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Nina Paley

American artist, animator, and writer who published comic strips, animations, and animated films about daily life

Nina Paley


Comic strips[edit]


  • Cancer (1998. Drawing directly on film. 2 minutes. Color. 35mm.)
  • Luv Is... (1998. Clay animation. 3.5 minutes. Beta SP / Super-8. Color.)
  • I (heart) My Cat (1998. Clay animation. 3 minutes. 16mm. Color.)
  • Pandorama (2000. Drawing directly on film. 3 minutes. color. 15perf/70mm (also known as "IMAX"))
  • Fetch! (2001. 2-D computer animation. 4.5 minutes. 35mm. Color.)
  • The Stork (film) (2002. 2-D computer animation (Flash/Photoshop/Final Cut Pro). 3 minutes. Video. Color.)
  • Goddess of Fertility (2002. 2-D digital animation. 2 minutes. Clay animated on glass. Color. 35mm.)
  • Fertco (2002. 2-D digital animation. 3 minutes. Color. Video.)
  • The Wit and Wisdom of Cancer (2002. 2-D digital animation. 4.5 minutes. Color. Dialog. Video.)
  • Sita Sings the Blues (82 min, 2003-2008, 2-D digital animation. Color.)

Some or all works by this author are in the public domain worldwide because they have been so released by the copyright holder. Other works by this author may be copyrighted.