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Chapter 1[edit]

1 In the former treatise (Deare frende Theophilus) I have written of all that Iesus beganne to do and teache

2 vntyll the daye in the which he was taken vp after that he thorowe the holy goost had geven commaundementes vnto the Apostles which he had chosen:

3 to whom also he shewed him selfe alyve after his passion by many tokens apperynge vnto them fourty dayes and speakynge of the kyngdome of god

4 and gaddered them togeder and commaunded the that they shuld not departe from Ierusalem: but to wayte for ye promys of the father whereof ye have herde of me.

5 For Iohn baptised wt water: but ye shalbe baptised with the holy goost and that with in this feawe dayes.

6 When they were come togeder they axed of him sayinge: Lorde wilt thou at this tyme restore agayne ye kyngdome to Israel?

7 And he sayde vnto them: It is not for you to knowe the tymes or the seasons which ye father hath put in his awne power:

8 but ye shall receave power of the holy goost which shall come on you. And ye shall be witnesses vnto me in Ierusalem and in all Iewrye and in Samary and even vnto the worldes ende.

9 And when he had spoken these thinges whyll they behelde he was take vp and a cloude receaved him vp out of their sight.

10 And while they looked stedfastly vp to heaven as he went beholde two men stode by them in white apparell

11 which also sayde: ye men of Galile why stonde ye gasinge vp into heave? This same Iesus which is taken vp fro you in to heaven shall so come even as ye haue sene him goo into heaven.

12 Then returned they vnto Ierusalem from mount olivete which is nye to Ierusalem coteyninge a Saboth dayes iorney.

13 And when they were come in they went vp into a parler where abode both Peter and Iames Iohn and Andrew Philip and Thomas Bartlemew and Mathew Iames the sonne of Alpheus and Simo Zelotes and Iudas Iames sonne.

14 These all cotinued with one acorde in prayer and supplicacion with the wemen and Mary the mother of Iesu and with his brethren.

15 And in those dayes Peter stode vp in the myddes of the disciples and sayde (the noumbre of names that were to gether were aboute an hondred and twenty)

16 Ye men and brethren this scripture must have nedes ben fulfilled which the holy goost thorow ye mouth of David spake before of Iudas which was gyde to them that tooke Iesus.

17 For he was noubred with vs and had obtayned fellouship in this ministracion.

18 And the same hath now possessed a plot of grounde with the rewarde of iniquite and when he was hanged brast a sondre in ye myddes and all his bowels gusshed oute.

19 And it is knowe vnto all the inhabiters of Ierusalem: in so moche that that felde is called in their mother tonge Acheldama that is to saye the bloud felde.

20 It is written in the boke of Psalmes: His habitacio be voyde and no man be dwellinge therin: and his bisshoprycke let another take.

21 Wherfore of these me which have copanyed with vs all ye tyme that the Lorde Iesus wet in and out amonge vs

22 begynninge at the baptyme of Iohn vnto that same daye that he was taken vp from vs must one be ordeyned to be are witnes with vs of his resurreccion.

23 And they appoynted two Ioseph called Barsabas (whose syr name was Iustus) and Mathias.

24 And they prayed sayinge: thou Lorde which knowest the hertes of all me shewe whether of these two thou hast chosen

25 that the one maye take the roume of this ministracion and apostleshippe from the which Iudas by transgression fell that he myght go to his awne place.

26 And they gave forthe their lottes and the lot fell on Mathias and he was counted with the eleven Apostles.

Chapter 2[edit]

1 Whe the fyftith daye was come they were all with one accorde togeder in one place.

2 And sodenly ther cam a sounde from heaven as it had bene the comminge of a myghty wynde and it filled all the housse where they sate.

3 And ther appered vnto them cloven tonges lyke as they had bene fyre and it sate vpon eache of them:

4 and they were all filled with the holy goost and beganne to speake with other tonges even as the sprete gave them vtteraunce.

5 And ther were dwellinge at Ierusalem Iewes devoute men which were of all nacions vnder heaven.

6 When this was noysed aboute the multitude came to gether and were astonyed because that every man hearde the speake his awne touge.

7 They wondred all and marveyled sayinge amoge them selves: Beholde are not all these which speake of Galile?

8 And how heare we every man his awne touge wherein we were boren?

9 Parthians Medes and Elamytes and the inhabiters of Mesopotamia of Iury and of Capadocia of Ponthus and Asia

10 Phrigia Pamphilia and of Egypte and of the parties of Libia which is besyde Syrene and straungers of Rome Iewes and convertes

11 Grekes and Arabians: we have herde them speake with oure awne tonges the greate workes of God.

12 They were all amased and wondred sayinge one to another: what meaneth this?

13 Other mocked the sayinge: they are full of newe wyne.

14 But Peter stepped forth with the eleve and lift vp his voyce and sayde vnto them: Ye men of Iewrye and all ye that inhabite Ierusalem: be this knowe vnto you and with youre eares heare my wordes.

15 These are not dronken as ye suppose: for it is yet but the thyrde houre of ye daye.

16 But this is that which was spoken by ye Prophete Iohel:

17 It shalbe in the last dayes sayth God: of my sprete I will powre out vpon all flesshe. And youre sonnes and youre doughters shall prophesy and youre yoge men shall se visions and youre olde me shall dreme dremes.

18 And on my servauts and on my honde maydens I will powre out of my sprete in those dayes and they shall prophesye.

19 And I will shewe wonders in heaven a bove and tokens in the erth benethe bloud and fyre and the vapour of smoke.

20 The sunne shalbe turned into darknes and the mone into bloud before that greate and notable daye of the Lorde come.

21 And it shalbe that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lorde shalbe saved.

22 Ye men of Israel heare these wordes. Iesus of Nazareth a ma approved of God amoge you with myracles wondres and signes which God dyd by him in ye myddes of you as ye youre selves knowe:

23 him have ye taken by the hondes of vnrightewes persones after he was delivered by the determinat counsell and foreknoweledge of God and have crucified and slayne:

24 whom God hath raysed vp and lowsed the sorowes of deeth because it was vnpossible that he shuld be holden of it.

25 For David speaketh of him: Afore honde I sawe God alwayes before me: For he is on my ryght honde that I shuld not be moved.

26 Therfore dyd my hert reioyce and my tonge was glad. Moreover also my flesshe shall rest in hope

27 because thou wilt not leve my soul in hell nether wilt suffre thyne holye to se corrupcio.

28 Thou hast shewed me the wayes of lyfe and shalt make me full of ioye with thy countenaunce.

29 Men and brethren let me frely speake vnto you of the partriarke David: For he is both deed and buryed and his sepulcre remayneth with vs vnto this daye.

30 Therfore seinge he was a Prophet and knewe that God had sworne with an othe to him that the frute of his loynes shuld sit on his seat (in that Christ shulde ryse agayne in the flesshe)

31 he sawe before: and spake in the resurreccion of Christ that his soule shulde not be left in hell: nether his flesse shuld se corrupcio.

32 This Iesus hath God raysyd vp wherof we all are witnesses.

33 Sence now that he by the right honde of God exalted is and hath receaved of the father the promyse of the holy goost he hath sheed forthe that which ye nowe se and heare.

34 For David is not ascendyd into heave: but he sayde. The Lorde sayde to my Lorde sit on my right honde

35 vntill I make thy fooes thy fote stole.

36 So therfore let all the housse of Israel knowe for a suerty yt God hath made ye same Iesus whom ye have crucified lorde and Christ.

37 When they hearde this they were pricked in their hertes and sayd vnto Peter and vnto the other Apostles: Ye men and brethre what shall we do?

38 Peter sayde vnto them: repent and be baptised every one of you in the name of Iesus Christ for the remission of synnes and ye shall receave the gyfte of the holy goost.

39 For ye promyse was made vnto you and to youre chyldre and to all that are afarre even as many as ye Lorde oure God shall call.

40 And with many other wordes bare he witnes and exhorted them sayinge: Save youre selves from this vntowarde generacion.

41 Then they that gladly receaved his preachynge were baptised: and the same daye ther were added vnto them aboute thre thousande soules.

42 And they continued in the Apostles doctrine and felloushippe and in breakinge of breed and in prayer.

43 And feare came over every soule. And many wondres and signes were shewed by the Apostles.

44 And all that beleved kept them selves to gedder and had all thinges comen

45 and solde their possessions and goodes and departed them to all men as every man had nede.

46 And they continued dayly with one acorde in the teple and brake breed in every housse and dyd eate their meate to gedder with gladnes and singlenes of hert

47 praysinge God and had faveour with all the people. And the Lorde added to ye congregacion dayly soche as shuld be saved.

Chapter 3[edit]

1 Peter and Iohn went up togedder into the teple at the nynthe houre of prayer.

2 And ther was a certayne man halt from his mothers wobe who they brought and layde at the gate of the temple called beutifull to axe almes of them that entred into the temple.

3 Which same when he sawe Peter and Iohn that they wolde in to the teple desyred to receave an almes.

4 And Peter fastened his eyes on him with Iohn and sayde: looke on vs.

5 And he gaue hede vnto the trustinge to receave somthinge of them.

6 Then sayd Peter: Silver and golde have I none suche as I have geve I the. In the name of Iesu Christ of Nazareth ryse vp and walke.

7 And he toke him by the right honde and lifte him vp. And immediatly his fete and ancle bones receaved strenght.

8 And he sprage stode and also walked and entred with them into the temple walkinge and leapinge and laudynge God.

9 And all the people sawe him walke and laude God.

10 And they knewe him that it was he which sate and begged at the beutifull gate of the temple. And they wondred and were sore astonnyed at that which had happened vnto him.

11 And as ye halt which was healed helde Peter and Iohn all the people ranne amased vnto them in Salomons porche.

12 When Peter sawe that he answered vnto the people. Ye men of Israel why marvayle ye at this or why looke ye so stedfastly on vs as though by oure awne power or holynes we had made this man goo?

13 The God of Abraham Isaac and Iacob the God of oure fathers hath glorified his sonne Iesus whom ye delyvered and denyed in the presence of Pylate whe he had iudged him to be lowsed.

14 But ye denyed the holy and iust and desyred a mortherar to be geven you

15 and kylled the Lorde of lyfe whom God hath raysed from deeth of the which we are wytnesses.

16 And his name thorow the fayth of his name hath made this man sound whom ye se and knowe. And the fayth which is by him hath geven to him this health in the presence of you all.

17 And now brethre I wote well that thorow ignorauce ye did it as dyd also youre heddes.

18 But those thinges which God before had shewed by the mouth of all his Prophetes how yt Christ shuld suffre he hath thus wyse fulfilled.

19 Repent ye therfore and turne yt youre synnes maye be done awaye when the tyme of refresshinge commeth which we shall have of the presence of the Lorde

20 and when God shall sende him which before was preached vnto you that is to wit Iesus Christ

21 which must receave heave vntyll the tyme yt all thinges which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy Prophetes sence the worlde began be restored agayne.

22 For Moses sayd vnto the fathers: A Prophet shall the Lorde youre God rayse vp vnto you even of youre brethren lyke vnto me: him shall ye heare in all thinges whatsoever he shall saye vnto you.

23 For the tyme will come yt every soule which shall not heare that same Prophet shalbe destroyed from amonge the people.

24 Also all the Prophetes from Samuel and thence forth as many as have spoken have in lykwyse tolde of these dayes.

25 Ye are the chyldren of the Prophetes and of the covenaunt which God hath made vnto oure fathers sayinge to Abraham: Eve in thy seede shall all the kinredes of the erth be blessed.

26 Fyrst vnto you hath God raysed vp his sonne Iesus and him he hath sent to blysse you that every one of you shuld turne from youre wickednes.

Chapter 4[edit]

1 As they spake vnto the people the prestes and the rular of the teple and the Saduces came vpon them

2 takynge it grevously that they taught ye pople and preached in Iesus the resurreccion fro deeth.

3 And they layde hondes on them and put them in holde vntill the nexte daye: for it was now even tyde.

4 How be it many of them which hearde the wordes beleved and the noumbre of the men was aboute fyve thousande.

5 And it chaunsed on the morowe that their rulars and elders and Scribes

6 as Annas the chefe Prest and Cayphas and Iohn and Alexander and as many as were of ye kynred of the hye prestes gadered to geder at Ierusalem

7 and set the other before them and axed: by what power or what name have ye done this syrs?

8 Then Peter full of ye holy goost sayd vnto them: ye rulars of the people and elders of Israel

9 yf we this daye are examined of the good dede done to the sycke man by what meanes he is made whoale:

10 be yt knowen vnto you all and to the people of Israel that in the name of Iesus Christ of Nazareth whom ye crucified and whom God raysed agayne from deeth: even by him doth this man stonde here present before you whoale.

11 This is ye stone cast a syde of you bylders which is set in the chefe place of the corner.

12 Nether is ther salvacio in eny other. Nor yet also is ther eny other name geven to men wherin we must be saved.

13 When they sawe the boldnes of Peter and Iohn and vnderstode that they were vnlerned men and laye people they marveyled and they knew them that they were with Iesu:

14 and beholdinge also the ma which was healed stondinge with the they coulde not saye agaynst it.

15 But they comaunded them to go a syde out of the counsell and counceled amoge them selves

16 sayinge: what shall we do to these men? For a manifest signe is done by the and is openly knowen to all them that dwell in Ierusalem and we canot denye it.

17 But that it be noysed no farther amoge the people let us threaten and charge them that they speake hence forth to no man in this name.

18 And they called them and comaunded them that in no wyse they shuld speake or teache in the name of Iesu.

19 But Peter and Iohn answered vnto them and sayde: whether it be right in the syght of God to obeye you moare then God iudge ye.

20 For we canot but speake that which we have sene and hearde.

21 So threatened they them and let them goo and founde no thinge how to punysshe them because of the people. For all me lauded God for the myracle which was done:

22 for the man was above fourty yeare olde on whom this myracle of healinge was shewed.

23 Assone as they were let goo they came to their felowes and shewed all that the hye prestes and elders had sayde to them.

24 And when they hearde that they lyfte vp their voyces to God with one accorde and sayde: Lorde thou arte God which hast made heaven and erth the see and all that in them is

25 which by the mouth of thy servaunt David hast sayd: Why dyd the hethen rage and the people immagen vayne thinges.

26 The kynges of the erth stode vp and the rulars came to gedder agaynst the Lorde and agaynst his Christ.

27 For of a trueth agaynst thy holy chylde Iesus whom thou hast annoynted bothe Herode and also Poncius Pylate with the Gentils and the people of Israel gaddered them selves to gedder

28 for to do whatsoever thy honde and thy counsell determined before to be done.

29 And now Lorde beholde their threatenynges and graunte vnto thy servauntes with all confidence to speake thy worde.

30 So that thou stretche forth thy honde that healynge and signes and wonders be done by the name of thy holy chylde Iesus.

31 And assone as they had prayed the place moved wheare they were assembled to gedder and they were all filled with the holy goost and they spake the worde of God boldely.

32 And the multitude of them that beleved were of one hert and of one soule. Also none of them sayde that eny of the thinges which he possessed was his awne: but had all thinges commen.

33 And with greate power gave the Apostles witnes of the resurreccion of the Lorde Iesu. And greate grace was with them all.

