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Arnold James
English poet and soldier during World War I



  • In Wheels: An Anthology of Verse (1916):
    "There was a peace at eve no other hour"
    "Clutching thine hand, sweet Death, my tranquil friend"
    "All day he moved not, lying low amid"
  • In The Muse in Arms (1917):
    "The Tryst" (There was a peace at eve no other hour)
  • In Wheels: Second Cycle (1917):
    "A Dream" (I wander forth along the riverside)
    "Till the Morn Break" (He tried to make a softer song)
  • In Wheels: Third Cycle (1918):
    "The Exile" (I am kept with walls of iron from the place)
    "The Poet's Task" (I, that have merged my grief in sighing ocean)
    "God called me to his side"
    "Now from light of the sun"
  • In Wheels: Fourth Cycle (1919):
    "Now the gold goes trickling out of the sunset"
    "Now my white-winged dreams do rove"
    "My lips were blossoming flowers of bitterness"

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