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William Hunter
English anatomist; brother of John Hunter
William Hunter


  • 'Medical Commentaries; Part I. Containing a Plain … Answer to Professor Monro, jun., interspersed with Remarks on the Structure, Functions, and Diseases of the Human Body (1762-4) 2 pts
  • 'Anatomia Uteri humani gravidi Tabulis illustrata,' (1774)
  • 'Two Introductory Lectures delivered by W. H. to his last course of Anatomical Lectures. To which are added some Papers relating to Dr.Hunter's intended Plan for establishing a Museum in London for the Improvement of Anatomy,' (1784)
  • 'An Anatomical Description of the Human Gravid Uterus and its Contents,' (1794)

'Medical Observations and Inquiries'[edit]

  • 'On Aneurysm' (vols. i. ii. iv.),
  • 'On Diseases of the Cellular Membrane' (ii.),
  • 'On the Symphysis Pubis' (ii.),
  • 'On Retroverted Uterus' (iv. v. vi.)
  • 'On the Uncertainty of the Signs of Murder in the case of Bastard Children' (vi.)

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society[edit]

Works about Hunter[edit]