34 Nether was ther eny amonge them that lacked. For as many as were possessers of londes or housses solde them and brought the pryce of the thinges that were solde

35 and layed yt doune at the Apostles fete. And distribucion was made vnto every man accordinge as he had nede.

36 And Ioses which was also called of the Apostles Barnabas (that is to saye the sonne of consolacion) beynge a Levite and of the countre of Cipers

37 had londe and solde it. and layde the pryce doune at the Apostles fete.

Chapter 5[edit]

1 A certayne man named Ananias with Saphira his wyfe solde a possession

2 and kepte awaye parte of the pryce (his wyfe also beynge of counsell) and brought a certayne parte and layde it doune at the Apostles fete.

3 Then sayde Peter: Ananias how is it that Satan hath filled thyne hert that thou shuldest lye vnto the holy goost and kepe awaye parte of the pryce of the lyvelod:

4 Pertayned it not vnto the only and after it was solde was not the pryce in thyne awne power? How is it that thou hast coceaved this thinge in thyne herte? Thou hast not lyed vnto men but vnto God.

5 When Ananias herde these wordes. he fell doune and gave vp the goost. And great feare came on all the that these thinges hearde.

6 And the yonge men roose vp and put him a parte and caryed him out and buryed him.

7 And it fortuned as it were aboute the space of .iii. houres after that his wyfe came in ignoraunt of that which was done.

8 And Peter sayde vnto her: Tell me gave ye the londe for so moche? And she sayde: ye for so moche

9 Then Peter sayde vnto her: why have ye agreed to gether to tept the sprete of the Lorde? Beholde the fete of them which have buryed thy husbande are at the dore and shall cary the out.

10 Then she fell doune strayght waye at his fete and yelded vp the goost. And the yonge men came in and founde her ded and caryed her out and buryed her by her husbande.

11 And great feare came on all the congregacion and on as many as hearde it.

12 By the hondes of the Apostles were many signes and wondres shewed amoge the people. And they were all together with one acorde in Salomons porche.

13 And of other durst no man ioyne him selfe to them: neverthelater the people magnyfied them.

14 The noumbre of them that beleved in the Lorde bothe of men and wemen grewe moare and moare:

15 in so moche that they brought the sicke into the strettes and layde them on beddes and palettes that at the lest waye the shadowe of Peter when he came by myght shadowe some of them.

16 There came also a multitude out of ye cities roud about vnto Ierusalem bringynge sicke folkes and them which were vexed with vnclene spretes. And they were healed every one.

17 Then ye chefe preste rose vp and all they that were with him (which is the secte of the Saduces) and were full of indignacion

18 and layde hondes on the Apostles and put them in the comen preson.

19 But the angell of the Lorde by nyght openned the preson dores and brought them forthe and sayde:

20 goo steppe forthe and speake in the temple to the people all the wordes of this lyfe.

21 When they hearde that they entred into the temple erly in the morninge and taught. The chefe prest came and they that were with him and called a counsell to gedder and all the elders of the chyldren of Israel and sent to the preson to fet them.

22 When the ministres came and founde them not in the preson they returned and tolde

23 sayinge: the preson founde we shut as sure as was possible and the kepers stondynge with out before ye dores. But whe we had opened we founde no man with in.

24 When the chefe prest of all and the ruler of the temple and the hye prestes hearde these thinges they douted of them whervnto this wolde growe.

25 Then came one and shewed them: beholde ye men yt ye put in preson stonde in the teple and teache the people.

26. Then went the ruler of the teple with ministers and brought the with out violence. For they feared the people lest they shuld have bene stoned.27 And when they had brought them they set them before the counsell. And ye chefe preste axed the

28 sayinge: dyd not we straytely comaunde you that ye shuld not teache in this name? And beholde ye have filled Ierusalem with youre doctrine and ye intende to brynge this mans bloud vpon vs.

29 Peter and the other Apostles answered and sayde: We ought moare to obey God then men.

30 The God of oure fathers raysed vp Ie Iesus whom ye slewe and hanged on tre.

31 Him hath god lifte vp with his right hand to be a ruler and a savioure for to geve repetauce to Israell and forgevenes of synnes.

32 And we are his recordes concernynge these thinges and also the holy goost whom God hath geve to them yt obey him.

33 When they hearde yt they clave asunder: and sought meanes to slee them.

34 Then stode ther vp one in ye counsell a Pharisey named Gamaliel a doctoure of lawe had in auctorite amoge all the people and commaunded to put the Apostles a syde a lytell space

35 and sayde vnto them: Men of Israel take hede to youre selves what ye entende to do as touchinge these men

36 Before these dayes rose vp one Theudas bostinge him selfe to whom resorted a nombre of men about a foure hondred which was slayn and they all which beleved him were scatred a broode and brought to nought.

37 After this man arose ther vp one Iudas of Galile in the tyme when tribute began and drewe awaye moche people after him. He also perisshed: and all even as many as harkened to him are scattered a brood.

38 And now I saye vnto you: refrayne youre selves from these men let them alone. For yf ye cousell or this worke be of men it will come to nought.

39 But and yf it be of God ye can not destroye it lest haply ye be founde to stryve agaynst God.

40 And to him they agreed and called the Apostles and bet them and comaunded that they shuld not speake in ye name of Iesu and let them goo.

41 And they departed from the counsell reioysynge yt they were counted worthy to soffre rebuke for his name.

42 And dayly in the teple and in every housse they ceased not teachinge and preachinge Iesus Christ.

Chapter 6[edit]

1 In those dayes as the nombre of the disciples grewe ther arose a grudge amonge the Grekes agaynst the Ebrues be cause their wyddowes were despysed in the dayly mynystracion.

2 Then the twelve called the multitude of the disciples to gether and sayde: it is not mete that we shuld leave the worde of God and serve at the tables.

3 Wherfore brethren loke ye out amoge you seven men of honest reporte and full of the holy goost and wysdome which we maye apoynte to this nedfull busynes.

4 But we will geve oure selves cotinually to prayer and to the ministracion of ye worde.

5 And the sayinge pleased the whoale multitude. And they chose Steven a man full of fayth and of the holy goost and Philip and Prochorus and Nichanor and Timon and Permenas and Nicholas a converte of Antioche.

6 Which they set before the Apostles and they prayed and layde their hondes on them.

7 And the worde of God encreased and the noubre of the disciples multiplied in Ierusalem greatly and a great company of the prestes were obedient to the faythe.

8 And Steven full of faythe and power dyd great wondres and myracles amoge ye people.

9 Then ther arose certayne of the synagoge which are called Lybertines and Syrenites and of Alexandria and of Cilicia and Asia and disputed with Steven.

10 And they coulde not resist the wysdome and the sprete with which he spake.

11 Then sent they in men which sayd: we have hearde him speake blasphemous wordes agaynst Moses and agaynst God.

12 And they moved ye people and the elders and the scribes: and came apon him and caught him and brought him to the counsell

13 and brought forth falce witnesses which sayde. This ma ceasith not to speake blasphemous wordes agaynst this holy place and the lawe:

14 for we hearde him saye: this Iesus of Nazareth shall destroye this place and shall chaunge the ordinaunces which Moses gave vs.

15 And all that sate in ye counsell loked stedfastly on him and sawe his face as it had bene the face of an angell.

Chapter 7[edit]

1 Then sayde ye chefe prest: is it even so?

2 And he sayde: ye men brethren and fathers harken to. The God of glory appered vnto oure father Abraha whyll he was yet in Mesopotamia before he dwelt in Charran

3 and sayd vnto him: come out of thy contre and from thy kynred and come into the londe which I shall shewe the.

4 Then came he out of the londe of Chaldey and dwelt in Charran. And after that assone as his father was deed he brought him into this lande in which ye now dwell

5 and he gave him none inheritaunce in it no not the bredeth of a fote: but promised yt he wolde geve it to him to possesse and to his seed after him when as yet he had no chylde.

6 God verely spake on this wyse that his seade shulde be a dweller in a straunge londe and that they shulde kepe them in bondage and entreate them evyll .iiii.C. yeares.

7 But the nacion to whom they shalbe in bondage will I iudge sayde God. And after that shall they come forthe and serve me in this place.

8 And he gave him the covenaunt of circumcision. And he begat Isaac and circumcised him the viii. daye and Isaac begat Iacob and Iacob the twelve patriarkes

9 And the patriarkes havinge indignacio solde Ioseph into Egipte. And God was with him

10 and delivered him out of all his adversities. And gave him faveour and wisdome in the sight of Pharao kynge of Egipte which made him governer over Egipte and over all his housholde.

11 Then came ther a derth over all the londe of Egipt and Canaan and great affliccion that our fathers founde no sustenauce.

12 But when Iacob hearde that ther was corne in Egipte he sent oure fathers fyrst

13 and at the seconde tyme Ioseph was knowen of his brethren and Iosephs kynred was made knowne vnto Pharao.

14 Then sent Ioseph and caused his father to be brought and all his kynne thre score and xv. soules.

15 And Iacob descended into Egipte and dyed bothe he and oure fathers

16 and were translated into Sichem ond were put in ye sepulcre that Abraham bought for money of the sonnes of Emor at Sichem.

17 When ye tyme of ye promes drue nye (which God had sworme to Abraham) the people grewe and multiplied in Egipte

18 till another kynge arose which knewe not of Ioseph.

19 The same dealte suttelly with oure kynred and evyll intreated oure fathers and made them to cast oute their younge chyldren that they shuld not remayne alyve.

20 The same tyme was Moses borne and was a proper childe in ye sight of God which was norisshed vp in his fathers housse thre monethes.

21 When he was cast out Pharoes doughter toke him vp and norisshed him vp for her awne sonne.

22 And Moses was learned in all maner wisdome of the Egipcians and was mighty in dedes and in wordes.

23 And when he was full forty yeare olde it came into his hert to visit his brethren the chyldren of Israhel.

24 And when he sawe one of them suffre wronge he defended him and avenged his quarell that had the harme done to him and smote the Egypcian.

25 For he supposed hys brethren wolde have vnderstonde how yt God by his hondes shuld save them But they vnderstode not.

26 And the next daye he shewed him selfe vnto the as they strove and wolde have set the at one agayne sayinge: Syrs ye are brethren why hurte ye one another?

27 But he that dyd his neghbour wronge thrust him awaye sayinge: who made ye a rular and a iudge amonge vs?

28 What wilt thou kyll me as thou dyddest the Egyptian yester daye?

29 Then fleed Moses at that sayenge and was a stranger in the londe of Madian where he begat two sonnes.

30 And when .xl. yeares were expired ther appered to him in the wyldernes of mounte Syna an angell of the Lorde in a flamme of fyre in a busshe.

31 When Moses sawe it he wondred at the syght. And as he drue neare to beholde the voyce of the Lorde came vnto him:

32 I am ye God of thy fathers the God of Abraham the God of Isaac and the God of Iacob. Moses trembled and durst not beholde.

33 Then sayde ye Lorde to him: Put of thy showes from thy fete for the place where thou stondest is holy grounde.

34 I have perfectly sene the affliccion of my people which is in Egypte and I have hearde their gronynge and am come doune to delyver them. And now come and I will sende the into Egypte.

35 This Moses whom they forsoke sayinge: who made the a ruelar and a iudge: the same God sent bothe a ruler and delyverer by ye hondes of the angell which appered to him in the busshe.

36 And the same brought them out shewynge wonders and signes in Egypte and in the reed see and in the wyldernes .xl. yeares.

37 This is that Moses which sayde vnto the chyldre of Israel: A Prophet shall the Lorde youre God rayse vp vnto you of youre brethren lyke vnto me him shall ye heare.

38 This is he that was in ye congregacion in the wyldernes with the angell which spake to him in ye moute Syna and with oure fathers. This man receaved the worde of lyfe to geve vnto vs

39 to who oure fathers wolde not obeye but cast it from them and in their hertes turned backe agayne into Egypte

40 sayinge vnto Aaron: Make vs goddes to goo before vs. For this Moses that brought vs out of the londe of Egypte we wote not what is become of him.

41 And they made a calfe in those dayes and offered sacrifice vnto the ymage and reioysed in the workes of their awne hondes.

42 Then God turned him selfe and gave them vp that they shuld worship the starres of the skye as it is written in the boke of the prophetes. O ye of ye housse of Israel gave ye to me sacrefices and meate offerynges by the space of xl. yeares in the wildernes?

43 And ye toke vnto you the tabernacle of Moloch and the starre of youre god Remphan figures which ye made to worshippe them. And I will translate you beyonde Babylon.

44 Oure fathers had the tabernacle of witnes in ye wyldernes as he had apoynted the speakynge vnto Moses that he shuld make it acordynge to the fassion that he had sene.

45 Which tabernacle oure fathers receaved and brought it in with Iosue into the possession of the gentyls which God drave out before the face of oure fathers vnto the tyme of David

46 which founde favour before God and desyred that he myght fynde a tabernacle for the God of Iacob.

47 But Salomon bylt him an housse.

48 How be it he that is hyest of all dwelleth not in teple made with hondes as saith the Prophete:

49 Heven is my seate and erth is my fote stole what housse will ye bylde for me sayth the Lorde? or what place is it that I shuld rest in?

50 hath not my honde made all these thinges?

51 Ye stiffenecked and of vncircumcised hertes and eares: ye have all wayes resisted the holy goost: as youre fathers dyd so do ye.

52 Which of the prophetes have not youre fathers persecuted? And they have slayne them which shewed before of the commynge of that iust whom ye have now betrayed and mordred.

53 And ye also have receaved a lawe by the ordinaunce of angels and have not kept it.

54 When they hearde these thinges their hertes clave a sunder and they gnasshed on him with their tethe.

55 But he beynge full of the holy goost loked vp stedfastlye with his eyes into heven and sawe the glorie of God and Iesus stondynge on the ryght honde of God

56 and sayde: beholde I se the hevens open and the sonne of man stondynge on the ryght honde of god.

57 Then they gave a shute with a loude voyce and stopped their eares and ranne apon him all at once

58 and caste him out of the cite and stoned him. And the witnesses layde doune their clothes at a yonge mannes fete named Saul.

59 And they stoned Steven callynge on and sayinge: Lorde Iesu receave my sprete.

60 And he kneled doune and cryed with a loude voyce: Lorde laye not this synne to their charge. And when he had thus spoken he fell a slepe.

Chapter 8[edit]

1 Saul had pleasure in his deeth. And at yt tyme there was a great persecucion agaynst the congregacion which was at Ierusalem and they were all scattered abroade thorowout the regions of Iury and Samaria except the Apostles

2 Then devout men dressed Steven aud made great lamentacion over him.

3 But Saul made havocke of the congregacion entrynge into every housse and drewe out bothe man and woman and thrust the into preson.

4 They that were scattered abroade went every where preachyng the worde.

5 Then came Philip into a cite of Samaria and preached Christ vnto them.

6 And the people gave hede vnto those thinges which Philip spake with one acorde in that they hearde and sawe the miracles which he dyd.

