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Chapter 1[edit]

1 In the beginnynge was the worde and the worde was with God: and the worde was God.

2 The same was in the beginnynge with God.

3 All thinges were made by it and with out it was made nothinge that was made.

4 In it was lyfe and the lyfe was ye lyght of men

5 and the lyght shyneth in the darcknes but the darcknes comprehended it not.

6 There was a man sent from God whose name was Iohn.

7 The same cam as a witnes to beare witnes of the lyght that all men through him myght beleve.

8 He was not that lyght: but to beare witnes of the lyght.

9 That was a true lyght which lyghteth all men that come into the worlde.

10 He was in ye worlde and the worlde was made by him: and yet the worlde knewe him not.

11 He cam amonge his (awne) and his awne receaved him not.

12 But as meny as receaved him to them he gave power to be the sonnes of God in yt they beleved on his name:

13 which were borne not of bloude nor of the will of the flesshe nor yet of the will of man: but of God.

14 And the worde was made flesshe and dwelt amonge vs and we sawe the glory of it as the glory of the only begotten sonne of ye father which worde was full of grace and verite.

15 Iohn bare witnes of him and cryed sayinge: This was he of whome I spake he that cometh after me was before me because he was yer then I.

16 And of his fulnes have all we receaved even (grace) for grace.

17 For the lawe was geven by Moses but grace and truthe came by Iesus Christ.

18 No ma hath sene God at eny tyme. The only begotte sonne which is in ye bosome of ye father he hath declared him.

19 And this is the recorde of Iohn: When the Iewes sent Prestes and Levites from Ierusalem to axe him what arte thou?

20 And he confessed and denyed not and sayde playnly: I am not Christ.

21 And they axed him: what then? arte thou Helyas? And he sayde: I am not. Arte thou a Prophete? And he answered no.

22 Then sayd they vnto him: what arte thou that we maye geve an answer to them that sent vs: What sayest thou of thy selfe?

23 He sayde: I am the voyce of a cryar in the wyldernes make strayght the waye of the Lorde as sayde the Prophete Esaias.

24 And they which were sent were of the pharises.

25 And they axed him and sayde vnto him: why baptisest thou then yf thou be not Christ nor Helyas nether a Prophet?

26 Iohn answered them sayinge: I baptise with water: but one is come amonge you whom ye knowe not

27 he it is that cometh after me whiche was before me whose sho latchet I am not worthy to vnlose.

28 These thinges were done in Bethabara beyonde Iordan where Iohn dyd baptyse.

29 The nexte daye Iohn sawe Iesus commyge vnto him and sayde: beholde the lambe of God which taketh awaye the synne of the worlde.

30 This is he of whom I sayde. After me cometh a man which was before me for he was yer then I

31 and I knew him not: but that he shuld be declared to Israell therfore am I come baptisynge with water.

32 And Iohn bare recorde sayinge: I sawe the sprete descende from heven lyke vnto a dove and abyde apon him

33 and I knewe him not. But he that sent me to baptise in water the same sayde vnto me: apon whom thou shalt se the sprete descende and tary styll on him the same is he which baptiseth with the holy goost.

34 And I sawe and bare recorde that this is the sonne of God.

35 The next daye after Iohn stode agayne and two of his disciples.

36 And he behelde Iesus as he walked by and sayde: beholde the lambe of God.

37 And the two disciples hearde him speake and folowed Iesus.

38 And Iesus turned about and sawe them folowe and sayde vnto them: what seke ye? They sayde vnto him: Rabbi (which is to saye by interpretacion Master) where dwellest thou?

39 He sayde vnto them: come and se. They came and sawe where he dwelt: and abode with him that daye. For it was about the tenthe houre.

40 One of the two which hearde Iohn speake and folowed Iesus was Andrew Simon Peters brother.

41 The same founde his brother Simon fyrst and sayde vnto him: we have founde Messias which is by interpretacion annoynted:

42 and brought him to Iesus. And Iesus behelde him and sayde: thou arte Simon the sonne of Ionas thou shalt be called Cephas: which is by interpretacion a stone.

43 The daye folowynge Iesus wolde goo into Galile and founde Philip and sayde vnto him folowe me.

44 Philip was of Bethsaida the cite of Andrew and Peter.

45 And Philip founde Nathanael and sayde vnto him. We have founde him of whom Moses in the lawe and the prophetes dyd wryte. Iesus the sonne of Ioseph of Nazareth.

