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Mostafa Mastoor

Iranian writer, translator and researcher.

Some or all works by this author are in the public domain in the United States because they were first published in Iran and not re-published in the United States, or a treaty party, within 30-days of publication in Iran. The copyright laws of Iran are not recognised according to Circ. 38a of the US Copyright Office.

They will remain copyrighted in Iran until 50 years after the death of the author.


Works of fiction[edit]

  • The Kiss of God (novel), 1379 , publishing center
  • Several authoritative narrative (story) in 1382 , publishing center
  • Pork bones of the arms and Lazar (novel) 1383 , publishing center
  • A love story Byqaf, maximum, Bynqth (short stories) 1384 , edition fountain
  • Love on the sidewalk (short stories), 1377 , edition of maturation
  • I am omniscient (short stories) 1383 , published by Phoenix
  • I'm Sparrow (novel) 1387 , publishing center
  • Tehran in the afternoon (short stories), 1389 , published sources
  • Three reports on the promising short and journalist (novel), 1390 , publishing center


  • Foundations of short stories , 1379 , publishing center


  • Distance and Other Stories , Raymond Carver , 1380 , publishing center
  • Nature and destiny , cinema Kryshtf Kieslowski , Monica Moore , 1386 Publication Center
  • Envelopes and many other stories , Raymond Carver , 1382 , edition of maturation


  • Running in the dark, Maine , in 1385 , published sources