7 For vnclene spretes cryinge with loude voyce came out of many that were possessed of them. And manye taken with palsies and many yt halted were healed

8 And ther was great ioye in that cite.

9 And ther was a certayne man called Simon which before tyme in the same cite vsed witche crafte and bewitched the people of Samarie sayinge that he was a man yt coulde do greate thinges

10 Whom they regarded from ye lest to the greatest sayinge: this felow is the great power of God.

11 And him they set moche by because of longe tyme with sorcery he had mocked the.

12 But assone as they beleved Philippes preachynge of the kyngdome of God and of the name of Iesu Christ they were baptised bothe men and wemen.

13 Then Simon him selfe beleved also and was baptised and cotinued with Phillip and wondered beholdynge the miracles and signes which were shewed.

14 When ye Apostles which were at Ierusalem hearde saye that Samaria had receaved ye worde of God: they sent vnto the Peter and Iohn

15 which when they were come prayed for the that they myght receave ye holy goost

16 For as yet he was come on none of them: But they were baptised only in the name of Christ Iesu.

17 Then layde they their hondes on them and they receaved the holy goost.

18 When Simo sawe that thorowe layinge on of the Apostles hondes on them the holy goost was geven: he offered the money

19 sayinge: Geve me also this power that on whom soever I put the hondes he maye receave the holy goost.

20 Then sayde Peter vnto him: thy monye perysh with the because thou wenest that the gifte of God maye be obteyned wt money.

21 Thou hast nether parte nor felloushippe in this busines. For thy hert is not ryght in the syght of God.

22 Repent therfore of this thy wickednes and praye God that ye thought of thyne hert maye be forgeven the.

23 For I perceave that thou arte full of bitter gall and wrapped in iniquite.

24 Then answered Simon and sayde: Praye ye to the lorde for me yt none of these thinges whiche ye have spoken fall on me.

25 And they whe they had testified and preached the worde of the lorde returned toward Ierusalem and preached the gospell in many cities of the Samaritas.

26 Then the angell of the lorde spake vnto Phillip sayinge: aryse and goo towardes mydde daye vnto ye waye yt goeth doune fro Ierusalem vnto Gaza which is in ye desert.

27 And he arose and wet on. And beholde a man of Ethiopia which was a chaberlayne and of grete auctorite wt Cadace quene of ye Ethiopias and had ye rule of all her treasure came to Ierusalem for to praye.

28 And as he returned home agayne sittynge in his charet he rede Esay ye prophet

29 Then ye sprete sayde vnto Phillip: Goo neare and ioyne thy selfe to yonder charet.

30 And Philip ranne to him and hearde him rede ye prophet Esayas and sayde: Vnderstondest thou what thou redest?

31 And he sayd: how can I except I had a gyde? And he desyred Philip that he wold come vp and sit wt him.

32 The tenoure of ye scripture which he redde was this. He was ledde as a shepe to be slayne: and lyke a lambe dome before his sherer so opened he not his mouth.

33 Because of his humblenes he was not estemed: who shall declare his generacio? for his lyfe is taken fro the erthe.

34 The chamberlayne answered Philip and sayde: I praye the of whom speaketh the Prophet this? of him selfe or of some other man?

35 And Philip opened his mouth and beganne at ye same scripture and preached vnto him Iesus.

36 And as they went on their waye they came vnto a certayne water and the chamberlayne sayde: Se here is water what shall let me to be baptised?

37 Philip sayde vnto him: Yf thou beleve with all thyne hert thou mayst. He answered and sayde: I beleve that Iesus Christe is the sonne of God.

38 And he comaunded the charet to stonde still. And they went doune bothe into the water: bothe Philip and also the chamberlayne and he baptised him.

39 And assone as they were come out of the water the sprete of the lorde caught awaye Philip yt the chamberlayne sawe him no moore. And he wet on his waye reioysinge:

40 but Philip was founde at Azotus. And he walked thorow out ye countre preachynge in their cities tyll he came to Cesarea.

Chapter 9[edit]

1 And Saul yet brethynge oute threatnynges and slaughter agaynst ye disciples of the lorde went vnto ye hye preste

2 and desyred of him letters to Damasco to ye synagoges: that yf he founde eny of this waye whether they were men or wemen he myght bringe them bounde vnto Ierusalem.

3 But as he went on his iorney it fortuned yt he drue nye to Damasco and sodenly ther shyned rounde about him a lyght fro heven.

4 And he fell to ye erth and hearde a voyce sayinge to him: Saul Saul why persecutest thou me?

5 And he sayde what arte thou lorde? And the lorde sayd I am Iesus whom thou persecutest it shalbe harde for ye to kycke agaynst ye pricke.

6 And he bothe tremblynge and astonyed sayde: Lorde what wilt thou have me to do? And ye Lorde sayde vnto him: aryse and goo into the cite and it shalbe tolde the what thou shalt do.

7 The men which iornayed with him stode amased for they herde a voyce but sawe no man.

8 And Saul arose from the erth and opened his eyes but sawe no man. Then ledde they him by the honde and brought him into Damasco.

9 And he was .iii. dayes with out syght and nether ate nor dranke.

10 And ther was a certayne disciple at Damasco named Ananias and to him sayde the lorde in a vision: Ananias. And the he sayde: beholde I am here lorde.

11 And the lorde sayde to him: aryse and goo into the strete which is called strayght and seke in the housse of Iudas after one called Saul of Tharsus. For beholde he prayeth

12 and hath sene in a vision a man named Ananias comynge in to him and puttynge his hondes on him that he myght receave his syght.

13 Then Ananias answered: Lorde I have hearde by many of this man how moche evell he hath done to thy sainctes at Ierusalem

14 and here he hath auctorite of the hye prestes to bynde all that call on thy name.

15 The lorde sayde vnto him: Goo thy wayes: for he is a chosen vessell vnto me to beare my name before the gentyls and kynges and the chyldren of Israel.

16 For I will shewe him how great thinges he must suffre for my names sake.

17 Ananias went his waye and entryd into ye housse and put his hondes on him and sayde: brother Saul the lorde that apperyd vnto the in the waye as thou camst hath sent me that thou myghtest receave thy syght and be filled with the holy goost.

18 And immediatly ther fell from his eyes as it had bene scales and he receaved syght and arose and was baptised

19 and receaved meate and was comforted. Then was Saul a certayne daye wt the disciples which were at Damasco.

20 And streyght waye he preached Christ in the synagoges how that he was the sonne of God.

21 All that hearde him were amased and sayde: is not this he that spoyled the which called on this name in Ierusalem and came hyther for ye entent that he shuld bringe the bounde vnto the hye prestes?

22 But Saul encreased in stregth and confounded the Iewes which dwelte at Damasco affirminge that this was very Christ.

23 And after a good whyle ye Iewes toke counsell to gether to kyll him.

24 But their layinge awayte was knowen of Saul. And they watched at the gates daye and nyght to kyll him.

25 Then ye disciples toke him by night and put him thorow the wall and let him doune in a basket.

26 And when Saul was come to Ierusalem he assayde to cople him silfe with ye discyples and they were all afrayde of hym and beleued not that he was a disciple.

27 But Bernabas toke hym and brought hym to ye apostles and declared to the how he had sene ye Lorde in ye waye and had spoke wyth hym: and how he had done boldely at damasco in the name of Iesu.

28 And he had his conuersacion with them at Ierusalem

29 and quit hym silfe boldly in the name of the lorde Iesu. And he spake and disputed wyth the grekes: and they went aboute to slee hym.

30 But when the brethren knew of that they brought hym to cesarea and sent hym forth to Tharsus.

31 Then had ye congregacios rest thorowoute all Iewry and galile and Samary and were edified and walked in the feare of the lorde and multiplied by the comforte of the holy gost.

32 And it chaunsed yt as Peter walked throughoute all quarters he ca to ye saynctes which dwelt at Lydda

33 and there he foude a certayne ma namyd Eneas whych had kepte hys bed viii. yere sicke of the palsie.

34 Then sayde Peter vnto hym: Eneas Iesus Christ make ye whole. Aryse and make thy beed. And he arose immedyatly.

35 And all that dwelt at lydda and assaron sawe hym and tourned to the lorde.

36 Ther was at Ioppe a certayne woma (whiche was a disciple named Tabitha which by interpretacion is called dorcas) the same was full of good workes and almes dedes which she did.

37 And it chaunsed in those dayes that she was sicke and dyed. When they had wesshed her and layd her in a chamber:

38Because Lydda was nye to Ioppa and the disciples had hearde that Peter was there they sent vnto hym desyrynge him that he wolde not be greved to come vnto them.39 Peter arose and came with them and when he was come they brought him in to ye chamber. And all ye wydowes stode roude aboute hym wepynge and shewynge the cotes and garmentes which Dorcas made whill she was with the.

40 And Peter put the all forth and kneled doune and prayde and turned him to ye body and sayde: Tabitha aryse. And she opened her eyes and whe she sawe Peter she sat vp.

41 And he gave her ye honde and lyft her up and called the sainctes and wydowes and shewed her alyve.

42 And it was knowne throwout all Ioppa and many beleved on the Lorde.

43 And it fortuned that he taryed many dayes in Ioppa with one Simon a tanner.

Chapter 10[edit]

1 Ther was a certayne man in Cesarea called Cornelius a captayne of ye soudiers of Italy

2 a devoute man and one yt feared God wt all his housholde which gave moche almes to the people and prayde God alwaye.

3 The same man sawe in a vision evydetly aboute ye nynthe houre of ye daye an angell of god comynge into him and sayinge vnto him: Cornelius.

4 When he looked on him he was afrayde and sayde: what is it lorde? He sayde vnto him. Thy prayers and thy almeses ar come vp into remembraunce before God.

5 And now sende men to Ioppa and call for one Simon named also Peter.

6 He lodgeth with one Simon a tanner whose housse is by ye see syde. He shall tell the what thou oughtest to doo.

7 When the angell which spake vnto Cornelius was departed he called two of his housholde servauntes and a devoute soudier of them that wayted on him

8 and tolde them all the mater and sent them to Ioppa.

9 On the morowe as they wet on their iorney and drewe nye vnto the cite Peter went vp into the toppe of ye housse to praye aboute the .vi. houre.

10 Then wexed he an hongred and wolde have eate. But whyll they made redy. He fell into a trauce

11 and sawe heven opened and a certayne vessell come doune vnto him as it had bene a greate shete knyt at the .iiii. corners and was let doune to the erth

12 where in wer all maner of .iiii. foted beastes of the erth and vermen and wormes and foules of the ayer.

13 And ther came a voyce to him: ryse Peter kyll and eate.

14 But Peter sayde: God forbyd Lorde for I have never eaten eny thinge that is comen or vnclene.

15 And the voyce spake vnto him agayne the seconde tyme: what God hath clensed that make thou not comen.

16 This was done thryse and the vessell was receaved vp agayne into heven.

17 Whyle Peter mused in him selfe what this vision which he had sene meant beholde the men which were sent from Cornelius had made inquirance for Simons housse and stode before the dore.

18 And called out won and axed whether Simon which was also called Peter were lodged there.

19 Whyll Peter thought on this vision the sprete sayde vnto him: Beholde men seke the:

20 aryse therfore get the doune and goo with them and doute not. For I have sent them.

21 Peter went doune to ye men which were sent vnto him from Cornelius and sayde Beholde I am he whom ye seke what is the cause wherfore ye are come?

22 And they sayde vnto him: Cornelius the captayne a iust man and won that feareth God and of good reporte amonge all the people of the Iewes was warned by an holy angell to sende for the into his housse and to heare wordes of the.

23 Then called he them in and lodged them.And on ye morowe Peter wet awaye with them and certayne brethren from Ioppa accompanyed hym.

24 And the thyrd daye entred they into Cesaria. And Cornelius wayted for them and had called to gether his kynsmen and speciall frendes.

25 And as it chaunsed Peter to come in Cornelius met hym and fell doune at his fete and worshipped hym.

26 But Peter toke him vp sayinge: stonde vp: for evyn I my silfe am a ma.

27 And as he talked with him he cam in and founde many that were come to gether.

28 And he sayde vnto them: Ye do knowe how that yt ys an vnlawfull thynge for a man that is a Iewe to company or come vnto an alient: But god hath shewed me that I shuld not call eny man commen or vnclene:

29 therfore came I vnto you with oute sayege naye assone as I was sent for. I axe therfore for what intent have ye sent for me?

30 And Cornelius sayde: This daye now .iiii. dayes I fasted and at the nynthe houre I prayde in my housse: and beholde a man stode before me in bright clothynge

31 and sayde: Cornelius thy prayer is hearde and thyne almes dedes are had in remembraunce in the sight of God.

32 Sende therfore to Ioppa and call for Simon which is also called Peter. He is lodged in the housse of one Simon a tanner by the see syde ye wich assone as he is come shall speake vnto ye.

33 Then sent I for ye immediatly and thou hast well done for to come. Now are we all here present before god to heare all thynges yt are commaunded vnto the of God.

34 Then Peter opened his mouth and sayde: Of a trueth I perseave that God is not parciall

35 but in all people he that feareth him and worketh rightewesnes is accepted with him.

36 Ye knowe the preachynge that God sent vnto the chyldren of Israel preachinge peace by Iesus Christe (which is Lorde over all thinges):

37 Which preachinge was published thorow oute all Iewrye and begane in Galile after the baptyme which Iohn preached

38 how God had annoynted Iesus of Nazareth with the holy goost and with power which Iesus went aboute doinge good and healynge all yt were oppressed of the develles for God was with him.

39 And we are witnesses of all thinges which he dyd in the londe of the Iewes and at Ierusalem whom they slew and honge on tree.

40 Him God reysed vp ye thyrde daye and shewed him openly

41 not to all the people but vnto vs witnesses chosyn before of God which ate and dronke with him after he arose from deeth.

42 And he comaunded vs to preache vnto the people and testifie that it is he that is ordened of God a iudge of quycke and deed.

43 To him geve all the Prophetes witnes that thorowe his name shall receave remission of synnes all that beleve in him.

44 Whyle Peter yet spake these wordes the holy gost fell on all them which hearde the preachinge.

45 And they of ye circucision which beleved were astonyed as many as came wt Peter because that on the Gentyls also was sheed oute ye gyfte of the holy gost.

46 For they hearde them speake with tonges and magnify God. Then answered Peter:

47 can eny man forbyd water that these shuld not be baptised which have receaved the holy goost as well as we?

48 And he comaunded them to be baptysed in the name of the Lorde. Then prayde they him to tary a feawe dayes.

Chapter 11[edit]

1 And the Apostles and the brethren that were thorowout Iewry harde saye that the hethen had also receaved the worde of God.

2 And when Peter was come vp to Ierusalem they of the circumcision reasoned wyth him

3 sayinge: Thou wentest in to men vncircumcised and atest with them.

4 Then Peter began and expounded ye thinge in order to the sayinge:

5 I was in the cyte of Ioppa prayinge and in a traunce I sawe a vision a certen vessell descende as it had bene a large lynnyn clothe let doune from hevin by the fower corners and it cam to me.

6 Into the which when I had fastened myn eyes I consydered and sawe fowerfoted beastes of ye erth and vermen and wormes and foules of the ayer.

