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Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.
46th and current President of the United States (2021–present) (with Kamala Harris); 47th Vice President of the United States (2009–2017) (under Barack Obama); U.S. Senator from Delaware (1973–2009)
Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.


As U.S. Senator[ред.]

2008 campaign debates and speeches[ред.]

As Vice President[ред.]

Middle Class Working Families Task Force[ред.]

Biden served as chairman of the White House task force since its inception in 2009.

Weekly addresses[ред.]

As Vice President, Biden filled in for Barack Obama to deliver several weekly addresses:

Biden′s presidential addresses are listed separately.

As President-Elect[ред.]

As President[ред.]

Works about Biden[ред.]

Mentioned by President Obama[ред.]

Barack Obama has mentioned Biden in multiple speeches and addresses:

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