Gelatine softened in one-fourth cupful of cold milk,
One teaspoonful of vanilla,
One-eighth cupful ofSherry wine,
Two egg whites,
One-half pint of whipped cream.

Heat the milk to the boiling point in double boiler. Beat the yolks very light and beat into them the sugar. Add this to the hot milk and cook until the custard begins to get thick. Take from the fire. Add gelatine, which has been softened in one-fourth cupful of cold milk. Add vanilla and sherry wine and let cool. Beat the whites of eggs stiff, and fold into them the whipped cream. When custard begins to set, fold into it the cream and whites of eggs and put into a mold. Mold with alternate layers of broken macaroons and crystallized cherries.