7 And I herde a voyce sayinge vnto me: aryse Peter sley and eate.

8 And I sayd: God forbyd lorde for nothinge comen or vnclene hath at eny tyme entred into my mouth.

9 But the voyce answered me agayne from heven cout not thou those thinges come which god hath clensed.

10 And this was done thre tymes. And all were takin vp agayne into heven.

11 And beholde immediatly ther were thre men come vnto the housse where I was sent from Cesarea vnto me.

12 And the sprete sayde vnto me that I shuld go with them with out doutinge. Morover the sixe brethren accompanyed me: and we entred into the mas housse.

13 And he shewed vs how he had sene an angell in his housse which stod and sayde to him: Send men to Ioppa and call for Symon named also Peter:

14 he shall tell the wordes wherby both thou and all thyne housse shalbe saved.

15 And as I begane to preach ye holy goost fell on them as he dyd on vs at the begynninge.

16 Then came to my remembrauce ye wordes of the Lorde how he sayde: Iohn baptised with water but ye shalbe baptysed with the holy goost.

17 For as moche then as God gave the lyke gyftes as he dyd vnto vs when we beleved on the Lorde Iesus Christ: what was I that I shuld have with stonde God?

18 when they hearde this they helde their peace and gloryfied God sayinge: then hath God also to the gentyls graunted repentaunce vnto lyfe.

19 They which were scattryd abroade thorow the affliccion that arose aboute Steven walked thorow oute tyll they came vnto Phenices and Cypers and Antioche preachynge ye worde to no man but vnto the Iewes only.

20 Some of them were men of Cypers and Syrene which when they were come into Antioche spake vnto the Grekes and preched the Lorde Iesus.

21 And the honde of the Lorde was with them and a greate nombre beleved and turned vnto the Lorde.

22 Tydinges of these thinges came vnto ye eares of the congregacion which was in Ierusalem. And they sente forth Barnabas that he shuld go vnto Antioche.

23 Which when he was come and had sene the grace of God was glad and exhorted them all that with purpose of hert they wolde continually cleave vnto ye Lorde.

24 For he was a good man and full of the holy goost and of faythe: and moche people was added vnto the Lorde.

25 Then departed Barnabas to Tarsus for to seke Saul.

26 And when he had founde him he brought him vnto Antioche. And it chaunsed yt a whole yere they had their conversacion with the congregacio there and taught moche people: in so moche that the disciples of Antioche were the fyrst that were called Christen.

27 In those dayes came Prophetes fro Ierusalem vnto Antioche.

28 And ther stode vp one of them named Agabus and signified by the sprete that ther shuld be great derth throughoute all the worlde which came to passe in ye Emproure Claudius dayes.

29 Then the disciples every man accordinge to his abilite purposed to sende socoure vnto the brethren which dwelt in Iewry.

30 Which thinge they also dyd and sent it to the elders by the hondes of Barnabas and Saul.

Chapter 12[edit]

1 In that tyme Herode the kynge stretched forthe his handes to vexe certayne of the congregacion.

2 And he kylled Iames the brother of Iohn with the swerde:

3 and because he sawe that it pleased ye Iewes he proceded forther and toke Peter also. Then were the dayes of swete breed.

4 And when he had caught him he put him in preson and delyvered him to .iiii. quaternios of soudiers to be kepte entendynge after ester to brynge him forth to the people.

5 Then was Peter kepte in preson. But prayer was made with out ceasynge of the congregacion vnto God for him.

6 And when Herode wolde have brought him oute vnto the people the same nyght slepte Peter bitwene two soudiers bounde with two chaynes and the kepers before the dore kepte the preson.

7 And beholde the angell of ye Lorde was there present and a lyght shyned in the lodge. And smote Peter on the syde and steryd him vp sayinge: aryse vp quyckly. And his cheynes fell of fro his hondes.

8 And the angell sayd vnto him: gyrde thy selfe and bynde on thy sandales. And so he dyd. And he sayde vnto him: cast thy mantle aboute the and folowe me.

9 And he came oute and folowed him and wist not that it was truthe which was done by the angell but thought he had sene a vision.

10 When they were past ye fyrst and ye seconde watche they came vnto yt yron gate yt ledeth vnto the cyte which opened to them by his awne accorde. And they went out and passed thorowe one strete and by and by the angell departed fro him.

11 And when Peter was come to him selfe he sayde: now I knowe of a surety that the Lorde hath sent his angell and hath delyvered me out of the honde of Herode and from all the waytynge for of the people of ye Iewes.

12 And as he consydred the thinge he cam to ye housse of Mary the mother of one Iohn which was called Marke also where many were gaddered to gedder in prayer.

13 As Peter knocked at the entry dore a damsell cam forth to herken named Rhoda.

14 And when she knew Peters voyce she opened not the entrey for gladnes but ran in and told how Peter stode before the entrey.

15 And they sayde vnto her: thou arte mad. And she bare them doune yt it was even so. Then sayde they: it is his angell.

16 Peter cotynued knockinge. When they had opened the dore and sawe him they were astonyed.

17 And he beckened vnto them with ye honde to holde their peace and tolde them by what meanes ye Lorde had brought him oute of the preson. And sayde: goo shew these thinges vnto Iames and to the brethren. And he departed and went into a nother place.

18 Assone as it was daye ther was no lyttell a doo amoge the soudyers what was becum of Peter.

19 When Herode had called for him and founde him not he examined the kepers and comaunded to departe. And he descended from Iewry to Cesarea and ther abode.

20 Herode was displeased with them of Tyre and Sydon. And they came all at once and made intercession vnto Blastus the kynges chamberlen and desyred peace because their countrey was norysshed by the kynges londe.

21 And upon a daye appoynted Herode arayed him in royall apparell and set him in his seate and made an oraycon vnto them.

22 And the people gave a shoute sayinge: it is ye voyce of a God and not of a man.

23 And immediatly the angell of ye Lorde smote him because he gave not God the honoure and he was eatyn of wormes and gave vp the goost.

24 And ye worde of God grewe and multiplied.

25 And Barnabas and Paul returned to Ierusalem when they had fulfilled their office and toke with them Iohn which was also called Marcus.

Chapter 13[edit]

1 There were at Antioche in the congregacion certayne Prophetes and teachers: as Barnabas and Simon called Niger and Lucius of Cerene and Manahen Herode the Tetrarkes norsfelowe and Saul.

2 As they mynistred to the Lorde and fasted the holy goost sayde: separate me Barnabas and Saul for ye worke where vnto I have called them.

3 Then fasted they and prayed and put their hondes on them and let them goo.

4 And they after they were sent of the holy goost came vnto Seleutia and from thence they sayled to Cyprus.

5 And when they were come to Salamine they shewed ye worde of God in ye synagoges of ye Iewes. And they had Iohn to their minister.

6 When they had gone thorowout ye yle vnto ye cite of Paphos they foude a certayne sorserer a falce prophet which was a Iewe named Bariesu

7 which was with ye ruler of the countre won Sergius Paulus a prudet man. The same ruler called vnto him Barnabas and Saul and desyred to heare the worde of God.

8 But Elemas the sorcerar (for so was his name by interpretacion) wt stode them and sought to turne awaye the ruler fro the fayth.

9 Then Saul which also is called Paul beinge full of the holy goost set his eyes on him

10 and sayde: O full of all sutteltie and disseytfulnes the chylde of the devyll and ye enemye of all righteousnes thou ceasest not to pervert the strayght wayes of the Lorde.

11 And now beholde the honde of the Lorde is vpon the and thou shalt be blinde and not se the sunne for a season. And immediatly ther fell on him a myste and a darcknes and he went aboute sekinge them that shuld leade him by the honde.

12 Then the rular when he sawe what had happened beleved and wodred at the doctryne of the Lorde.

13 When they that were with Paule were departed by shyppe fro Paphus they cam to Perga a cite of Pamphilia: and there Iohn departed from them and returned to Ierusalem.

14 But they wandred thorowe the countres fro Perga to Antioche a cite of the coutre of Pisidia and wet in to the synagoge on the saboth daye and sate doune.

15 And after the lawe and ye Prophetes were redde ye rulers of the synagoge sent vnto them sayinge: Ye men and brethren yf ye have eny sermo to exhorte ye people saye on.

16 Then Paul stode vp and beckened with the honde and sayde: Men of Israel and ye that feare God geve audiece.

17 The God of this people chose oure fathers and exalted the people whe they dwelt as straugers in ye londe of Egypt and with a mighty arme brought them oute of it

18 and aboute the tyme of .xl. yeares suffred he their maners in the wyldernes.

19 And he destroyed. vii nacios in the londe of Canaan and devided their londe to them by lot.

20 And after warde he gave vnto them iudges aboute the space of .iiii.C. and .l. yeres vnto the tyme of Samuel ye Prophet.

21 And after that they desyred a kinge and God gave vnto them Saul the sonne of Cis a man of the tribe of Beniamin by the space of .xl. yeres.

22 And after he had put him doune he set vp David to be their kynge of whome he reported sayinge: I have founde David the sonne of Iesse a man after myne awne hert he shall fulfill all my will.

23 Of this manes seed hath God (accordinge to his promes) brought forth to the people of Israel a saviour one Iesus

24 when Iohn had fyrst preached before his cominge the baptyme of repentauce to Israel.

25 And when Iohn had fulfylled his course he sayde: whome ye thinke that I am the same am I not. But beholde ther cometh one after me whose shewes of his fete I am not worthy to lowse.

26 Ye men and brethren chyldren of the generacion of Abraham and whosoever amoge you feareth God to you is this worde of salvacio sent.

27 The inhabiters of Ierusalem and their rulers because they knewe him not nor yet the voyces of the Prophetes which are redde every Saboth daye they have fulfilled them in condepninge him.

28 And when they founde no cause of deeth in him yet desyred they Pylate to kyll him.

29 And when they had fulfilled all that were written of him they toke him doune from the tree and put him in a sepulcre.

30 But God raysed him agayne from deeth

31 and he was sene many dayes of them which came wt him fro Galile to Ierusalem. Which are his witnesses vnto the people.

32 And we declare vnto you how that ye promes made vnto the fathers

33 God hath fulfilled vnto vs their chyldre in that he reysed vp Iesus agayne eve as it is written in the fyrste psalme: Thou arte my sonne this same daye begat I the.

34 As concernynge that he reysed him vp from deeth now no more to returne to corrupcion he sayde on this wyse: The holy promyses made to David I will geve them faithfully to you.

35 Wherfore he saith also in another place: Thou shalt not soffre thyne holye to se corrupcion.

36 Howbe it David after he had in his tyme fulfilled the will of God he slepte and was layde with his fathers and sawe corrupcion.

37 But he whom God reysed agayne sawe no corrupcion.

38 Be it knowne vnto you therfore ye men and brethre that thorow this man is preached vnto you the forgevenes of synnes

39 and yt by him are all yt beleve iustified fro all thinges fro the which ye coulde not be iustified by ye lawe of Moses.

40 Beware therfore lest that fall on you which is spoken of in the Prophetes:

41 Beholde ye despisers and wonder and perishe ye: for I do aworke in youre dayes which ye shall not beleve yf a ma wolde declare it you.

42 When they were come out of the Synagoge of the Iewes the getyls besought yt they wolde preache the worde to them bitwene the Saboth dayes.

43 When the congregacion was broken vp many of the Iewes and verteous covertes folowed Paul and Barnabas which spake to them and exhorted them to cotinue in the grace of God.

44 And ye nexte Saboth daye came almoste the whole cite to gether to heare the worde of God.

45 When ye Iewes sawe the people they were full of indignacion and spake agaynst those thinges which were spoken of Paul spekinge agaynst it and raylinge on it.

46 Then Paul and Barnabas wexed bolde and sayde: it was mete that the worde of God shulde fyrst have bene preached to you. But seinge ye put it from you and thinke youre selfes onworthy of everlastinge lyfe: lo we turne to the gentyls.

47 For so hath the Lorde comaunded vs: I have made ye a light to the getyls yt thou be salvacio vnto ye ende of ye worlde.

48 The getyls hearde and were glad and glorified the worde of ye Lorde and beleved: eve as many as were ordeyned vnto eternall lyfe.

49 And ye worde of the Lorde was publisshed thorowe oute all the region.

50 But the Iewes moved ye worshypfull and honorable wemen and the chefe men of the cyte and reysed persecucio agaynst Paul and Barnabas and expelled them oute of their costes.

51 And they shouke of ye duste of their fete agaynst them and came vnto Iconiu.

52 And the disciples were filled with ioye and with the holy goost.

Chapter 14[edit]

1 And it fortuned in Iconium that they went both to gether into the synagoge of ye Iewes and so spake that a gret multitude both of ye Iewes and also of the Grekes beleved.

2 But the unbelevinge Iewes steryd vp and vnquyeted the myndes of the Gentyls agaynste the brethre.

3 Longe tyme a bode they there and quyt them selves boldly with the helpe of the Lorde the which gave testimony vnto ye worde of his grace and caused signes and wondres to be done by their hondes.

4 The people of the cyte were devided: and parte helde with the Iewes and parte with the Apostles.

5 When ther was a saute made both of the gentyls and also of the Iewes with their rulers to put them to shame and to stone

6 the they were ware of it and fled vnto Listra and Derba cities of Licaonia and vnto the region that lyeth round aboute

7 and there preached the gospell.

8 And ther sate a certayne man at Listra weake in his fete beinge creple from his mothers wombe and never walkyd.

9 The same hearde Paul preache. Which behelde him and perceaved that he had fayth to be whole

10 and sayd with a loude voyce: stond vp right on thy fete. And he stert vp and walked.

11 And when the people sawe what Paul had done they lifte vp their voyces sayinge in the speache of Lycaonia: Goddes are come doune to vs in the lyknes of men.

12 And they called Barnabas Iupiter and Paul Mercurius because he was the preacher.

13 Then Iupiters Preste which dwelt before their cite brought oxe and garlondes vnto the churche porche and wolde have done sacrifise with the people.

14 But when the Apostles Barnabas and Paul herde that they rent their clothes and ran in amonge the people cryinge

15 and sayinge: syrs why do ye this? We are mortall men lyke vnto you and preache vnto you that ye shuld turne from these vanyties vnto ye lyvinge God which made heaven and erth and the see and all that in them is:

16 the which in tymes past suffred all nacions to walke in their awne wayes.

17 Neverthelesse he lefte not him selfe with outen witnes in that he shewed his benefites in gevinge vs rayne from heaven and frutefull ceasons fyllinge oure hertes with fode and gladnes.

18 And with these sayinges scase refrayned they the people that they had not done sacrifice vnto them.

19 Thither came certayne Iewes fro Antioche and Iconium and optayned the peoples consent and stoned Paul and drewe him oute of the cyte supposynge he had bene deed.

20 How be it as the disciples stode rounde about him he arose vp and cam into the cyte. And the nexte daye he departed with Barnabas to Derba.

21 After they had preached to that cite and had taught many they returned agayne to Lisira and to Iconium and Antioche

22 and strengthed the disciples soules exhortinge them to continue in the faith affyrminge yt we must thorowe moche tribulacion entre into the kyngdome of God.

23 And when they had ordened them elders by eleccion in every congregacio after they had yrayde and fasted they comended them to God on whom they beleved.

