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For authors with similar names, see Author:Robert Park.
Robert Ezra Park
American urban sociologist, one of the main founders of the Chicago School of sociology.
Robert Ezra Park


Books and edited books[edit]

  • The Man Farthest Down: A Record of Observation and Study in Europe with Booker T. Washington, New York: Doubleday (1912)
  • Introduction to the Science of Sociology with Ernest Burgess Chicago: University of Chicago Press (1921)
  • Old World Traits Transplanted: The Early Sociology of Culture with Herbert A Miller, & Kenneth Thompson, New York: Harper & Brothers (1921)
  • The Immigrant Press and Its Control New York: Harper & Brothers (1921)
  • The City: Suggestions for the Study of Human Nature in the Urban Environment with R. D. McKenzie & Ernest Burgess) Chicago: University of Chicago Press (1925)
  • The University and the Community of Races Hawaii: University of Hawaii Press (1932)
  • Race Relations and the Race Problem; A Definition and an Analysis with Edgar Tristram Thompson, Durham, NC: Duke University Press (1939)
  • Essays in Sociology with C W M Hart, and Talcott Parsons et al., Toronto: University of Toronto Press (1940)
  • An Outline of the Principles of Sociology, with Samuel Smith, New York: Barnes & Noble (1946)

Articles, chapters in books, and other published writings[edit]