46 And Nathanael sayde vnto him: can ther eny good thinge come out of Nazareth? Philip sayde to him: come and se.

47 Iesus sawe Nathanael commynge to him and sayde of him. Beholde a ryght Israelite in who is no gyle.

48 Nathanael sayd vnto him: where knewest thou me? Iesus answered and sayde vnto him: Before that Philip called the when thou wast vnder ye fygge tree I sawe the.

49 Nathanael answered and sayde vnto him: Rabbi thou arte the sonne of God thou arte the kynge of Israel.

50 Iesus answered and sayd vnto him: Because I sayde vnto the I sawe the vnder the fygge tree thou belevest. Thou shalt se greater thinges then these.

51 And he sayde vnto him: Verely verely I saye vnto you: herafter shall ye se heven open and the angels of God ascendynge and descendynge over the sonne of man.

Chapter 2[edit]

1 And the thryde daye was ther a mariage in Cana a cite of Galile: and the mother of Iesus was there.

2 And Iesus was called also and his disciples vnto the mariage.

3 And when the wyne fayled the mother of Iesus sayde vnto him: they have no wyne.

4 Iesus sayde vnto her: woman what have I to do with the? myne houre is not yet come.

5 His mother sayde vnto the ministres: whatsoever he sayeth vnto you do it.

6 And therwere stondynge theare sixe water pottes of stone after ye maner of the purifyinge of ye Iewes contaynynge two or thre fyrkins a pece.

7 And Iesus sayde vnto them: fyll the water pottes with water. And they fylled them vp to the brym.

8 And he sayde vnto them: drawe out now and beare vnto the governer of the feaste. And they bare it.

9 When the ruler of the feast had tasted the water that was turned vnto wyne and knewe not whence it was (but the ministres which drue the water knew). He called the brydegrome

10 and sayde vnto him. All men at the beginnynge set forth good wyne and when men be dronke then that which is worsse. But thou hast kept backe the good wyne vntyll now.

11 This beginnynge of miracles dyd Iesus in Cana of Galile and shewed his glory and his disciples beleved on him.

12 After that he descended in to Capernaum and his mother and his brethren and his disciples: but contynued not manye dayes there.

13 And the Iewes ester was even at honde and Iesus went vp to Ierusalem

14 and founde syttynge in the temple those that solde oxen and shepe and doves and chaungers of money.

15 And he made a scourge of small cordes and drave them all out of the temple with the shepe and oxen and powred oute the changers money and overthrue the tables

16 and sayde vnto them that solde doves: Have these thinges hence and make not my fathers housse an housse of marchaundyse.

17 And his disciples remembred how yt it was wrytten: the zele of thyne housse hath even eaten me.

18 Then answered the Iewes and sayde vnto him: what token shewest thou vnto vs seynge that thou dost these thinges?

19 Iesus answered and sayd vnto them: destroye this temple and in thre dayes I will reare it vp agayne.

20 Then sayde the Iewes: xlvi. yeares was this temple abuyldinge: and wylt thou reare it vp in thre dayes?

21 But he spake of the temple of his body.

22 Assone therfore as he was rysen from deeth agayne his disciples remembred that he thus sayde. And they beleved the scripture and the wordes which Iesus had sayde.

23 When he was at Ierusalem at ester in the feaste many beleved on his name when they sawe his miracles which he dyd.

24 But Iesus put not him selfe in their hondes because he knewe all men

25 and neded not that eny man shuld testify of man. For he knewe what was in man.

Chapter 3[edit]

1 Ther was a man of the pharises named Nicodemus a ruler amonge ye Iewes.

2 The same cam to Iesus by nyght and sayde vnto him: Rabbi we knowe that thou arte a teacher whiche arte come from God. For no man coulde do suche miracles as thou doest except God were with him.

3 Iesus answered and sayde vnto him: Verely verely I saye vnto the: except a man be boren a newe he cannot se the kyngdom of God.

4 Nicodemus sayde vnto him: how can a man be boren when he is olde? can he enter into his moders wombe and be boren agayne?

5 Iesus answered: verely verely I saye vnto the: except that a man be boren of water and of ye sprete he cannot enter into the kyngdome of god.

6 That which is boren of the flesshe is flesshe: and that which is boren of the sprete is sprete.

7 Marvayle not that I sayd to the ye must be boren a newe.

8 The wynde bloweth where he listeth and thou hearest his sounde: but canst not tell whence he cometh and whether he goeth. So is every man that is boren of the sprete.

