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Clarence Moores Weed

Agricultural scientist, entomologist, zoologist and science editor.


  • Insects and insecticides: a practical manual concerning noxious insects and the methods of preventing their injuries, (1891) (external scan)
  • A descriptive catalogue of the harvest-spiders (Phalangiidae) of Ohio (1893) (external scan)
  • Spraying crops; Why, when and how (1894) (external scan)
  • Ten New England Blossoms and Their Insect Visitors, (1895) (external scan)
  • Fungi and fungicides; a practical manual, concerning the fungous diseases of cultivated plants and the means of preventing their ravages, (1896) (external scan)
  • Stories of insect life, (1897) (external scan)
  • The Winter Food of the Chickadee, (1898) (external scan)
  • The Feeding Habits of the Chipping Sparrow, (1898) (external scan)
  • Seed-travellers: studies of the methods of dispersal of various common seeds, (1898) (external scan)
  • Our largest standing army: the birds in The Granite Monthly Vol. XXV, No. 4, (1898) (external scan)
  • The causes of the decrease of birds in The Granite Monthly Vol. XXV, No. 6, (1898) (external scan)
  • Our winter birds in their food relations, (1899) (external scan)
  • Nature biographies; the lives of some every-day butterflies; moths; grasshoppers and flies, (June, 1901) (external scan)
  • A partial bibliography of the economic relations of North American birds, (1902) (external scan)
  • A laboratory guide for beginners in zoology, (1902) (external scan)
  • The mission of the birds, (1902) (external scan)
  • Birds in their relations to man; a manual of economic ornithology for the United States and Canada, (1903) (external scan)
  • The flower beautiful (1903) (external scan)
  • Wild flower families; the haunts, characters, and family relationships of the herbaceous wild flowers, with suggestions for their identification, (1908) (external scan)
  • Bird life stories, comp. from the writings of Audubon, Bendire, Nuttall, and Wilson, (1903) (external scan)
  • The study of the evergreens in the public schools (1908) (external scan)
  • The school garden book, (1909) (external scan)
  • Farm friends and farm foes: a text-book of agricultural science, (1910) (external scan)
  • Crop production; an agricultural text for schools, (1914) (external scan)
  • Introduction to agriculture, practical studies in crop production, (1916) (external scan)
  • Our trees, how to know them: photographs from nature by Arthur I. Emerson, with a guide to their recognition at any season of the year and notes on their characteristics, distribution, and culture, (1918) (external scan)
  • Butterflies Worth Knowing, (1923) (external scan)
  • Butterflies, (1926)

Articles in Popular Science Monthly[edit]

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