24 And they went thorow out Pisidia and came into Paphilia

25 and when they had preached the worde of God in Perga they descended in to Attalia

26 and thence departed by shippe to Antioche fro whence they were delivered vnto the grace of God to the worke which they had fulfilled.

27 When they were come and had gaddered the congregacion to gedder they rehersed all that God had done by them and how he had opened the dore of faith vnto the getyls.

28 And ther they abode longe tyme with the disciples.

Chapter 15[edit]

1 Then cam certayne from Iewrie and taught the brethren: excepte ye be circumcysed after the maner of Moses ye cannot be saved.

2 And when ther was rysen dissencion and disputinge not a litle vnto Paul and Barnabas agaynst them. They determined that Paul and Barnabas and certayne other of them shuld ascende to Ierusalem vnto the Apostles and elders aboute this question.

3 And after they were brought on their waye by the congregacion they passed over Phenices and Samaria declarynge the conuersion of the getyls and they brought great ioye vnto all ye brethren.

4 And when they were come to Ierusalem they were receaved of the congregacion and of the Apostles and elders. And they declared what thinges God had done by them.

5 Then arose ther vp certayne that were of the secte of the Pharises and dyd beleve sayinge that it was nedfull to circucise them and to enioyne the to kepe ye lawe of Moses.

6 And ye Apostles and elders came to geder to reason of this matter.

7 And when ther was moche disputinge Peter rose vp and sayde vnto them: Ye men and brethren ye knowe how that a good whyle agoo God chose amoge vs that the getyls by my mouth shuld heare the worde of the gospell and beleve.

8 And God which knoweth the herte bare them witnes and gave vnto them the holy goost eve as he dyd vnto vs

9 and he put no difference bitwene them and vs but with fayth purified their hertes.

10 Now therfore why tempte ye God that ye wolde put a yoke on the disciples neckes which nether oure fathers nor we were able to beare.

11 But we beleve that thorowe the grace of the Lorde Iesu Christ we shalbe saved as they doo.

12 Then all the multitude was peased and gave audience to Barnabas and Paul which tolde what signes and wondres God had shewed amonge the gentyls by them.

13 And when they helde their peace Iames answered sayinge: Men and brethren herken vnto me.

14 Simeon tolde how God at the begynnynge dyd visit the gentyls and receaved of them people vnto his name.

15 And to this agreith ye wordes of ye Prophetes as it is written.

16 After this I will returne and wyll bylde agayne the tabernacle of David which is fallen doune and that which is fallen in dekey of it will I bilde agayne and I will set it vp

17 that the residue of men might seke after the Lorde and also the gentyls vpo whom my name is named saith ye Lorde which doth all these thinges:

18 knowne vnto God are all his workes from the begynninge of the worlde.

19 Wherfore my sentece is yt we trouble not them which fro amonge the gentyls are turned to God:

20 but yt we write vnto them yt they abstayne them selves fro filthynes of ymages fro fornicacio from straglyd and fro bloude.

21 For Moses of olde tyme hath in every cite that preache him and he is rede in the synagoges every saboth daye.

22 Then pleased it the Apostles and elders wt the whole congregacio to sende chosyn men of their owne copany to Antioche with Paul and Barnabas. They sent Iudas called also Barsabas and Silas which were chefe men amonge the brethre

23 and gave them lettres in their hondes after this maner. The Apostles elders and brethren send gretynges vnto the brethre which are of the gentyls in Antioche Siria and Celicia.

24 For as moche as we have hearde yt certayne which departed fro vs have troubled you with wordes and combred youre myndes sayinge: Ye must be circumcised and kepe the lawe to whom we gave no soche comaundemet.

25 It semed therfore to vs a good thinge when we were come to gedder with one accorde to sende chosyn men vnto you with oure beloved Barnabas and Paul

26 men that have ieoperded their lyves for the name of oure Lorde Iesus Christ.

27 We have sent therfore Iudas and Sylas which shall also tell you the same thinges by mouth.

28 For it semed good to the holy gost and to vs to put no grevous thinge to you more then these necessary thinges:

29 that is to saye that ye abstayne from thinges offered to ymages from bloud from strangled and fornicacion. From which yf ye kepe youre selves ye shall do well. So fare ye well.

30 When they were departed they came to Antioche and gaddred the multitude togeder and delyvered ye pistle.

31 When they had redde it they reioysed of that consolacion.

32 And Iudas and Sylas beinge prophetes exhorted the brethren with moche preachynge and strengthed them.

33 And after they had taryed there a space they were let goo in peace of the brethren vnto the Apostles.

34 Not with stondynge it pleasyd Sylas to abyde there still.

35 Paul and Barnabas continued in Antioche teachynge and preachynge the worde of the Lorde with other many.

36 But after a certayne space Paul sayde vnto Barnabas: Let vs goo agayne and visite oure brethren in every cite where we have shewed the worde of the Lorde and se how they do.

37 And Barnabas gave counsell to take wt them Iohn called also Marke.

38 But Paul thought it not mete to take him vnto their company whiche departed from them at Pamphylia and went not with them to the worke.

39 And the dissencion was so sharpe bitwene them that they departed a sunder one from the other: so that Barnabas toke Marke and sayled vnto Cypers.

40 And Paul chose Sylas and departed delyvered of ye brethren vnto the grace of god.

41 And he went thorowe all Cyria and Cilicia stablisshynge the congregacions.

Chapter 16[edit]

1 Then came he to Derba and to Lystra. And beholde a certayne disciple was there named Timotheus a womans sonne which was a Iewas and beleved: but his father was a Greke.

2 Of whom reported well the brethren of Lystra and of Iconium.

3 The same Paul wolde yt he shuld goo forth with him and toke and circumcised him because of the Iewes which were in those quarters: for they knewe all that his father was a Greke.

4 As they went thorow ye cities they delyvered the the decrees for to kepe ordeyned of the Apostles and elders which were at Ierusalem.

5 And so were the congregacions stablisshed in the fayth and encreased in noumbre dayly.

6 When they had goone thorow out Phrigia and the region of Galacia and were forbydde of the holy gost to preach the worde in Asia

7 they came to Misia and sought to goo into Bethinia. But the sprete soffered the not.

8 Then they went over Misia and cam doune to Troada.

9 And a vision appered to Paul in ye nyght. There stode a man of Macedonia and prayed him sayinge: come into Macedonia and helpe vs.

10 After he had sene ye vision immediatly we prepared to goo into Macedonia certified yt the lorde had called vs for to preache the gospell vnto them.

11 Then lowsed we forth from Troada and with a strayght course came to Samothracia and the nexte daye to Neapolim

12 and from thence to Philippos which is the chefest citie in ye partes of Macedonia and a fre cite. We were in that cite abydynge a certayne dayes.

13 And on the saboth dayes we went out of the cite besydes a ryver where men were wont to praye and we sate doune and spake vnto the wemen which resorted thyther.

14 And a certayne woman named Lydia a seller of purple of the cite of Thiatira which worshipped God gave vs audience. Whose hert the Lorde opened that she attended vnto the thinges which Paul spake.

15 When she was baptised and her housholde she besought vs sayinge: Yf ye thinke that I beleve on the Lorde come into my housse and abyde there. And she constrayned vs.

16 And it fortuned as we went to prayer a certayn damsell possessed with a sprete that prophesied met vs which brought her master and mastres moche vauntage with prophesyinge.

17 The same folowed Paul and vs and cryed sayinge: these men are the servauntes of the most hye God which shewe vnto vs the waye of salvacion.

18 And this dyd she many dayes. But Paul not cotent turned about and sayd to the sprete: I commaunde the in the name of Iesu Christ that thou come out of her. And he came out the same houre.

19 And when her master and mastres sawe yt the hope of their gaynes was gone they caught Paul and Sylas and drue the into the market place vnto the rulars

20 and brought them to the officers sayinge: These men trouble oure cite which are Iewes

21 and preache ordinaunces which are not laufull for vs to receave nether to observe seinge we are Romayns.

22 And the people ranne on them and the officers rent their clothes and comaunded them to be beaten with roddes.

23 And when they had beaten them sore they cast them into preson comaundynge the iayler to kepe them surely.

24 Which iayler when he had receaved suche comaundment thrust them into the ynner preson and made their fete fast in the stockes.

25 At mydnyght Paul and Sylas prayed and lauded God. And the presoners hearde them.

26 And sodenly ther was a greate erth quake so that ye fonndacion of the preson was shaken and by and by all the dores opened and every mannes bondes were lowsed.

27 When the keper of ye preson waked out of his slepe and sawe the preson dores open he drue out his swearde and wolde have kylled him selfe supposynge the presoners had bene fledde.

28 But Paul cryed with a lowde voyce sayinge: Do thy selfe no harme for we are all heare.

29 Then he called for a lyght and sprange in and came tremblynge and fell doune before Paul and Sylas

30 and brought them out and sayde: Syrs what must I do to be saved?

31 And they sayde: beleve on the Lorde Iesus and thou shalt be saved and thy housholde.

32 And they preached vnto him the worde of the Lorde and to all that were in his housse.

33 And he toke them the same houre of the nyght and wasshed their woundes and was baptised with all that belonged vnto him strayght waye.

34 Whe he had brought them into his housse he set meate before them and ioyed that he with all his housholde boleved on God.

35 And when it was daye the officers sent the ministres sayinge: Let those men goo.

36 The keper of ye preson tolde this sayinge to Paul the officiers have sent worde to lowse you. Now therfore get you hence and goo in peace.

37 Then sayde Paul vnto them: they have beaten vs openly vncomdempned for all yt we are Romayns and have cast vs into preson: and now wolde they sende vs awaye prevely? Naye not so but let them come the selves and set vs out.

38 When the ministres tolde these wordes vnto the officers they feared when they hearde that they were Romayns

39 and came and besought them and brought them out and desyred them to departe out of the cite.

40 And they wet out of ye preson and entred into the housse of Lidia and whe they had sene the brethren they comforted them and departed.

Chapter 17[edit]

1 As they made their iorney thorow Amphipolis and Appolonia they came to Thessalonica where was a synagoge of the Iewes.

2 And Paul as his maner was went in vnto them and thre saboth doyes declared oute of the scripture vnto them

3 openynge and allegynge that Christ must nedes have suffred and rysen agayne from deeth and that this Iesus was Christ whom (sayde he) I preache to you.

4 And some of them beleved and came and companyed with Paul and Sylas: also of the honourable Grekes a greate multitude and of the chefe wemen not a feawe.

5 But the Iewes which beleved not havynge indignacio toke vnto the evyll men which were vagabondes and gadered a company and set all the cite on a roore and made asaute vnto the housse of Iason and sought to bringe the out to the people.

6 But when they founde them not they drue Iason and certayne brethren vnto the heedes of the cite cryinge: these that trouble the worlde are come hydder also

7 which Iason hath receaved prevely. And these all do contrary to the elders of Cesar affirmynge another kynge one Iesus.

8 And they troubled the people and the officers of the cite when they hearde these thinges.

9 And when they were sufficiently answered of Iason and of the other they let the goo.

10 And the brethren immediatly sent awaye Paul and Sylas by nyght vnto Berrea. Which when they were come thyther they entred into ye synagoge of the Iewes.

11 These were the noblest of byrthe amonge the of Thessalonia which receaved the worde wt all diligence of mynde and searched ye scriptures dayly whether those thinges were even so.

12 And many of the beleved: also of worshipfull weme which were Grekes and of men not a feawe.

13 When the Iewes of Thessalonia had knowledge that ye worde of God was preached of Paul at Berrea they came there and moved the people.

14 And then by and by ye brethre sent awaye Paul to goo as it were to ye see: but Sylas and Timotheus abode there still.

15 And they that gyded Paul brought him vnto Attens and receaved a comaundment vnto Sylas and Timotheus for to come to him at once and came their waye.

16 Whyll Paul wayted for them at Attens his sprete was moved in him to se the cite geven to worshippinge of ymages.

17 Then he disputed in the synagoge wt the Iewes and with the devout persones and in the market dayly with the that came vnto him.

18 Certayne philosophers of ye Epicures and of ye stoyckes disputed with him. And some ther were which sayde: what will this babler saye. Other sayd: he semeth to be a tydynges bringer of newe devyls because he preached vnto them Iesus and the resurreccion.

19 And they toke him and brought him into Marsestrete sayinge: maye we not knowe what this newe doctrine wher of thou speakest is?

20 For thou bringest straunge tydynges to oure eares. We wolde knowe therfore what these thinges meane.

21 For all the Attenians and straungers which were there gave the selves to nothinge els but ether to tell or to heare newe tydynges.

22 Paul stode in the myddes of Marse strete and sayde: ye men of Attens I perceave that in all thinges ye are to supersticious.

23 For as I passed by and behelde the maner how ye worship youre goddes I founde an aultre wher in was written: vnto ye vnknowen god. Whom ye then ignoratly worship him shewe I vnto you.

24 God that made the worlde and all that are in it seynge that he is Lorde of heven and erth he dwelleth not in temples made with hondes

25 nether is worshipped with mennes hondes as though he neded of eny thinge seinge he him selfe geveth lyfe and breeth to all men every where

26 and hath made of one bloud all nacions of men for to dwell on all the face of the erthe and hath assigned before how longe tyme and also the endes of their inhabitacion

27 that they shuld seke God yf they myght fele and fynde him though he be not farre from every one of vs.

28 For in him we lyve move and have oure beynge as certayne of youre awne Poetes sayde. For we are also his generacion.

29 For as moche then as we are the generacion of God we ought not to thynke that the godhed is lyke vnto golde silver or stone graven by crafte and ymaginacion of man.

30 And the tyme of this ignoraunce God regarded not: but now he byddeth all men every where repent

31 because he hath apoynted a daye in the which he will iudge the worlde acordynge to ryghtewesses by that man whom he hath apoynted and hath offered faith to all men after that he had raysed him from deeth.

32 When they hearde of ye resurreccion from deeth some mocked and other sayde: we will heare the agayne of this matter.

33 So Paul departed from amonge them.

34 Howbeit certayne men clave vnto Paul and beleved amonge the which was Dionysius a senatour and a woman named Damaris and other with them.

Chapter 18[edit]

1 After that Paul departed from Attens and came to Corinthu

2 and founde a certayne Iewe named Aquila borne in Ponthus latly come from Italie wt his wyfe Priscilla (because that the Emperour Claudius had comaunded all Iewes to departe fro Rome) and he drewe vnto them.

3 And because he was of the same crafte he abode with them and wrought: their crafte was to make tentes.

4 And he preached in ye synagoge every saboth daye and exhorted the Iewes and the gentyls.

5 When Sylas and Timotheus were come from Macedonia Paul was constrayned by the sprete to testifie to the Iewes that Iesus was very Christ.

6 And whe they sayde cotrary and blasphemed he shoke his rayment and sayde vnto the: youre bloud apon youre awne heeddes and fro hence forth I goo blamelesse vnto ye gentyls.

7 And he departed thence and entred into a certayne manes housse named Iustus a worshiper of god whose housse ioyned harde to ye synagoge.

8 How be it one Crispus ye chefe rular of the synagoge beleved on ye lorde with all his housholde and many of the Corinthias gave audience and beleved and were baptised.

9 Then spake the lorde to Paul in the nyght by a vision: be not afrayde but speake and holde not thy peace:

10 for I am with the and no man shall invade the that shall hurte the. For I have moche people in this cite.