9 And Nicodemus answered and sayde vnto him: how can these thinges be?

10 Iesus answered and sayde vnto him: arte thou a master in Israel and knowest not these thinges?

11 Verely verely I saye vnto the we speake that we knowe and testify that we have sene: and ye receave not oure witnes.

12 Yf when I tell you erthely thinges ye beleve not: how shuld ye beleve yf I shall tell you of hevenly thinges?

13 And no man ascendeth vp to heaven but he that came doune from heaven that is to saye the sonne of man which is in heaven.

14 And as Moses lifte vp the serpent in the wyldernes even so must the sonne of man be lifte vp

15 that none that beleveth in him perisshe: but have eternall lyfe.

16 For God so loveth the worlde yt he hath geven his only sonne that none that beleve in him shuld perisshe: but shuld have everlastinge lyfe.

17 For God sent not his sonne into the worlde to condepne the worlde: but that the worlde through him might be saved.

18 He that beleveth on him shall not be condepned. But he that beleveth not is condempned all redy be cause he beleveth not in the name of the only sonne of God.

19 And this is the condempnacion: that light is come into the worlde and the me loved darcknes more then light because their dedes were evill.

20 For every man that evyll doeth hateth the light: nether commeth to light lest his dedes shuld be reproved.

21 But he that doth truth commeth to the light that his dedes might be knowen how that they are wrought in God.

22 After these thinges cam Iesus and his disciples into the Iewes londe and ther he haunted with them and baptised.

23 And Iohn also baptised in Enon besydes Salim because ther was moche water there and they came and were baptised.

24 For Iohn was not yet cast into preson.

25 And ther arose a questio bitwene Iohns disciples and the Iewes about purifiynge.

26 And they came vnto Iohn and sayde vnto him: Rabbi he that was with the beyonde Iordan to whom thou barest witnes. Beholde the same baptyseth and all me come to him.

27 Iohn answered and sayde: a man can receave no thinge at all except it be geve him fro heaven.

28 Ye youre selves are witnesses how that I sayde: I am not Christ but am sent before him.

29 He that hath the bryde is the brydegrome. But the frende of the brydegrome which stondeth by and heareth him reioyseth greately of the brydgromes voyce. Tis my ioye is fulfilled.

30 He must increace: and I muste decreace.

31 He that commeth from an hye is above all: He that is of ye erth is of the erth and speaketh of the erth. He that cometh from heaven is above all

32 and what he hath sene and hearde: that he testifieth: but no man receaveth his testimonye.

33 How be it he that hath receaved hys testimonye hath set to his seale that God is true.

34 For he whom God hath sent speaketh the wordes of God. For God geveth not the sprete by measure.

35 The father loveth the sonne and hath geven all thinges into his honde.

36 He that beleveth on the sonne hath everlastynge lyfe: and he that beleveth not the sonne shall not se lyfe but the wrathe of God abydeth on him.

Chapter 4[edit]

1 Assone as the Lorde had knowledge how the Pharises had hearde that Iesus made and baptised moo disciples then Iohn

2 (though that Iesus him selfe baptised not: but his disciples)

3 he lefte Iewry and departed agayne into Galile.

4 And it was so that he must nedes goo thorowe Samaria.

5 Then came he to a cyte of Samaria called Sichar besydes the possession that Iacob gave to his sonne Ioseph.

6 And there was Iacobs well. Iesus then weryed in his iorney sate thus on the well. And it was about the sixte houre:

7 and there came a woman of Samaria to drawe water. And Iesus sayde vnto her: geve me drynke.

8 For his disciples were gone awaye vnto the toune to bye meate.

9 Then sayde the woman of Samaria vnto him: how is it that thou beinge a Iewe axest drinke of me which am a Samaritane? for the Iewes medle not with the Samaritans.

10 Iesus answered and sayde vnto hir: yf thou knewest the gyfte of God and who it is that sayeth to the geve me drynke thou woldest have axed of him and he wolde have geven the water of lyfe.

11 The woman sayde vnto him. Syr thou hast no thinge to drawe with and the well is depe: from whence then hast thou yt water of lyfe?

12 Arte thou greater then oure father Iacob which gave vs the well and he him silfe dranke therof and his chyldren and his catell?

13 Iesus answered and sayde vnto hir: whosoever drinketh of this water shall thurst agayne.

14 But whosoever shall drinke of ye water yt I shall geve him shall never be more a thyrst: but the water that I shall geve him shalbe in him a well of water springinge vp in to everlastinge lyfe.

