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Horatio Gilbert George Parker
1st Baronet; Canadian novelist and British politician, more commonly called Gilbert Parker; best remembered for his work The Lane that had No Turning (1900), a collection of short stories, considered by some as being in the tradition of such Gothic classics as Stoker's Dracula and James's The Turn of the Screw
Horatio Gilbert George Parker


  • The Chief Factor: a tale of the Hudson's Bay Company, being the history of Master Andrew Venlaw, chief factor, Mistress Jean Fordie, and others, 1892
  • Round the Compass in Australia, 1892
  • Pierre and His People, 1893
  • Mrs. Falchion: a novel, 1893
  • The Trespasser, 1893
  • The Translation of a Savage, 1893
  • The Patrol of the Cypress Hills, 1893
  • A Lover's Diary, 1894
  • An Adventurer of the North. Being a continuation of the histories of "Pierre and his people," and the latest existing records of Pretty Pierre, 1895 (UK)
  • When Valmond Came to Pontiac, 1895
  • The Seats of the Mighty: being the memoirs of Captain Robert Moray, 1896
  • The Pomp of the Lavilettes, 1896
  • Gilbert Parker and Herbert Beerbohm Tree Stage The Seats of the Mighty, 1986
  • The Pomp of the Lavitettes, 1897
  • The Battle of the Strong, 1898
  • The Trail of the Sword, 1898
  • Born with a Golden Spoon, 1899
  • The Liar, 1899
  • The Hill of Pains, 1899
  • Donovan Pasha and Some People of Egypt, 1900
  • Michel and Angèle: A Ladder of Swords, 1904 (first published as a 2-part serial in Harper's Magazine, 1900)
  • The Right of Way: being the story of Charley Steele and another, 1901
  • The March of the White Guard, 1901
  • Old Quebec: the fortress of New France, 1903
  • A Ladder of Swords: a tale of love, laughter and tears, 1904
  • The Weavers: a tale of England and Egypt of fifty years ago, 1907
  • Northern Lights, 1909
  • Cumner's Son, and Other South Sea Folk, 1910
  • The Going of the White Swan, 1912
  • The Weavers: A Tale Of England And Egypt Of Fifty Years Ago, 1913
  • The Judgement House, 1913
  • Michel and Angèle; John Enderby; There is sorrow on the sea, 1913
  • You Never Know Your Luck: being the story of a matrimonial deserter, 1914
  • The United States and This War, 1915
  • Is England Apathetic?, 1915
  • The Money Master: being the curious history of Jean Jacques Barbille, his labours, his loves and his ladies, 1915
  • The World in the Crucible: an account of the origins & conduct of the great war, 1915
  • What is the Matter With England?: Criticism and a reply, 1915
  • Two years of War: interview with the Associated Press of the United States of America, 1916
  • The World for Sale, 1916
  • Wild Youth, 1919
  • Wild youth and another, 1919
  • No Defence, 1920
  • The Promised Land: a story of David in Israel, 1920
  • Carnac's Folly, 1922
  • Carnac, 1922
  • Tarboe Tarboe: the story of a life, 1927
  • The Right of Way: Being the Story of Charley Steele and Another
  • Wild Youth, Vol I, 2005
  • Wild Youth, Vol II, 2005(?)

Individual short stories[edit]

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Works about Gilbert[edit]

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