11 And he continued there a yeare and sixe monethes and taught them the worde of God.

12 When Gallio was rular of the countre of Acaia the Iewes made insurreccion with one accorde agaynst Paul and brought him to the iudgement seate

13 saying: this felow counceleth men to worship God contrary to ye lawe.

14 And as Paul was about to open his mouth Gallio sayde vnto ye Iewes: yf it were a matter of wronge or an evyll dede (o ye Iewes) reason wolde that I shuld heare you:

15 but yf it be a question of wordes or of names or of youre lawe loke ye to it youre selves. For I wilbe no iudge in soche maters

16 and he drave them from the seate.

17 Then toke all the Grekes Sostenes the chefe rular of the synagoge and smote him before the iudges seate. And Gallio cared for none of tho thinges.

18 Paul after this taryed there yet a good whyle and then toke his leave of the brethren and sayled thence into Ciria Priscilla and Aquila accompanyinge him. And he shore his heed in Cenchrea for he had a vowe.

19 And he came to Ephesus and lefte them there: but he him selfe entred into the synagoge and reasoned with the Iewes.

20 When they desyred him to tary longer tyme with the he consented not

21 but bad the fare well sayinge. I must nedes at this feast that cometh be in Ierusalem: but I will returne agayne vnto you yf God will. And he departed from Ephesus

22 and came vnto Cesarea: and ascended and saluted the congregacion and departed vnto Antioche

23 and when he had taryed there a whyle he departed. And went over all the countre of Galacia and Phrigia by order strengthynge all the disciples.

24 And a certayne Iewe named Apollos borne at Alexandria came to Ephesus an eloquent man and myghty in the scriptures.

25 The same was informed in the waye of the Lorde and he spake fervently in the sprete and taught diligently the thinges of the Lorde and knewe but the baptim of Iohn only.

26 And the same began to speake boldely in the synagoge. And when Aquila and Priscilla had hearde him: they toke him vnto them and expounded vnto him the waye of God more perfectly.

27 And when he was disposed to goo into Acaia the brethren wrote exhortynge the disciples to receave him. After he was come thyther he holpe them moche which had beleved thorowe grace.

28 And myghtely he overcame the Iewes and that openly shewynge by the scriptures that Iesus was Christ.

Chapter 19[edit]

1 It fortuned whyll Appollo was at Corinthum that Paul passed thorow the vpper costes and came to Ephesus and foude certayne disciples

2 and sayd vnto them: have ye receaved the holy gost sence ye beleved? And they sayde vnto him: no we have not hearde whether ther be eny holy goost or no.

3 And he sayd vnto them: wher wt were ye then baptised? And they sayd: with Iohns baptim

4 Then sayde Paul: Iohn verely bapiised with the baptim of repentaunce sayinge vnto the people that they shuld beleve on him which shuld come after him: that is on Christ Iesus.

5 When they hearde that they were baptised in the name of the lorde Iesu.

6 And Paul layde his hondes apon them and the holy gost came on them and they spake with tonges and prophesied

7 and all the men were aboute .xii.

8 And he went into the synagoge and behaved him selfe boldely for the space of thre monethes disputynge and gevynge them exhortacions of the kyngdome of God.

9 When dyvers wexed harde herted and beleved not but spake evyll of the waye and that before the multitude: he departed from them and seperated the disciples. And disputed dayly in ye scole of one called Tyranus.

10 And this contynued by the space of two yeares: so yt all they which dwelt in Asia hearde the worde of the lorde Iesu bothe Iewes and Grekes.

11 And god wrought no small miracles by the hondes of Paul:

12 so that from his body were brought vnto the sicke napkyns or partlettes and the diseases departed from the and the evyll spretes went out of them.

13 Then certayne of the vagabounde Iewes exorcistes toke apon them to call over them which had evyll spretes the name of the lorde Iesus sayinge: We adiure you by Iesu who Paul preacheth.

14 And ther were seven sonnes of one Sceva a Iewe and chefe of the prestes which dyd so.

15 And the evyll sprete answered and sayde: Iesus I knowe and Paul I knowe: but who are ye?

16 And ye man in who the evyll sprete was ranne on the and overcame the and prevayled agaynst them so that they fledde out of that housse naked and wouded.

17 And this was knowen to all ye Iewes and Grekes also which dwelt at Ephesus and feare came on them all and they magnified the name of ye lorde Iesus.

18 And many yt beleved came and confessed and shewed their workes.

19 Many of the which vsed curious craftes brought their bokes and burned the before all men and they counted the price of the and foude it fifty thousande silverlynges.

20 So myghtely grewe ye worde of god and prevayled.

21 After these thinges were ended Paul purposed in the sprete to passe over Macedonia and Achaia and to goo to Ierusalem saying: After I have bene there I must also se Rome.

22 So sent he into Macedonia two of the that ministred vnto him Timotheus and Erastus: but he him selfe remayned in Asia for a season.

23 The same tyme ther arose no lytell a do aboute that waye.

24 For a certayne man named Demetrius a silvermyth which made silver schrynes for Diana was not a lytell beneficiall vnto the craftes men.

25 Which he called to geder with the worke men of lyke occupacion and sayd: Syrs ye knowe that by this crafte we have vauntage.

26 Moreover ye se and heare that not alone at Ephesus but almost thorowe oute all Asia this Paul hath persuaded and turned awaye moche people saying yt they be not goddes which are made wt hondes.

27 So that not only this oure crafte cometh into parell to be set at nought: but also that ye temple of ye greate goddas Diana shuld be despysed and her magnificence shuld be destroyed which all Asia and the worlde worshippeth.

28 When they hearde these sayinges they were full of wrathe and cryed out saying: Greate is Diana of the Ephesians.

29 And all the cite was on a roore and they russhed in to the comen hall with one assent and caught Gayus and Aristarcus men of Macedonia Pauls companios.

30 When Paul wolde have entred in vnto the people ye disciples suffered him not.

31 Certayne also of ye chefe of Asia which were his frendes sent vnto him desyrynge him that he wolde not preace into the comen hall.

32 Some cryed one thinge and some another and the congregacion was all out of quiet and ye moare parte knewe not wherfore they were come togeder.

33 Some of the company drue forth Alexander the Iewes thrustynge him forwardes. Alexander beckened with the honde and wolde have geven ye people an answer.

34 When they knewe ye he was a Iewe ther arose a shoute almost for the space of two houres of all men cryinge greate is Diana of the Ephesians.

35 When the toune clarcke had ceased the people he sayd: ye men of Ephesus what man is it that knoweth not how that the cite of the Ephesians is a worshipper of the great goddas Diana and of ye ymage which came fro heven.

36 Seinge then yt no man sayth here agaynst ye ought to be content and to do nothinge rasshly:

37 For ye have brought hyther these me whiche are nether robbers of churches nor yet despisers of youre goddes.

38 Wherfore yf Demetrius and the craftes men which are wt him have eny sayinge to eny man the lawe is open and ther are ruelars let the accuse one another.

39 Yf ye goo about eny other thinge it maye be determined in a lawfull cogregacion

40 For we are in ieoperdy to be accused of this dayes busines: for as moche as ther is no cause wherby we maye geve a rekenynge of this concourse of people.

41 And when he had thus spoken he let the congregacion departe.

Chapter 20[edit]

1 After the rage was ceased Paul called the disciples vnto him and toke his leave of them and departed for to goo into Macedonia.

2 And when he had gone over those parties and geven them large exhortacions he came into Grece

3 and there abode .iii. monethes. And when the Iewes layde wayte for him as he was about to sayle into Syria he purposed to returne thorowe Macedonia.

4 Ther acompanied him into Asia Sopater of Berrea and of Thessalonia Aristarcus and Secundus and Gayus of Derba and Timotheus: and out of Asia Tychicus and Trophimos.

5 These went before and taryed vs at Troas.

6 And we sayled awaye fro Philippos after the ester holydayes and came vnto them to Troas in five dayes where we abode seven dayes.

7 And on the morowe after the saboth daye the disciples came to geder for to breake breed and Paul preached vnto them (redy to departe on the morowe) and cotinued the preachynge vnto mydnyght.

8 And there were many lyghtes in the chamber where thy were gaddered to geder

9 and there sate in a wyndowe a certayne yonge man named Eutichos fallen into a depe slepe. And as Paul declared he was the moare overcome with slepe and fell doune from the thyrde lofte and was taken vp deed.

10 Paul went doune and fell on him and embrased him and sayde: make nothinge ado for his lyfe is in him.

11 When he was come vp agayne he brake breed and tasted and comened a longe whyle even tyll the mornynge and so departed.

12 And they brought the youge man a lyve and were not alytell comforted.

13 And we went a fore to shippe and lowsed vnto Asson there to receave Paul. For so had he apoynted and wolde him selfe goo a fote.

14 When he was come to vs vnto Asson we toke him in and came to Mytelenes.

15 And we sayled thence and came the nexte daye over agaynst Chios. And the nexte daye we aryved at Samos and taryed at Trogilion. The nexte daye we came to Myleton:

16 for Paul had determined to leave Ephesus as they sayled because he wolde not spende ye tyme in Asia. For he hasted to be (yf he coulde possible) at Ierusalem at the daye of pentecoste.

17 Wherfore from Myleton he sent to Ephesus and called the elders of the cogregacion.

18 And when they were come to him he sayde vnto the: Ye knowe fro the fyrst daye yt I came vnto Asia after what maner I have bene wt you at all ceasons

19 servynge the lorde with all humblenes of mynde and with many teares and temptacions which happened vnto me by the layinges awayte of the Ieues

20 and how I kept backe no thinge that was profitable: but that I have shewed you and taught you openly and at home in youre houses

21 witnessinge bothe to the Iewes and also to the Grekes the repentaunce toward God and faith towarde oure Lorde Iesu.

22 And now beholde I goo bounde in the sprete vnto Ierusalem and knowe not what shall come on me there

23 but that the holy goost witnesseth in every cite sayinge: yt bondes and trouble abyde me.

24 But none of tho thinges move me: nether is my lyfe dere vnto my selfe that I myght fulfill my course wt ioye and the ministracio which I have receaved of ye Lorde Iesu to testify the gospell of ye grace of god.

25 And now beholde I am sure yt hence forth ye all (thorow who I have gone preachinge ye kyngdome of God) shall se my face no moore.

26 Wherfore I take you to recorde this same daye that I am pure fro the bloude of all me.

27 For I have kepte nothinge backe: but have shewed you all the counsell of God.

28 Take hede therfore vnto youre selves and to all the flocke wherof the holy goost hath made you oversears to rule the congregacion of God which he hath purchased with his bloud.

29 For I am sure of this that after my departynge shall greveous wolves entre in amonge you which will not spare the flocke.

30 Moreover of youre awne selves shall men aryse speakinge perverse thinges to drawe disciples after the.

31 Therfore awake and remember that by the space of .iii. yeares I ceased not to warne every one of you both nyght and daye with teares.

32 And now brethren I comende you to God and to the worde of his grace which is able to bylde further and to geve you an inheritaunce amoge all them which are sanctified.

33 I have desyred no mas silver golde or vesture.

34 Ye knowe well yt these hondes have ministred vnto my necessities and to them that were wt me.

35 I have shewed you all thinges how that so laborynge ye ought to receave the weake and to remember the wordes of the Lorde Iesu howe that he sayde: It is more blessed to geve then to receave.

36 When he had thus spoken he kneled doune and prayed with them all.

37 And they wept all aboundantly and fell on Pauls necke and kissed him

38 sorowinge most of all for the wordes which he spake that they shuld se his face no moore. And they acompanyed him vnto the shyppe.

Chapter 21[edit]

1 And it chaunsed that assone as we had launched forth and were departed from them we came with a strayght course vnto Choon and the daye folowinge vnto the Rhodes and from thence vnto Patara.

2 And we founde a shippe redy to sayle vnto Phenices and went a borde and set forthe.

3 Then appered vnto vs Cyprus and we lefte it on the lefte honde and sayled vnto Syria and came vnto Tyre. For there the shyppe vnladed her burthen.

4 And when we had founde brethren we taryed there .vii. dayes. And they tolde Paul thorowe ye sprete that he shuld not goo vp to Ierusalem.

5 And when the dayes were ended we departed and went oure wayes and they all brought vs on oure waye wt their wyves and chyldren tyll we were come out of the cyte. And we kneled doune in the shore and prayde.

6 And when we had taken oure leave one of another we toke shyppe and they returned home agayne.

7 When we had full ended the course fro Tyre we aryved at Ptolomaida and saluted the brethren and abode with the one daye.

8 The nexte daye we that were of Pauls copany departed and came vnto Cesarea. And we entred into the housse of Philip ye Evagelist which was one of the seve deacones and abode with him.

9 The same man had fower doughters virges which dyd prophesy.

10 And as we taried there a good many dayes there came a certayne prophete from Iurie named Agabus.

11 When he was come vnto vs he toke Pauls gerdell and bounde his hondes and fete and sayde: thus saith the holy goost: so shall ye Iewes at Ierusalem bynde the man yt oweth this gerdell and shall delyver him into the hondes of the gentyls.

12 When we hearde this both we and other of the same place besought him that he wolde not goo vp to Ierusalem.

13 Then Paul answered and sayde: what do ye wepynge and breakinge myne hert? I am redy not to be bound only but also to dye at Ierusalem for ye name of ye Lorde Iesu.

14 When we coulde not turne his mynde we ceased sayinge: the will of ye Lorde be fulfilled.

15 After those dayes we made oure selfes redy and went vp to Ierusalem.

16 There went with vs also certayne of his disciples of Cesarea and brought with them one Mnason of Cyprus an olde disciple with whom we shuld lodge.

17 And when we were come to Ierusalem the brethren receaved vs gladly.

18 And on the morowe Paul wet in with vs vnto Iames. And all the elders came to geder.

19 And when he had saluted them he tolde by order all thinges that God had wrought amoge the getyls by his ministracion.

20 And when they hearde it they glorified the Lorde and sayde vnto him: thou seist brother how many thousande Iewes ther are which beleve and they are all zelous over ye lawe.

21 And they are informed of the that thou teachest all the Iewes which are amoge the gentyls to forsake Moses and sayst that they ought not to circumcise their chyldren nether to live after the customes.

22 What is it therfore? The multitude must nedes come togeder. For they shall heare that thou arte come.

23 Do therfore this that we saye to the. We have .iiii. men which have a vowe on them.

24 Them take and purifye thy selfe with them and do cost on them that they maye shave their heeddes and all shall knowe yt tho thinges which they have hearde concerninge the are nothinge: but that thou thy selfe also walkest and kepest the lawe.

25 For as touchinge the gentyls which beleve we have written and concluded yt they observe no soche thinges: but that they kepe them selves from thinges offred to ydoles from bloud fro strangled and fro fornicacion.

26 Then the nexte daye Paul toke the men and purified him selfe with them and entred into the teple declaringe that he observed the dayes of ye purificacio vntyll that an offeringe shuld be offred for every one of them.

