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Louis Untermeyer
American author, poet, anthologist, and editor. United States Poet Laureate for 1961 to 1963.
Louis Untermeyer



  • Modern American Poetry (1919) (6th edition, 1942)
  • Modern British Poetry (1920) (5th edition, 1942)
  • Modern American and British Poetry (1919)
  • Yesterday and Today (1926)
  • New Songs for New Voices (1928), with Clara and David Mannes, illustrated by Peggy Bacon
  • A Treasury of Great Poems (1942, 1955)
  • The Golden Treasury of Poetry (1959), illustrated by Joan Walsh Anglund
  • Story Poems (1946, 1972)
  • Early American Poets (1952)
  • An Uninhibited Treasury of Erotic Poetry (1963)
  • A Galaxy of Verse (1978)
  • Men and Women: the Poetry of Love (1970), illustrated by Robert J. Lee
  • Collins Albatross Book of Verse (1933, 1960)
  • Stars To Steer By (1941)
  • Lots of Limericks (1961), illustrated by R. Taylor
  • The Book of Living Verse (1932,1945)
  • Rainbow in the Sky (1935), illustrated by Reginald Birch
  • A Treasury of Laughter (1946)
  • An Anthology of New England Poets (1948)
  • The Best Humor of 1949-1950 (with Ralph E. Shikes, 1950)
  • The Best Humor Annual (with Ralph E. Shikes, 1951)
  • The Best Humor Annual (with Ralph E. Shikes, 1952)
  • The Magic Circle (1952)
  • A Treasury of Ribaldry (1956)
  • Big and Little Creatures (1961), with Bryna Ivens Untermeyer
  • Beloved Tales (1962), with Bryna Ivens Untermeyer
  • Old Friends and Lasting favorites (1962), with Bryna Ivens Untermeyer
  • Fun and Fancy (1962), with Bryna Ivens Untermeyer
  • Creatures Wild and Tame (1963), with Bryna Ivens Untermeyer
  • The Golden Book of Poems for the Very Young (1971)
  • A Treasury of Great Humor (1972)


  • Burning Bush
  • Challenge
  • Coal Fire
  • Disenchanted
  • First Love
  • Last Words Before Winter
  • Leviathan
  • Long Feud
  • Portrait Of A Machine
  • Questions At Night
  • Scarcely Spring
  • Summer Storm
  • Thanks
  • The New Adam
  • These Times



  • Heinrich Heine: Paradox and Poet (1937)
  • Makers of the Modern World (with John Moore, 1955)
  • Makers of the Modern World selections, Japanese translation (1971)


  • From Another World (1935)
  • Bygones (1965)


  • Moses (1923)
  • The Fat of the Cat and Other Stories (19??)
  • The Donkey of God and Other Stories (1932)
  • The Kitten Who Barked (1962), illustrated by Lilian Obligado
  • The Second Christmas (1964), illustrated by Louis Marak
  • Cat O' Nine Tales (1971), illustrated by Lawrence DiFiori

Adaptations, Translations[edit]

  • Poems of Heinrich Heine (19??)
  • The Wonderful Adventures of Paul Bunyan (1946), illustrated by Everett Gee Jackson
  • More French Fairy Tales (1946), illustrated by Gustave Doré
  • Cyrano de Bergerac (1954), illustrated by Pierre Brissaud
  • Aesop's Fables (1965), illustrated by A. and M. Provensen
  • Songs of Joy from the Book of Psalms (1967), illustrated by Joan Berg Victor
  • Tales from the Ballet (1968), illustrated by A. and M. Provensen
  • A Time for Peace (1969), illustrated by Joan Berg Victor
  • The World's Great Stories (1964)
  • The Firebringer (1968)
  • Lines to a Pomeranian Puppy Valued at $3500 (1950), musical adaptation of Untermeyer poem by Irving Ravin


  • American Poetry Since 1900 (19??)
  • The Forms Of Poetry (1926)
  • Play in Poetry (1938)
  • Doorways to Poetry (1938)
  • The Lowest Form of Wit (1947)
  • The Pursuit of Poetry (1969)

Critical Collections[edit]

  • The Poems of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1943)
  • The Poetry and Prose of Walt Whitman (1949)
  • The Letters of Robert Frost to Louis Untermeyer (1963)
  • The Love Poems of Elizabeth and Robert Browning (1994)
  • The Love Poems of Robert Herrick and John Donne (1948)

Contributing Editor[edit]

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