15 The woma sayd vnto him: Syr geve me of that water that I thyrst not nether come hedder to drawe.

16 Iesus sayde vnto her. Go and call thy husband and come hydder.

17 The woman answered and sayde to him: I have no husband.

18 Iesus sayde to her. Thou hast well sayd I have no husbande. For thou haste had five husbandes and he whom thou now hast is not thy husband. That saydest thou truely.

19 The woman sayde vnto him: Syr I perceave yt thou arte a prophet.

20 Oure fathers worshipped in this mountayne: and ye saye that in Hierusalem is the place where men ought to worshippe.

21 Iesus sayde vnto her: woman beleve me the houre cometh when ye shall nether in this moutayne nor yet at Ierusalem worshippe the father.

22 Ye worshippe ye wot not what: we knowe what we worshippe. For salvacion cometh of the Iewes.

23 But the houre commeth and nowe is when the true worshippers shall worshippe the father in sprete and in trouthe. For verely suche the father requyreth to worshippe him.

24 God is a sprete and they that worshippe him must worshippe him in sprete and trouthe.

25 The woman sayde vnto him: I wot well Messias shall come which is called Christ. When he is come he will tell vs all thinges.

26 Iesus sayde vnto hir: I that speake vnto the am he.

27 And eve at that poynte came his disciples and marvelled that he talked with the woman. Yet no man sayde vnto him: what meanest thou or why talkest thou with her?

28 The woma then lefte her waterpot and went her waye into the cite and sayde to the men.

29 Come se a man which tolde me all thinges yt ever I dyd. Is not he Christ?

30 Then they went ont of the cite and came vnto him.

31 And in ye meane while his disciples prayed him sayinge: Master eate.

32 He sayde vnto the: I have meate to eate that ye knowe not of.

33 Then sayd ye disciples bitwene them selves: hath eny ma brought him meate?

34 Iesus sayde vnto them: my meate is to doo the will of him that sent me. And to fynnysshe his worke.

35 Saye not ye: there are yet foure monethes and then cometh harvest? Beholde I saye vnto you lyfte vp youre eyes and loke on ye regios: for they are whyte all redy vnto harvest.

36 And he ye repeth receaveth rewarde and gaddereth frute vnto life eternall: that bothe he that soweth and he yt repeth myght reioyse to gether.

37 And herin is the sayinge true yt one soweth and another repeth.

38 I sent you to repe yt whero ye bestowed no laboure. Other men laboured and ye are entred into their labours.

39 Many of the Samaritas of that cyte beleved on him for ye sayinge of the woma which testified: he tolde me all thinges yt ever I dyd.

40 Then when the Samaritas were come vnto him they besought him yt he wolde tary wt the. And he aboode there two dayes.

41 And many moo beleved because of his awne wordes

42 and sayd vnto the woman: Now we beleve not because of thy sayinge. For we have herde him oure selves and knowe that this is even in dede Christ the savioure of the worlde.

43 After two dayes he departed thence and wet awaye into Galile.

44 And Iesus him selfe testified that a Prophete hath none honoure in his awne countre.

45 Then assone as he was come into Galile the Galileans receaved him which had sene all the thinges yt he dyd at Ierusalem at ye feast. For they wet also vnto ye feast daye.

46 And Iesus came agayne into Cana of Galile wher he turned water into wyne. And ther was a certayne ruler whose sonne was sicke at Capernaum.

47 Assone as the same herde that Iesus was come out of Iewry into Galile he wet vnto him and besought him yt he wolde descende and heale his sonne: For he was eve readie to dye.

48 Then sayde Iesus vnto him: excepte ye se signes and wodres ye canot beleve.

49 The ruler sayd vnto him: Syr come awaye or ever yt my chylde dye.

50 Iesus sayde vnto him goo thy waye thy sonne liveth. And the ma beleved ye wordes yt Iesus had spoke vnto him and wet his waye.

51 And anone as he went on his waye his servantes met him and tolde him sayinge: thy chylde liveth.

52 Then enquyred he of the the houre when he begane to amende. And they sayde vnto him: Yester daye the sevethe houre the fever lefte him.

53 And the father knew that it was the same houre in which Iesus sayde vnto him: Thy sonne liveth. And he beleved and all his housholde.