27 And as the seven dayes shuld have bene ended ye Iewes which were of Asia when they sawe him in the teple they moved all the people and layde hondes on him

28 cryinge: men of Israel helpe. This is the man that teacheth all men every where agaynst the people and the lawe and this place. Moreover also he hath brought Grekes into the teple and hath polluted this holy place.

29 For they sawe one Trophimus an Ephesian with him in the cyte. Him they supposed Paul had brought into the teple.

30 And all the cyte was moved and the people swarmed to geder. And they toke Paul and drue him out of the teple and forthwith the dores were shut to.

31 As they went about to kyll him tydinges came vnto the hye captayne of the soudiers that all Ierusalem was moved.

32 Which immediatly toke soudiers and vndercaptaynes and ranne doune vnto them. When they sawe ye vpper captayne and the soudiers they lefte smytinge of Paul.

33 Then the captayne came neare and toke him and comaunded him to be bounde with two chaynes and demaunded what he was and what he had done.

34 And one cryed this another that amoge the people. And whe he coulde not knowe the certayntie for ye rage he comaunded him to be caryed into the castle.

35 And whe he came vnto a grece it fortuned that he was borne of the soudiers of the violence of the people.

36 For the multitude of the people folowed after cryinge: awaye wt him.

37 And as Paul shuld have bene caryed into the castle he sayde vnto the hye Captayne: maye I speake vnto the? Which sayde: canst thou speake Greke?

38 Arte not thou that Egypcian which before these dayes made an vproure and ledde out into the wildernes .iiii. thousande men that were mortherers?

39 But Paul sayde: I am a ma which am a Iewe of Tharsus a cite in Cicill a Citesyn of no vyle cite I beseche ye soffre me to speake vnto ye people.

40 When he had geve him licece Paul stode on ye steppes and beckned with the honde vuto the people and ther was made a greate silence. And he spake vnto the in ye Ebrue tonge sayinge:

Chapter 22[edit]

1 Ye men brethre and fathers heare myne answere which I make vnto you.

2 Whe they hearde that he spake in ye Ebrue tonge to them they kept the moore silence. And he sayde:

3 I am verely aman which am a Iewe borne in Tharsus a cite in Cicill: neverthelesse yet brought vp in this cite at ye fete of Gamaliel and informed diligently in the lawe of the fathers and was fervent mynded to Godwarde as ye all are this same daye

4 and I persecuted this waye vnto the deeth byndynge and delyveringe into preson bothe men and wemen

5 as the chefe prest doth beare me witnes and all the elders: of whom also I receaved letters vnto the brethren and wet to Damasco to bringe them which were there bounde vnto Ierusalem for to be punysshed.

6 And it fortuned as I made my iorney and was come nye vnto Damasco aboute none yt sodenly ther shone fro heaven a greate lyght rounde aboute me

7 and I fell vnto the erth and hearde a voyce sayinge vnto me: Saul Saul why persecutest thou me?

8 And I answered: what arte thou Lorde? And he sayd vnto me: I am Iesus of Nazareth whom thou persecutest.

9 And they that were with me sawe verely a lyght and were a frayde: but they hearde not the voyce of him that spake with me.

10 And I sayde: what shall I do Lorde? And the Lorde sayde vnto me: Aryse and goo into Damasco and there it shalbe tolde the of all thinges which are apoynted for the to do.

11 And when I sawe nothynge for the brightnes of that light I was ledde by the honde of them that were with me and came into Damasco.

12 And one Ananias a perfect man and as pertayninge to the lawe havinge good reporte of all the Iewes which there dwelt

13 came vnto me and stode and sayd vnto me: Brother Saul loke vp. And that same houre I receaved my sight and sawe him.

14 And he sayde the God of oure fathers hath ordeyned the before that thou shuldest knowe his will and shuldest se that which is rightfull and shuldest heare the voyce of his mouth:

15 for thou shalt be his witnes vnto all men of tho thinges which thou thou hast sene and hearde.

16 And now: why tariest thou? Aryse and be baptised and wesshe awaye thy synnes in callinge on ye name of ye Lorde.

17 And it fortuned when I was come agayne to Ierusalem and prayde in the teple yt I was in a trauce

18 and sawe him sayinge vnto me. Make haste and get the quickly out of Ierusalem: for they will not receave thy witnes yt thou bearest of me.

19 And I sayde: Lorde they knowe that I presoned and bet in every synagoge them that beleved on the.

20 And when the bloud of thy witnes Steven was sheed I also stode by and consented vnto his deeth and kept the rayment of them that slewe him.

21 And he sayde vnto me: departe for I will sende the a farre hence vnto the Gentyls.

22 They gave him audience vnto this worde and then lifte vp their voyces and sayde: a waye wt soche a felowe fro the erth: yt is pitie that he shuld live.

23 And as they cryed and cast of their clothes and thrue dust into ye ayer

24 ye captayne bade him to be brought into the castle and commaunded him to be scourged and to be examined that he myght knowe wherfore they cryed on him.

25 And as they bounde him with thoges Paul sayde vnto the Centurion that stode by: Ys it laufull for you to scourge a man that is a Romain and vncondempned?

26 When the Centurion hearde that he went and tolde the vpper captayne sayinge: What intendest thou to do? This man is a Romayne.

27 Then the vpper captayne came and sayde to him: tell me art thou a Romayne? He sayde: Yee.

28 And the captayne answered: with a greate some obtayned I this fredome. And Paul sayde: I was fre borne.

29 Then strayght waye departed from him they which shuld have examyned him. And the hye captayne also was a frayde after he knewe that he was a Romayne: because he had bounde him.

30 On the morowe because he wolde have knowen the certayntie wherfore he was accused of the Iewes he lowsed him from his bondes and commaunded the hye Prestes and all the counsell to come together and brought Paul and set him before them.

Chapter 23[edit]

1 Paul behelde the counsell and sayde: men and brethre I have lived in all good coscience before God vntill this daye.

2 The hye prest Ananias comaunded the that stode by to smyte him on the mouth.

3 Then sayde Paul to him: God smyte the thou payntyd wall. Sittest thou and iudgest me after the lawe: and commaundest me to be smytten contrary to the lawe?

4 And they that stode by sayde: revylest thou Goddes hye preste?

5 Then sayd Paul: I wist not brethren that he was the hye preste. For it is writte thou shalt not curse the rular of thy people.

6 When Paul perceaved that the one parte were Saduces and the other Pharises: he cryed oute in the counsell. Men and brethren I am a Pharisaye the sonne of a Pharisaye. Of the hope and resurreccion fro deeth I am iudged.

7 And when he had so sayde ther arose a debate bitwene the Pharisayes and ye Saduces and the multitude was devided.

8 For ye Saduces saye that ther is no resurreccio nether angell nor sprete. But the Pharisayes graunt bothe.

9 And ther arose a great crye and the Scribes which were of the Pharisayes parte arose and strove sayinge: we fynde none evyll in this man. Though a sprete or an angell hath apered to him let vs not stryve agaynst God.

10 And when ther arose greate debate the captayne fearynge lest Paul shuld have bene pluckt asondre of them comaunded the soudiers to goo doune and to take him from amonge them and to bringe him into the castle.

11 The nyght folowyng God stode by him and sayde: Be of good cheare Paul: for as thou hast testified of me in Ierusalem so must thou beare witnes at Rome.

12 When daye was come certayne of the Iewes gaddered them selves to geder and made a vowe sayinge that they wolde nether eate nor drinke till they had killed Paul.

13 They were aboute .xl. which had made this conspiracio.

14 And they cam to ye chefe prestes and elders and sayde: we have boude oure selves with a vowe that we will eate nothinge vntill we have slayne Paul.

15 Now therfore geve ye knowlege to the vpper captayne and to the counsell that he bringe him forth vnto vs to morow as though we wolde knowe some thinge more perfectly of him. But we (or ever he come neare) are redy in ye meane season to kill him.

16 When Pauls sisters sonne hearde of their layinge awayte he wet and entred into the castle and tolde Paul.

17 And Paul called one of ye vnder captaynes vnto him and sayde: bringe this younge man vnto ye hye captayne: for he hath a certayne thinge to shewe him.

18 And he toke him and sayd: Paul ye presoner called me vnto him and prayed me to brige this youge ma vnto ye which hath a certayne matter to shewe ye.

19 The hye captayne toke him by the hond and wet a parte with him out of the waye: and axed him: what hast thou to saye vnto me?

20 And he sayd: the Iewes are determined to desyre the yt thou woldest brynge forth Paul to morowe into the counsell as though they wolde enquyre somwhat of him more parfectly.

21 But folowe not their mindes: for ther lyein wayte for him of the moo then .xl. men which have boude the selves wt a vowe that they will nether eate ner drinke till they have killed him. And now are they redy and loke for thy promes.

22 The vpper captayne let ye yoge man departe and charged: se thou tell it out to no man that thou hast shewed these thinges to me.

23 And he called vnto him two vnder captaynes sayinge: make redy two hondred soudiers to goo to Cesarea and horsmen threscore and ten and speare men two houndred at the thyrde houre of the nyght.

24 And delyvre them beastes that they maye put Paul on and bringe him safe vnto Felix the hye debite

25 and wrote a letter in this maner.

26 Claudius Lisias vnto ye most mighty rular Felix sendeth gretinges.

27 This man was take of the Iewes and shuld have bene killed of them. Then cam I with soudiers and rescued him and perceaved that he was a Romayne.

28 And when I wolde have knowen the cause wherfore they accused him I brought him forth into their cousell.

29 There perceaved I yt he was accused of questios of their lawe: but was not giltye of eny thinge worthy of deeth or of bondes.

30 Afterwarde when it was shewed me how that ye Iewes layde wayte for ye man I sent him strayght waye to the and gave commaundmet to his accusars yf they had ought agaynst him to tell it vnto ye: fare well.

31 Then ye soudiers as it was comaunded the toke Paul and brought him by nyght to Antipatras.

32 On the morowe they lefte horsmen to goo with him and returned vnto the castle.

33 Which when they cam to Cesarea they delivered the epistle to the debite and presented Paul before him.

34 When the debite had redde the letter he axed of what countre he was and when he vnderstode that he was of Cicill

35 I will heare the (sayde he) whe thyne accusars are come also: and commaunded him to be kepte in Herodes pallys.

Chapter 24[edit]

1 After .v. dayes Ananias the hye preste descended with elders and with a certayne Oratour named Tartullus and enformed the ruelar of Paul.

2 When Paul was called forth Tartullus beganne to accuse him saying: Seynge yt we live in great quyetnes by the meanes of the and that many good thinges are done vnto this nacion thorow thy providence:

3 that alowe we ever and in all places most myghty Felix with all thankes.

4 Notwithstondinge that I be not tedeous vnto the I praye the that thou woldest heare vs of thy curtesy a feawe wordes.

5 We have founde this ma a pestilent felowe and a mover of debate vnto all the Iewes thorowe out the worlde and a mayntayner of ye secte of the Nazarites

6 and hath also enforsed to pollute the temple. Whom we toke and wolde have iudged acordinge to oure lawe:

7 but the hye captayne Lisias came vpon vs and with great violence toke him awaye out of oure hodes

8 comaundinge his accusars to come vnto the. Of who thou mayst (yf thou wilt enquyre) knowe the certayne of all these thinges where of we accuse him.

9 The Iewes lyke wyse affermed sayinge that it was even so.

10 Then Paul (after that the rular him selfe had beckened vnto him that he shuld speake) answered: I shall with a moare quyet minde answere for my selfe for as moche as I vnderstonde yt thou hast bene of many yeares a iudge vnto this people

11 because that thou mayst knowe yt there are yet .xii. dayes sence I went vp to Ierusalem for to praye

12 and that they nether founde me in the teple disputinge with eny man other raysinge vp the people nether in the Synagoges nor in the cite.

13 Nether can they prove ye thinges wher of they accuse me.

14 But this I confesse vnto ye that after that waye (which they call heresy) so worshippe I the God of my fathers belevinge all thinges which are writte in the lawe and ye Prophetes

15 and have hope towardes God that ye same resurreccion from deeth (which they them selves loke for also) shalbe both of iust and vniust.

16 And therfore stody I to have a cleare consciece towarde God and toward man also.

17 But after many yeres I came and brought almes to my people and offeringes

18 in the which they founde me purified in the teple nether with multitude nor yet wt vnquyetnes How beit there were certayne Iewes out of Asia

19 which ought to be here present before the and accuse me yf they had ought agaynst me:

20 or els let these same here saye if they have founde eny evyll doinge in me whill I stonde here in ye counsell:

21 except it be for this one voyce yt I cryed stondinge amoge the of the resurreccion fro deeth am I iudged of you this daye.

22 When Felix hearde these thinges he deferde them for he knewe very well of yt waye and sayde: when Lisias the captayne is come I will know the vtmost of youre matters.

23 And he commaunded an vndercaptayne to kepe Paul and that he shuld have rest and that he shuld forbyd none of his aquayntauce to minister vnto him or to come vnto him.

24 And after a certayne dayes ca Felix and his wyfe Drusilla which was a Iewas and called forth Paul and hearde him of the fayth which is toward Christ.

25 And as he preached of righteousnes temperauce and iudgement to come Felix trembled and answered: thou hast done ynough at this tyme departe when I have a conveniet tyme I will sende for the.

26 He hoped also that money shuld have bene geven him of Paul that he myght lowse him: wherfore he called him ye oftener and comened with him.

27 But after two yeare Festus Porcius came into Felix roume. And Felix willinge to shewe ye Iewes a pleasure lefte Paul in preson bounde.

Chapter 25[edit]

1 When Festus was come into the province after thre dayes he ascended fro Cesarea vnto Ierusalem.

2 Then enformed him the hye prestes and the chefe of the Iewes of Paul. And they besought him

3 and desired faveour agaynst him that he wold sende for him to Ierusalem: and layde awayte for him in the waye to kill him.

4 Festus answered that Paul shuld be kept at Cesarea: but that he him selfe wold shortly departe thither.

5 Let the therfore (sayd he) which amoge you are able to do it come doune with vs and accuse him if ther be eny faute in the man.

6 When he had taried there moare then ten dayes he departed vnto Cesarea and the nexte daye sate doune in the iudgemet seate and commaunded Paul to be brought.

7 When he was come the Iewes which were come fro Ierusalem came aboute him and layde many and greveous complayntes agaynst Paul which they coulde not prove

8 as longe as he answered for him selfe that he had nether agaynst the lawe of the Iewes nether agaynst the temple nor yet agaynst Cesar offended eny thinge at all.

9 Festus willinge to do the Iewes a pleasure answered Paul and sayde: wilt thou goo to Ierusalem and there be iudged of these thinges before me?

10 Then sayd Paul: I stonde at Cesars iudgemet seate where I ought to be iudged. To ye Iewes have I no harme done as thou verely well knowest.

11 If I have hurte them or comitted eny thinge worthy of deeth I refuse not to dye. If none of these thinges are where of they accuse me no man owght to delyver me to them. I appeale vnto Cesar.

12 Then spake Festus with deliberacion and answered. Thou hast appealed vnto Cesar: vnto Cesar shalt thou goo.

13 After a certayne dayes kinge Agrippa and Bernice came vnto Cesarea to salute Festus.

14 And when they had bene there a good ceason Festus rehersed Paules cause vnto ye kynge sayinge: ther is a certayne man left in preson of Felix

15 about whom when I came to Ierusalem the hye prestes and elders of the Iewes enformed me and desyred to have iudgement agaynst him.

