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José Pedro Castillo Terrones
José Pedro Castillo Terrones


Inaugural address[edit]

Some or all works by this author are in the public domain because they are not objects of copyright according to Legislative Decree No. 822 Art.9 and 57 of Peru of May 23, 1996.

The following are not be objects of copyright:

  • the ideas contained in literary or artistic works, processes, operating methods or mathematical concepts in themselves, systems or the ideological or technical content of scientific works, or the industrial or commercial exploitation thereof,
Note: The technical procedures extend to audiovisual footage not considered as a "work", nor that exceed the degree of creativity or technical skill to enjoy the "related rights" of the "producer" according to Art. 146. See Res. 371-2001/TPI-INDECOPI.
  • official texts of legislative, administrative or judicial character, or official translations thereof, without prejudice to the obligation to respect the texts and mention the source,
Note: This includes documents of administrative nature ("TUPA" standard) from State authorities. Other formats of government acts in open data portals are also under free licenses with some conditions such as right of attribution or share-alike (cited in D.S. Nº 016-2017-PCM). For more information see the contents suitable for free reproduction.
  • news of the day, provided that, in the case of word-for-word reproduction, the source from which it has been taken shall be mentioned,
  • simple facts or data,
  • aboriginal expressions of folklore (previously indicated in the law 13714 Art. 62a).

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