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Benjamin Ward Richardson

British physician, anaesthetist, physiologist and sanitarian

Benjamin Ward Richardson



Other works

  • On the anæsthetic properties of the lycoperdon proteus, or common puff-ball, 1853 (external scan)
  • The vocation of the medical scholar, 1856 short work (external scan)
  • The hygienic treatment of pulmonary consumption, 1857 (external scan)
  • The medical pilgrim's progress, 1857 short work (external scan)
  • The cause of the coagulation of the blood, 1858 (external scan)
  • On the medical history and treatment of diseases of the teeth, and the adjacent structures, 1860
  • Facts and suggestions on the registration of disease, 1862 v short work (external scan)
  • Clinical essays, 1862 (external scan)
  • "An Inquiry into the Possibility of Restoring the Life of Warm-Blooded Animals in Certain Cases Where the Respiration, the Circulation, and the Ordinary Manifestations of Organic Motion Are Exhausted or Have Ceased" from Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Volume 14. 1865 short work (external scan)
  • For and against tobacco, 1865 (external scan)
  • On the poisons of the spreading diseases, 1867 (external scan)
  • The world of physic and the world, 1868 short work (external scan)
  • The science of cure, 1869 (external scan)
  • On meteorological readings in relation to surgical practice, 1870 (external scan)
  • Discourses on practical physic, 1871 (external scan)
  • On alcohol, 1875 (external scan)
  • Diseases Of Modern Life, 1876 (external scan)
  • Hygeia: a city of health, 1876 (external scan)
  • On ether-drinking and extra-alcoholic intoxication, 1876 v short work (external scan)
  • The future of sanitary science, 1877 (external scan)
  • The temperance lesson book, 1878 (external scan)
  • Total Abstinence, 1878 (external scan)
  • Health and Life (1878) (external scan)
  • A ministry of health, and other addresses (1879) (external scan)
  • On health and occupation, 1879 (external scan)
  • How to rear healthy children, 1880 v short work (external scan)
  • The seed-time of health, 1881 (external scan)
  • Dialogues on drink, 1882 (external scan)
  • The next to godliness, 1882 (external scan)
  • Drink and strong drink, 1882 (external scan)
  • The field of disease: a book of preventive medicine, 1883 (external scan)
  • Ten lectures on alcohol (1883) (external scan)
  • Brief notes for temperance teachers, 1883 (external scan)
  • "Causes of Felicity" is an article from The North American Review, Volume 137. 1883 (external scan)
  • On the Healthy Manufacture of Bread: A Memoir on the System of Dr. Dauglish, 1884 (external scan)
  • The Tricycle in Relation to Health and Recreation, 1885 short work (external scan)
  • Household health, 1886 (external scan)
  • The health of nations: a review of the works of Edwin Chadwick, 1887 (external scan)
  • The commonhealth: a series of essays on health and felicity for every-day readers (1887) (external scan)
  • Public school temperance, 1887 (external scan)
  • The son of a star, 1888 (external scans (multiple parts): 1, 2, 3)
  • Genealogy of the family of Harvey, 1889 (external scan)
  • Thomas Sopwith, 1891 (external scan)
  • Biological experimentation, its function and limits (1896) (external scan)
  • Vita medica: chapters of medical life and work, 1897 (external scan)
  • Disciples of Aesculapius, 1900 (external scans (multiple parts): 1, 2)
  • "The mastery of pain: a triumph of the nineteenth century." Longman's Magazine (March 1892)

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