16 To whom I answered: It is not the maner of the Romayns to delyver eny man that he shuld perisshe before that he which is accused have the accusars before him and have licence to answer for him selfe concerninge ye cryme layde agaynst him:

17 whe they were come hidder wt out delaye on the morowe I sate to geve iudgement and comaunded ye ma to be brought forthe.

18 Agaynst who when ye accusers stode vp they brought none accusacion of soche thinges as I supposed:

19 but had certayne questions agaynst him of their awne supersticion and of one Iesus which was ded: whom Paul affirmed to be alyve.

20 And be cause I douted of soche maner questions I axed him whyther he wolde goo to Ierusalem and there be iudged of these matters.

21 Then when Paul had appealed to be kept vnto the knowledge of Cesar I commaunded him to be kept tyll I myght sende him to Cesar.

22 Agrippa sayd vnto Festus: I wolde also heare ye man my selfe. To morowe (sayde he) thou shalt heare him.

23 And on ye morowe when Agrippa was come and Bernice with greate pompe and were entred into the counsell housse with the captaynes and chefe men of the cite at Festus commaundement Paul was brought forth.

24 And Festus sayde: kynge Agrippa and all men which are heare present wt vs: ye se this man about whom all the multitude of the Iewes have bene with me both at Ierusalem and also here cryinge that he ought not to lyve eny lenger.

25 Yet founde I nothinge worthy of deeth that he had comitted. Neverthelesse seinge that he hath appealed to Cesar I have determined to sende him.

26 Of whom I have no certayne thinge to wryte vnto my lorde. Wherfore I have brought him vnto you and specially vnto the kynge Agrippa that after examinacion had I myght have sumwhat to wryte.

27 For me thynketh it vnreasonable for to sende a presoner and not to shewe the causes which are layde agaynst him.

Chapter 26[edit]

1 Agrippa sayde vnto Paul: thou arte permitted to speake for thy selfe. Then Paul stretched forth the honde and answered for him selfe.

2 I thynke my selfe happy kynge Agrippa because I shall answere this daye before the of all the thinges wherof I am accused of ye Iewes

3 namely because thou arte experte in all customes and questions which are amonge the Iewes. Wherfore I beseche the to heare me paciently.

4 My lyvynge of a chylde which was at the fyrst amoge myne awne nacion at Ierusalem knowe all the Iewes

5 which knew me from ye beginnynge yf they wolde testifie it. For after the most straytest secte of oure laye lyved I a pharisaye.

6 And now I stond and am iudged for the hope of the promes made of God vnto oure fathers:

7 vnto which promes oure .xii. tribes instantly servynge God daye and nyght hope to come. For which hopes sake kynge Agrippa am I accused of the Iewes.

8 Why shuld it be thought a thinge vncredible vnto you that god shuld rayse agayne the deed?

9 I also verely thought in my selfe that I ought to do many cotrary thinges clene agaynst the name of Iesus of Nazareth:

10 which thinge I also dyd in Ierusalem. Where many of the sainctes I shut vp in preson and had receaved auctorite of ye hye prestes. And whe they were put to deeth I gave the sentence.

11 And I punysshed them ofte in every synagoge and compelled them to blaspheme: and was yet more mad apon them and persecuted the even vnto straunge cities.

12 About the which thinges as I went to Damasco with auctorite and licence of the hye Prestes

13 even at myddaye (o kynge) I sawe in ye waye a lyght from heven above the brightnes of the sunne shyne rounde about me and them which iorneyed with me.

14 When we were all fallen to the erth I hearde a voyce speakynge vnto me and sayinge in ye Hebrue tonge: Saul Saul why persecutest thou me? It is harde for the to kicke agaynste the pricke.

15 And I sayde: Who arte thou lorde? And he sayde I am Iesus whom thou persecutest.

16 But ryse and stond vp on thy fete. For I have apered vnto the for this purpose to make the a minister and a witnes both of tho thinges which thou hast sene and of tho thinges in the which I will appere vnto the

17 delyverynge the from the people and from ye gentyls vnto which nowe I sende the

18 to open their eyes that they myght turne from darcknes vnto lyght and from the power of Satan vnto God that they maye receave forgevenes of synnes and inheritauce amonge the which are sanctified by fayth in me.

19 Wherfore kynge Agrippa I was not disobedient vnto the hevenly vision:

20 but shewed fyrst vnto them of Damasco and at Ierusalem and thorow out all the costes of Iewry and to the gentyls that they shuld repent and turne to God and do the ryght workes of repentaunce.

21 For this cause the Iewes caught me in the temple and went about to kyll me.

22 Neverthelesse I obtayned helpe of God and cotynew vnto this daye witnessyng bothe to small and to greate saying none other thinges then those which the prophetes and Moses dyd saye shuld come

23 that Christ shulde suffre and that he shuld be the fyrst that shulde ryse from deeth and shuld shewe lyght vnto the people and the gentyls.

24 As he thus answered for him selfe: Festus sayde with a lowde voyce: Paul thou arte besides thy selfe. Moche learnynge hath made the mad.

25 And Paul sayde: I am not mad most dere Festus: but speake the wordes of trueth and sobernes.

26 The kynge knoweth of these thinges before whom I speke frely: nether thynke I that eny of these thinges are hydden fro him. For this thinge was not done in a corner.

27 Kynge Agrippa belevest thou ye prophetes? I wote well thou belevest.

28 Agrippa sayde vnto Paul: Sumwhat thou bringest me in mynde for to be come a Christen.

29 And Paul sayd: I wolde to God that not only thou: but also all that heare me to daye were not sumwhat only but altogeder soche as I am except these bondes.

30 And when he had thus spoken the kynge rose vp and the debite and Bernice and they that sate with them.

31 And when they were gone aparte they talked betwene them selves sayinge: This man doeth nothinge worthy of deeth nor of bondes.

32 Then sayde Agrippa vnto Festus: This man myght have bene lowsed yf he had not appealed vnto Cesar.

Chapter 27[edit]

1 When it was cocluded that we shuld sayle into Italy they delivered Paul and certayne other presoners vnto one named Iulius an vnder captayne of Cesars soudiars.

2 And we entred into a ship of Adramicium and lowsed from lond apoynted to sayle by the costes of Asia one Aristarcus out of Macedonia of the contre of Thessalia beinge with vs.

3 And the nexte daye we came to Sidon. And Iulius courteously entreated Paul and gave him liberte to goo vnto his frendes and to refresshe him selfe.

4 And from thence lanched we and sayled harde by Cypers because the wyndes were contrarye.

5 Then sayled we over the see of Cilicia and Pamphylia and came to Myra a cite in Lycia.

6 And there ye vnder captayne founde a shippe of Alexander redy to sayle into Italy and put vs therin.

7 And when we had sayled slowly many dayes and scace were come over agaynst Gnydon (because the wynde with stode vs) we sayled harde by the costes of Candy over agaynste Salmo

8 and with moche worke sayled beyonde yt and came vnto a place called good porte. Nye whervnto was a citie called Lasea.

9 When moche tyme was spent and saylinge was now ieoperdeous because also that we had overlonge fasted Paul put them in remembraunce

10 and sayde vnto them Syrs I perceave that this vyage wilbe with hurte and moche domage not of the ladynge and ship only: but also of oure lyves.

11 Neverthelather the vndercaptayne beleved the governer and the master better then tho thinges which were spoken of Paul.

12 And because the haven was not comodius to wynter in many toke counsell to departe thence yf by eny meanes they myght attayne to Phenices and there to wynter which is an haven of Candy and servith to the southwest and northwest wynde.

13 When the south wynde blewe they supposynge to obtayne their purpose lowsed vnto Asson and sayled paste all Candy.

14 But anone after ther arose agaynste their purpose a flawe of wynde out of the northeeste.

15 And when the ship was caught and coulde not resist the wynde we let her goo and drave with the wether.

16 And we came vnto an yle named Clauda and had moche worke to come by abote

17 which they toke vp and vsed helpe vndergerdynge the shippe fearynge lest we shuld have fallen into Syrtes and we let doune a vessell and so were caryed.

18 The nexte daye when we were tossed wt an exceadynge tempest they lyghtened ye ship

19 and the thyrde daye we cast out with oure awne hondes the tacklynge of the shippe.

20 When at the last nether sunne nor starre in many dayes appered and no small tempest laye apon vs all hope that we shuld be saved was then taken awaye.

21 Then after longe abstinence Paul stode forth in the myddes of them and sayde: Syrs ye shulde have harkened to me and not have lowsed from Candy nether to have brought vnto vs this harme and losse.

22 And nowe I exhorte you to be of good chere. For ther shalbe no losse of eny mas lyfe amonge you save of the ship only.

23 For ther stode by me this nyght the angell of God whose I am and whom I serve

24 sayinge: feare not Paul for thou must be brought before Cesar. And lo God hath geven vnto the all that sayle with ye.

25 Wherfore Syrs be of good chere: for I beleve God that so it shalbe even as it was tolde me.

26 How be it we must be cast into a certayne ylonde.

27 But when ye fourtethe nyght was come as we were caryed in Adria about mydnyght the shipmen demed that ther appered some countre vnto the:

28 and sounded and founde it .xx. feddoms. And when they had gone a lytell further they sounded agayne and founde .xv. feddoms.

29 Then fearinge lest they shuld have fallen on some Rocke they cast .iiii. ancres out of the sterne and wysshed for ye daye.

30 As the shipmen were about to fle out of the ship and had let doune the bote into the see vnder a coloure as though they wolde have cast ancres out of the forshippe:

31 Paul sayd vnto ye vnder captayne and the soudiers: excepte these abyde in the ship ye cannot be safe.

32 Then the soudiers cut of the rope of the bote and let it fall awaye.

33 And in ye meane tyme betwixt that and daye Paul besought them all to take meate sayinge: this is ye fourtenthe daye that ye have taried and continued fastynge receavinge nothinge at all.

34 Wherfore I praye you to take meate: for this no dout is for youre helth: for ther shall not an heere fall fro the heed of eny of you.

35 And when he had thus spoke he toke breed and gave thankes to God in presence of the all and brake it and begane to eate.

36 Then were they all of good cheare and they also toke meate.

37 We were all together in ye ship two hundred thre score and sixtene soules.

38 And whe they had eate ynough they lightened ye ship and cast out the wheate into the see.

39 Whe yt was daye they knew not ye lande but they spied a certayne haven with a banke into ye which they were mynded (yf yt were possible) to thrust in the ship.

40 And when they had taken vp the ancres they comytted them selves vnto the see and lowsed the rudder bondes and hoysed vp ye mayne sayle to the wynde and drue to londe.

41 But they chaunsed on a place which had the see on bothe the sydes and thrust in the ship. And the foore parte stucke fast and moved not but ye hynder brake with the violence of the waves.

42 The soudears counsell was to kyll ye presoners lest eny of them when he had swome out shulde fle awaye.

43 But the vndercaptayne willinge to save Paul kept the from their purpose and commaunded that they yt could swyme shulde cast the selves first in to ye see and scape to londe.

44 And the other he comaunded to goo some on bordes and some on broken peces of the ship. And so it came to passe that they came all safe to londe.

Chapter 28[edit]

1 And when they were scaped then they knewe that the yle was called Milete.

2 And the people of the countre shewed vs no lytell kyndnes: for they kyndled a fyre and receaved vs every one because of the present rayne and because of colde.

3 And when Paul had gaddered a boundle of stickes and put them into the fyre ther came a viper out of the heet and lept on his honde.

4 When the men of the contre sawe the worme hange on his honde they sayde amonge the selves: this man must nedes be a mortherer. Whome (though he have escaped the see) yet vengeaunce suffreth not to lyve.

5 But he shouke of the vermen into the fyre and felt no harme.

6 Howbeit they wayted when he shuld have swolne or fallen doune deed sodenly. But after they had loked a greate whyle and sawe no harme come to him they chaunged their myndes and sayde that he was a God.

7 In the same quarters the chefe man of the yle whose name was Publius had a lordshippe: the same receaved vs and lodged vs thre dayes courteously.

8 And it fortuned that the father of Publius laye sicke of a fiever and of a bluddy flixe. To who Paul entred in and prayde and layde his hondes on him and healed him.

9 When this was done other also which had diseases in the yle came and were healed.

10 And they dyd vs gret honoure. And when we departed they laded vs with thinges necessary.

11 After thre monethes we departed in a ship of Alexandry which had wyntred in the yle whose badge was Castor and Pollux.

12 And whe we came to Cyracusa we taryed there .iii. dayes.

13 And from thence we set a compasse and came to Regium. And after one daye the south wynde blewe and we came the next daye to Putiolus:

14 where we founde brethren and were desyred to tary with them seven dayes and so came to Rome.

15 And from thence when ye brethren hearde of vs they came agaynst vs to Apiphorum and to ye thre taverns. When Paul sawe the he thanked God and wexed bolde.

16 And when he came to Rome ye vnder captayne delyvered ye presoners to ye chefe captayne of ye host: but Paul was suffered to dwell by him selfe with one soudier that kept him.

17 And it fortuned after thre dayes that Paul called ye chefe of ye Iewes together. And whe they were come he sayde vnto the: Men and brethren though I have comitted nothinge agaynst the people or lawes of oure fathers: yet was I delyvered presoner from Ierusalem in to the hondes of ye Romayns.

18 Which when they had examined me wolde have let me goo because they founde no cause of deeth in me.

19 But when ye Iewes cryed cotrary I was constrayned to appeale vnto Cesar: not because I had ought to accuse my people of.

20 For this cause have I called for you eve to se you and to speake with you: because that for the hope of Israel I am bounde with this chayne.

21 And they sayde vnto him: We nether receaved letters out of Iewry pertayninge vnto ye nether came eny of the brethren that shewed or spake eny harme of the.

22 But we will heare of the what thou thynkest. For we have hearde of this secte that every wheare it is spoken agaynst.

23 And when they had apoynted him a daye ther came many vnto him into his lodgynge. To whom he expounded and testifyed the kyngdome of God and preached vnto the of Iesu: both out of the lawe of Moses and also out of the prophetes even from mornynge to nyght.

24 And some beleved ye thinges which were spoken and some beleved not.

25 When they agreed not amonge the selves they departed after that Paul had spoken one worde. Well spake the holy goost by Esay ye prophet vnto oure fathers

26 sayinge: Goo vnto this people and saye: with youre eares shall ye heare and shall not vnderstonde: and with youre eyes shall ye se and shall not perceave.

27 For the hert of this people is wexed grosse and their eares were thycke of hearynge and their eyes have they closed: lest they shuld se with their eyes and heare with their eares and vnderstonde with their hertes and shuld be converted and I shulde heale them.

28 Be it knowen therfore vnto you that this salvacion of God is sent to the gentyls and they shall heare it.

29 And when he had sayde that the Iewes departed and had grete despicios amonge them selves.

30 And Paul dwelt two yeares full in his lodgynge and receaved all that came to him

31 preachyng the kyngdome of God and teachynge those thinges which concerned the lorde Iesus with all confidence vnforboden.