54 Thys is agayne the seconde myracle yt Iesus dyd after he was come oute of Iewry into Galile.

Chapter 5[edit]

1 After that ther was a feast of the Iewes and Iesus went vp to Ierusalem.

2 And ther is at Ierusalem by ye slaughterhousse a pole called in ye Ebrue toge Bethseda havinge five porches

3 in which laye a greate multitude of sicke folke of blinde halt and wyddered waytinge for the movinge of the water.

4 For an angell wet doune at a certayne ceason into ye pole and troubled ye water. Whosoever then fyrst after the steringe of the water stepped in was made whoale of what soever disease he had.

5 And a certayne ma was theare which had bene diseased .xxxviii. yeares

6. When Iesus sawe him lye and knewe that he now longe tyme had bene diseased he sayde vnto him. Wilt thou be made whoale?7 The sicke answered him: Syr I have no man whe the water is troubled to put me into the pole. But in the meane tyme whill I am about to come another steppeth doune before me.

8 And Iesus sayde vnto him: ryse take vp thy beed and walke.

9 And immediatly the man was made whole and toke vp his beed and went. And the same daye was the Saboth daye

10. The Iewes therfore sayde vnto him that was made whole. It is ye Saboth daye it is not laufull for the to cary thy beed11. He answered them: he that made me whole sayde vnto me: take vp thy beed and get the hence.12 Then axed they him: what man is that which sayde vnto the take vp thy beed and walke.

13 And he yt was healed wist not who it was. For Iesus had gotte him selfe awaye be cause yt ther was preace of people in ye place.

14 And after that Iesus founde him in the teple and sayd vnto him: beholde thou arte made whole synne no moore lest a worsse thinge happe vnto the.

15 The man departed and tolde ye Iewes that yt was Iesus whiche had made him whole.

16 And therfore the Iewes dyd persecute Iesus and sought the meanes to slee him because he had done these thinges on the Saboth daye.

17 And Iesus answered them: my father worketh hidder to and I worke.

18 Therfore the Iewes sought the moare to kill him not only because he had broken the Saboth: but sayde also that God was his father and made him selfe equall with God.

19 Then answered Iesus and sayde vnto them: verely verely I saye vnto you: the sonne can do no thinge of him selfe but that he seeth ye father do. For whatsoever he doeth yt doeth the sonne also.

20 For the father loveth ye sonne and sheweth him all thinges whatsoever he him selfe doeth. And he will shewe him greter workes then these because ye shoulde marvayle.

21 For lykwyse as the father rayseth vp ye deed and quickeneth them even so the sonne quyckeneth whom he will.

22 Nether iudgeth ye father eny ma: but hath comitted all iudgemet vnto the sonne

23 because that all men shuld honoure the sonne eve as they honoure the father. He that honoureth not ye sonne the same honoureth not the father which hath sent him.

24 Verely verely I saye vnto you: He that heareth my wordes and beleveth on him that sent me hath everlastinge lyfe and shall not come into damnacion: but is scaped fro deth vnto lyfe.

25 Verely verely I saye vnto you: the tyme shall come and now is when the deed shall heare the voyce of the sonne of God. And they yt heare shall live.

26 For as the father hath life in him silfe: so lyke wyse hath he geven to ye sonne to have lyfe in him silfe:

27 and hath geven him power also to iudge in that he is the sonne of man.

28 Marvayle not at this ye houre shall come in the which all yt are in the graves shall heare his voice

29 and shall come forthe: they that have done good vnto the resurreccion of lyfe: and they that have done evyll vnto the resurreccion of dampnacion.

30 I can of myne awne selfe do nothinge at all. As I heare I iudge and my iudgemet is iust because I seke not myne awne will but the will of ye father which hath sent me.

31 Yf I beare witnes of my selfe my witnes is not true.

32 Ther is a nother that beareth witnes of me and I am sure that the witnes whiche he beareth of me is true.

33 Ye sent vnto Iohn and he bare witnes vnto the truthe.

34 But I receave not the recorde of man. Neverthelesse these thinges I saye that ye might be safe.

35 He was a burninge and a shyninge light and ye wolde for a season have reioysed in his light.

36 But I have greater witnes then the witnes of Iohn. For ye workes which ye father hath geve me to fynisshe: the same workes which I do beare witnes of me that ye father sent me.

37 And the father him silfe which hath sent me beareth witnes of me. Ye have not hearde his voyce at eny tyme nor ye have sene his shape:

38 therto his wordes have ye not abydinge in you. For whome he hath sent: him ye beleve not.

