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Florian Znaniecki

Polish-American philosopher and sociologist

Florian Znaniecki


In English:

  • The Polish Peasant in Europe and America (with William I. Thomas, 5 vols., 19l8-20).
  • The Principle of Relativity and Philosophical Absolutism, in The Philosophical Review, vol. 24, no. 2 (March 1915), pp. 150–164.
  • Cultural Reality (Chicago 1919),
  • The Laws of Social Psychology (Warsaw-Kraków-Poznań 1926),
  • The Method of Sociology (New York 1934),
  • Social Actions (New York 1936),
  • The Social Role of the Man of Knowledge (New York 1940),
  • Cultural Sciences. Their Origin Development (Urbana 1952),
  • Modern Nationalities (Urbana 1952),
  • Social Relations and Social Roles: The Unfinished Systematic Sociology (San Francisco 1965),
  • On Humanistic Sociology (selection of works under redaction of R. Bierstedt, Chicago i London 1969),
  • The Subject Matter and Tasks of the Science of Knowledge (translated by Christopher Kasparek; first published in Polish, 1923), in Polish Contributions to the Science of Science, edited by Bohdan Walentynowicz, Dordrecht, D. Reidel, 1982, pp. 1–81.
  • The Social Role of the University Student (Poznań 1994).

In Polish:

  • Zagadnienie wartości w filozofii (Warsaw 1910),
  • Humanizm i poznanie (Warsaw 1912),
  • Upadek cywilizacji zachodniej. Szkic z pogranicza filozofii kultury i socjologii (Poznań 1921),
  • Wstęp do socjologii (Poznań 1922),
  • Socjologia wychowania (vol. I Warsaw 1928, vol. II Warsaw 1930),
  • Miasto w świadomości jego obywateli (Poznań 1931),
  • Ludzie teraźniejsi a cywilizacja przyszłości (Lwów-Warsaw 1934),6

Some or all works by this author are in the public domain in the United States because they were published before January 1, 1929.

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