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is the holy Scrypture of the Olde and New Teſtament, faithfully tranſlated in to Engliſh.


S. Paul. II. Teſſa. III.

Praie for us, that the words of God maie haue fre paſſage, and be glorified.

S. Paul. Col. III.

Let the words of Chriſt dwell in you plenteouſly in all wyſedome.

Joſue I.

Let not the boke of this lawe departe out of thy mouth, but exercyſe thyſelfe therin daye and nighte, that thou mayest kepe and do euery thinge acordinge to it that is wrytte therin.

Becauſe that whan thou goeſt to ſtudy in holy ſcripture, thou ſhuldeſt do it with reuerence, therfore for thy inſtruction & louynge admonicion therto, the Reuerende father in god, Nicolas, Biſihoppe of Saliſbury hath preſcrybed the this prayer folowynge, taken out of the ſame.

O Lorde God almyghtye whiche longe agoo ſaydeſt by the mouthe of James thyn Apoſtle: If any of you lacke wyſdom, let hym aſke it of God whiche geueth it plenteouſly to all men, and caſteth no man in the tethe, and it ſhal be geuen hym.[1] Heare my peticion for this thy promes ſake. Heare my peticion for this thy promece feile. Let my prayer aſcende luckely in to thy ſyght lyke incenſe.[2] Let thyn eare be attent vnto my depe deſyre. Geue me wyſdome which is euir aſſiſtent about thy ſeate.[3] And put me not out from amonge thy children,[4] for I am thy ſeruaunt and ye ſonne of thy handmayde & ſende her (I meane thy godly wyſedome) out of thyne holy heauens, and from the trone of thy maieſtye, that ſhe maye be with me, and laboure with me, yt I may knowe what is acceptable in thy ſyght. Oh lerne me goodnes, nurtoure, and knowlege, for I beleue thy commaundementes.[5] Thou art good and gracyous, inſtructe me in thyne ordynaunces. Let myne hertie beſechynge aſcende in to thy preſence. Geue me vnderſtondynge accordynge to thy worde. Oh geue me vnderſtōdynge, and I ſhall kepe thy lawe. Yee I ſhall kepe it with all myne herte. Shewe me thy wayes o Lorde, & teache me thy patthes.[6] Leade me in tu thy trueth and lerne me, for thou art the God of my helth. And on the do I depende alway.[7] Heare now my voyce O Lorde with which I haue cryed vnto the. Haue mercy vpon me, and gracyouſlye heare me for Jeſus Chriſtes ſake oure Lorde, which lyueth and reygneth with the his father & the holy gooſt worlde without ende. Amen.

¶After the ende of any Chapter (yf thou wylt) thou mayeſt ſaye theſe verſes folowynge.

LEade me (O Lorde) in thy waye, and let me walke in thy trueth.

Oh let myne herte delyte in fearynge thy name.

Ordre my goynges after thy worde, that no wyckednes reygne in me.

Kepe my ſteppes within thy patthes, leſt my fete turne into any contrary waye.

Chapters (not individually listed)

The bokes of the hole Byble,[edit]

how they are named in Englyſh and Latyn / how longe they are wrytten in the allegations, how many chapters euery boke hath, and in what leafe euery one begynneth.