39 Searche the scriptures for in them ye thinke ye have eternall lyfe: and they are they which testify of me.

40 And yet will ye not come to me that ye might have lyfe.

41 I receave not prayse of men.

42 But I knowe you that ye have not the love of God in you

43 I am come in my fathers name and ye receave me not. Yf another shall come in his awne name him will ye receave.

44 How can ye beleve which receave honoure one of another and seke not the honoure that commeth of God only?

45 Doo not thinke that I wyll accuse you to my father. Ther is one that accuseth you eve Moses in whom ye trust.

46 For had ye beleved Moses ye wold have beleved me: for he wrote of me.

47 But now ye beleve not his writinge: how shall ye beleve my wordes.

Chapter 6[edit]

1 After these thinges Iesus wet his waye over the see of Galile nye to a cyte called Tiberias.

2 And a greate multitude folowed him because they had sene his myracles which he dyd on them that were diseased.

3 And Iesus went vp into a mountayne and there he sate with his disciples.

4 And ester a feast of ye Iewes was nye.

5 Then Iesus lifte vp his eyes and sawe a greate copany come vnto him and sayde vnto Philip: whence shall we bye breed yt these might eate.

6 This he sayde to prove him: for he him sylfe knewe what he wolde do.

7 Philip answered him two hondred peny worthe of breed are not sufficient for them yt every ma have a litell.

8 Then sayde vnto him one of his disciples Andrew Simon Peters brother.

9 There ys a lad here which hath fyve barly loves and two fisshes: but what is that amoge so many?

10 And Iesus sayde. Make the people sit doune: Ther was moche grasse in the place. And the men sate doune in nombre about five thousande.

11 And Iesus toke the breed and gave thankes and gave to the disciples and his disciples to them that were set doune. And lykwyse of the fysshes as moche as they wolde.

12 When they had eate ynough he sayd vnto his disciples: gadder vp the broke meate that remayneth: that nothinge be loost.

13 And they gadered it to geder and fylled twelve baskettes with the broken meate of the five barly loves which broken meate remayned vnto the that had eaten.

14 Then the men when they had sene the myracle that Iesus dyd sayde: This is of a trueth the Prophet that shuld come into the worlde.

15 When Iesus perceaved that they wolde come and take him vp to make him kinge he departed agayne into a mountayne him silfe a lone.

16 And when eve was come his disciples wet vnto the see

17 and entred into a shyppe and went over the see vnto Capernaum. And anone it was darcke and Iesus was not come to them.

18 And ye see arose with a greate winde yt blew.

19 And when they had rowe aboute a .xxv. or a xxx. furlonges they sawe Iesus walke on ye see and drawe nye vnto the shyp and they were afrayed.

20 And he sayde vnto them: It is I be not a frayde.

21 Then wolde they have receaved him into the shyp and the ship was by and by at the londe whyther they went.

22 The daye folowynge the people which stode on the other syde of the see sawe that ther was none other shyp theare save yt one wher in his disciples were entred and that Iesus went not in with his disciples into the ship: but that his disciples were gone awaye alone.

23 How be it ther came other shippes from Tiberias nye vnto the place where they ate breed when the Lorde had blessed.

24 Then whe the people sawe that Iesus was not there nether his disciples they also toke shippinge and came to Caparnaum sekinge for Iesus.

25 And when they had founde him on ye other syde of ye see they sayd vnto him: Rabbi whe camest thou hidder?

26 Iesus answered them and sayde: verely verely I saye vnto you: ye seke me not because ye sawe the myracles: but because ye ate of the loves and were filled.

27 Laboure not for ye meate which perissheth but for ye meate that endureth vnto everlastynge lyfe whiche meate ye sonne of ma shall geve vnto you. For him hath god ye father sealed.

28 Then sayd they vnto him: what shall we do that we myght worke ye workes of God?

29 Iesus answered and sayde vnto them. This is ye worke of God that ye beleve on him who he hath sent.

30 They sayde vnto him: what signe shewest thou then that we maye se and beleve the? What doest thou worke?

31 Oure fathers dyd eate Manna in the desert as yt is writte: He gave them breed fro heaven to eate.

32 Iesus sayde vnto the: verely verely I saye vnto you: Moses gave you breed fro heave: but my father geveth you the true breed fro heave.

33 For the breed of God is he which cometh doune from heave and geveth lyfe vnto the worlde.

34 Then sayde they vnto him: Lorde ever moore geve vs this breed.

35 And Iesus sayde vnto them: I am that breed of life. He that cometh to me shall not honger: and he that beleveth on me shall never thurst.

