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Otis Adelbert Kline
An adventure novelist and literary agent during the pulp era.


Weird Tales[edit]

OAK was a member of the original Weird Tales editorial team.

  • The Thing of a Thousand Shapes, March-April 1923
  • The Phantom Wolfhound, June 1923
  • Corpse on the Third Slab, July-August 1923
  • The Cup of Blood, Sept 1923 and June 1935
  • Malignant Entity, May-June-July 1924 (later appeared in Amazing Stories)
  • Why Weird Tales? (article), May-June-July 1924 and Weird Tales, March 1934
  • The Phantom Rider, Nov 1924

Detective Tales[edit]

  • The Dead Robin, Sep 1923
  • Woorali Death (The Ferret), October 1923
  • The Thumb Verdict, 1923 or 1924

Real Detective Tales[edit]

  • The Seventh Coffin, Sept 1924
  • Man in the Scarlet Mask, Dec 1924
  • The Gila Men, July-Sept-Nov 1925
  • Convict Ranch, Feb-March 1926
  • Jaws of Death, February 1927

Flynn's Detective Weekly[edit]

  • Death in the Air, Dec 20, 1924
  • Crystal Clews, Mar 21 or Sept 21 or November 21, 1925

Amazing Stories[edit]

  • The Malignant Entity, (June 1926) - Amazing Stories Quarterly, Fall 1934 - Amazing Stories, Feb 1966 ~ Dr. Dorp Series
  • The Radio Ghost, September 1927

Venus series[edit]

  1. Planet of Peril (1929)
  2. The Prince of Peril (1930)
  3. The Port of Peril (1932)

Mars series[edit]

  1. The Swordsman of Mars (1933)
  2. Outlaws of Mars (1933)

Other novels and stories[edit]


  • The Man Who Limped and Other Stories (1946)

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