¶ The bokes of the fyrſt parte.
Abbreuiacion. Boke. Chapters. Leafe.
Gen. Geneſis, the fyrſt boke of Moſes. l. fyrſt.
Exo. Exodus, the ſeconde boke of Moſes. xi. xxiiii.
Leui. Leuiticus, the thyrde boke of Moſes. xxvii. xiii.
Num. Numerus, the fourthe boke of Moſes. xxxvi. lv.
Deut. Deuteronomion, the fyfthe boke of Moſes. xxxiiii. lxxiiii.
¶ The bokes of the ſeconde parte.
Abbreuiacion. Boke. Chapters. Leafe.
Joſ. Joſue, the boke of Joſua. xxiiii. ii.
Jud. Judicum, the boke of the Judges. xxii. xiii.
Ruth. Ruth, the boke of Ruth. iiii. xxiiii.
I.Reg. Regum, the fyrſt boke of the kynges. xxxi. xxvi.
II.Reg. Regum, the ſeconde boke of the kynges. xxiiii. xl.
III.Reg. Regum, the thyrde boke of the kynges. xxii. lii.
IIII.Reg. Regum, the fourth boke of the kynges. xxv. lxvi.
I.Par. Paralipomenon, ye. I. boke of ye Cronicles. xxx. lxxix.
II.Par. Paralipomenon, ye. II. boke of ye Cronicles. xxxvi. xci.
I.Eſd. Eſdre, the fyrſt boke of Eſdras. x. cvii.
II.Eſd. Eſdre, the ſeconde boke of Eſdras. xiii. cxi.
Heſter. Heſter, the boke of Heſter. x. cxvii.
¶ The bokes of the thyrde parte.
Abbreuiacion. boke. Chapters. Leafe.
Job. Job, the boke of Job. xlii. fyrſt
Pſal. Pſalterium, the Pſalter. cl. xii.
Pro. Prouerbia, the prouerbes of Salomon. xxxi. xxxviii.
Eccle. Eccleſiaſtes, the preacher of Salomon. xii. xlvii.
Cant. Cantica Canticorũ, Salomons balettes. viii. l.
¶ The Prophetes.
Abbreuiacion. Boke. Chapters. Leafe.
Eſa. Eſaias, Eſay the prophete. lxvi. ii.
Jere. Jeremias, Jeremy the prophete. lii. xxiiii.
Tren. Treni, the lamentacions of Jeremy. v. xlix.
Bar. Baruc, Baruc the prophete. vi. li.
Eze. Ezechiel, Ezechiel the prophete. xlviii. lv.
Dan. Daniel, Daniel the prophete. xii. lxxvii.
Oſe. Oſeas, Oſeas the prophete. xiiii. lxxxvii.
Joel. Joel, Joel the prophete. iii. lxxxvii.
Amo. Amos, Amos the prophete.. ix. lxxxviii.
Abd. Abdias, Abdy the prophete. i. xc.
Jon. Jonas, Jonas the prophete. ivi. xci.
Mich. Micheas, Micheas the prophete. vii. xcii.
Na. Naum, Naum the prophete. iii. xciiii.
Aba. Abacuc, Abacuc the prophete. iii. xcv.
Soph. Sophonias, Sophony the prophete. iii. xcvi.
Agg. Aggeus, Aggeus the prophete. ii. xcvii.
Zacha. Zacharias, Zachary the prophete. xiiii. xcvii.
Mal. Malachias, Malachy the prophete. iii. ci.
The Apocrypha.
Abbreuiacion. Boke. Chapters. Leafe.
III. Eſdre. Eſdre, the thyrde boke of Eſdras. ix. ii.
IIII. Eſdre. Eſdre, the fourth boke of Eſdras. xvi. viii.
Tob. Tobias, the boke of Tobias. xiiii. xx.
Judith. Judith, the boke of Judith. xvi. xxiiii.
Certayne Chapiters of Heſter vi. xxx.
Sap. Sapientia, the boke of wyſdome. xix. xxxii.
Eccli. Eccleſiaſticus, Jeſus Syrac. li. xxxix.
Suſ. Suſanna, the ſtorye of Suſanna. i. lvii.
Bel. Bel, the ſtorye of Bell. i. lviii.
I. Mac. Machabeorum, the fyrſt boke of the Mach. xvi. lix.
II. Mac. Machabeorũ, The ſecõde boke of the Mac. xv. lxxiii.
The new Teſtament.
Abreuiacion. Boke. Chapters. Leafe.
Math. Mathew the Euangeliſt. xxviii. ii.
Mar. Marke the Euangeliſt. xvi. xvi.
Luc. Luke the Euangeliſt. xxiiiii. xxv.
Joh. Jhon the Euangeliſt. xxi. xl.
Act. The Actes of the Apoſtles. xxviii. li.
Rom. The Epiſtle to the Romaynes. xvi. lxvi.
I. Cor. The fyrſt Epiſtle to the Corinthians. xvi. lxxii.
II. Cor. The ſeconde Epiſtle to the Corinthians. xiii. lxxviii.
Gal. The Epiſtle to the Galathians. vi. lxxxii.
Ephe. The Epiſtle to the Epheſians. vi. lxxxiiii.
Phil. The Epiſtle to the Philippians. iiii. lxxxix.
Col. The Epiſtle to the Colloſſians. iiii. lxxxvix.
I. Teſſ. The fyrſt Epiſtle to the Teſſalonians. v. lxxxix.
II. Teſſ. The ſeconde Epiſtle to the Teſſalonians. iii. xc.
I. Timo. The fyrſt Epiſtle unto Timothy. vi. xci.
II. Tim. The ſeconde Epiſtle unto Timothy. iiii. xcii.
Tit. The Epiſtle unto Tytus. iii. xciiii.
Phile. The Epiſtle unto Philemon. i. xciiii.
I. Pet. The fyrſt Epiſtle of S. Peter. v. xcv.
II. Pet. The ſeconde Epiſtle of S. Peter. iii. xcvi.
I. Joh. The fyrſt Epiſtle of S. Jhon. v. xcviii.
II. Joh. The ſeconde Epiſtle of S. Jhon. i. xcix.
III. Joh. The thirde Epiſtle of S. Jhon. i. xcix.
Heb. The Epiſtle unto the Hebrues. xiii. c.
Jac. The Epiſtle of S. James. v. ciiii.
Jud. The Epiſtle of S. Jude. i. cvi.
Apo. The Reuelacion of S. Jhon. xxii. cvi.

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