36 But I sayed vnto you: that ye have sene me aud yet beleve not.

37 All that the father geveth me shall come to me: and him yt cometh to me I cast not awaye.

38 For I came doune fro heaven: not to do myne awne will but his will which hath sent me.

39 And this is the fathers will which hath sent me that of all which he hath geven me I shuld loose no thinge: but shuld rayse it vp agayne at the last daye.

40 And this is the wyll of him yt sent me: yt every man which seith ye sonne and beleveth on him have everlastinge lyfe. And I will rayse him vp at ye last daye.

41 The Iewes then murmured at him because he sayde: I am that breed which is come doune from heaven.

42 And they sayde: Is not this Iesus ye sonne of Ioseph whose father and mother we knowe? How ys yt then that he sayeth I came doune from heave?

43 Iesus answered and sayde vnto them. Murmur not betwene youre selves.

44 No man can come to me except the father which hath sent me drawe him. And I will rayse him vp at the last daye.

45 It is written in the Prophetes yt they shall all be taught of God. Every man therfore that hath hearde and hath learned of the father commeth vnto me.

46 Not that eny man hath sene ye father save he which is of God: the same hath sene the father.

47 Verely verely I saye vnto you he that beleveth on me hath everlastinge lyfe.

48 I am that breed of lyfe.

49 Youre fathers dyd eate Mana in ye wildernes and are deed.

50 This is that breed which cometh fro heave yt he which eateth of it shuld also not dye.

51 I am that lyvinge breed which came doune from heave. Yf eny man eate of this breed he shall live forever. And the breed that I will geve is my flesshe which I will geve for the lyfe of ye worlde

52 And the Iewes strove amoge them selves sayinge: How can this felowe geve vs his flesshe to eate?

53 Then Iesus sayde vnto them: Verely verely I saye vnto you except ye eate ye flesshe of ye sonne of man and drinke his bloude ye shall not have lyfe in you

54. Whosoever eateth my flesshe and drinketh my bloude hath eternall lyfe: and I will rayse him vp at the last daye.55 For my flesshe is meate in dede: and my bloude is drynke in dede.

56 He that eateth my flesshe and drynketh my bloude dwelleth in me and I in him.

57 As the lyvinge father hath sent me even so lyve I by my father: and he that eateth me shall live by me.

58 This is the breed which cam from heave: not as youre fathers have eaten Manna and are deed. He that eateth of this breed shall live ever.

59 These thinges sayd he in the synagoge as he taught in Capernaum.

60 Many of his disciples when they had herde this sayde: this is an herde sayinge: who can abyde the hearinge of it?

61 Iesus knew in him selfe that his disciples murmured at it and sayde vnto them: Doth this offende you?

62 What and yf ye shall se the sonne of man ascede vp where he was before?

63 It is the sprete that quyckeneth the flesshe proffeteth nothinge. The wordes that I speake vnto you are sprete and lyfe.

64 But ther are some of you that beleve not. For Iesus knewe from the begynnynge which they were that beleved not and who shuld betraye him.

65 And he sayde: Therfore sayde I vnto you: that no man can come vnto me except it were geven vnto him of my father.

66 From that tyme many of his disciples wet backe and walked no moore with him.

67 Then sayde Iesus to the twelve: will ye alsoo goo awaye?

68 Then Simon Peter answered: Master to whom shall we goo? Thou haste the wordes of eternall lyfe

69 and we beleve and knowe yt thou arte Christ the sonne of the lyvinge God.

70 Iesus answered them: Have not I chosen you twelve and yet one of you is the devyll?

71 He spake it of Iudas Iscariot the sonne of Simon. For he it was yt shuld betraye him and was one of the twelve.

Chapter 7[edit]

1 After that Iesus wet about in Galile and wolde not go about in Iewry for the Iewes sought to kill him.

2 The Iewes tabernacle feast was at honde.

3 His brethren therfore sayde vnto him: get ye hence and go into Iewry yt thy disciples maye se thy workes yt thou doest.

4 For ther is no man yt doeth eny thing secretly and he him selfe seketh to be knowen. Yf thou do soche thinges shewe thy selfe to the worlde.

