Battle of Philiphaugh/Auchindown

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Battle of Philiphaugh  (between 1840 and 1850) 


At Auchindown, the tenth of June,
Sae merry, blythe, and gay, Sir,
Each lad and lass did fill a glass,

And drink a health that day, Sir

We drank a health, and nae by stealth,
’Mang kimmers bright and lordly:
“King James the Eighth! for him we’ll fight,
And down wi’ cuckold Geordie!”

We took a spring, and danc’d a fling,
And wow but we were vogie!
We didna fear, though we lay near
The Campbells, in Stra’bogie;

Nor yet the loons, the black dragoons,
At Fochabers a-raising:
If they durst come, we’d pack them home,
And send them to their grazing.

We fear’d no harm, and no alarm,
No word was spoke of dangers;
We join’d the dance, and kiss’d the lance,
And swore us foes to strangers,

To ilka name that dar’d disclaim
Our Jamie and his Charlie.
“King James the Eighth! for him we’ll fight,
And down the cuckold carlie!”

This work was published before January 1, 1927, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.