5 For as yet his brethre beleved not in him.

6 Then Iesus sayd vnto them: My tyme is not yet come youre tyme is all waye redy.

7 The worlde canot hate you. Me it hateth: because I testify of it that the workes of it are evyll.

8 Go ye vp vnto this feast. I will not go vp yet vnto this feast for my tyme is not yet full come.

9 These wordes he sayde vnto them and abode still in Galile.

10 But assone as his brethren were goone vp then went he also vp vnto the feast: not openly but as it were prevely.

11 Then sought him the Iewes at ye feast and sayde: Where is he?

12 And moche murmurynge was ther of him amonge the people. Some sayde: He is good. Wother sayde naye but he deceaveth the people.

13 How be it no ma spake openly of him for feare of the Iewes

14 In ye middes of the feast Iesus went vp into the temple and taught.

15 And the Iewes marveylled sayinge: How knoweth he ye scriptures seynge yt he never learned?

16 Iesus answered them and sayde: My doctrine is not myne: but his that sent me.

17 If eny man will do his will he shall knowe of the doctrine whether it be of God or whether I speake of my selfe.

18 He that speaketh of him selfe seketh his awne prayse. But he that seketh his prayse that sent him the same is true and no vnrightewesnes is in him.

19 Dyd not Moses geve you a lawe and yet none of you kepeth ye lawe? Why goo ye aboute to kyll me?

20 The people answered and sayde: thou hast the devyll: who goeth aboute to kyll the?

21 Iesus answered and sayde to them: I have done one worke and ye all marvayle.

22 Moses therfore gave vnto you circumcision: not because it is of Moses but of the fathers. And yet ye on the Saboth daye circumcise a man.

23 If a man on the Saboth daye receave circumcision without breakinge of the lawe of Moses: disdayne ye at me because I have made a man every whit whoale on the saboth daye?

24 Iudge not after the vtter aperaunce: but iudge rightewes iudgement.

25 Then sayd some of them of Ierusalem: Is not this he who they goo aboute to kyll?

26 Beholde he speaketh boldly and they saye nothinge to him. Do the rulars knowe in dede that this is very Christ?

27 How be it we knowe this man whence he is: but when Christ cometh no man shall knowe whence he is.

28 Then cryed Iesus in ye temple as he taught sayinge: ye knowe me and whence I am ye knowe. And yet I am not come of my selfe but he yt sent me is true whom ye knowe not.

29 I knowe him: for I am of him and he hath sent me.

30 Then they sought to take him: but no ma layde hondes on him because his tyme was not yet come.

31 Many of the people beleved on him and sayde: when Christ cometh will he do moo miracles then this man hath done?

32 The pharises hearde that the people murmured suche thinges about him. Wherfore ye pharises and hye prestes sent ministres forthe to take him.

33 Then sayde Iesus vnto the: Yet am I a lytell whyle with you and then goo I vnto him that sent me.

34 Ye shall seke me and shall not fynde me: and where I am thyther can ye not come.

35 Then sayde the Iewes bitwene the selves: whyther will he goo that we shall not fynde him? Will he goo amonge the gentyls which are scattered all a broade and teache the gentyls?

36 What maner of sayinge is this that he sayde: ye shall seke me and shall not fynde me: and where I am thyther can ye not come?

37 In the last daye that great daye of the feaste Iesus stode and cryed sayinge: If eny man thyrst let him come vnto me and drinke.

38 He that beleveth on me as sayeth the scripture out of his belly shall flowe ryvers of water of lyfe.

39 This spak he of the sprete which they that beleved on him shuld receave. For the holy goost was not yet there because that Iesus was not yet glorifyed.

40 Many of the people when they hearde this sayinge sayd: of a truth this is a prophet

41 Other sayde: this is Christ. Some sayde: shall Christ come out of Galile?

42 Sayeth not the scripture that Christ shall come of the seed of David: and out of the toune of Bethleem where David was?

43 So was ther dissencion amonge the people aboute him.

44 And some of them wolde have taken him: but no man layed hondes on him.

45 Then came ye ministres to ye hye prestes and pharises. And they sayde vnto the: why have ye not brought him?

46 The servautes answered never man spake as this man doeth.

47 Then answered the the pharises: are ye also disceaved?

48 Doth eny of the rulers or of the pharises beleve on him?

49 But the comen people whiche knowe not ye lawe are cursed.

50 Nicodemus sayde vnto them: He that came to Iesus by nyght and was one of them.

51 Doth oure lawe iudge eny man before it heare him and knowe what he hath done?

52 They answered and sayde vnto him: arte thou also of Galile? Searche and loke for out of Galile aryseth no Prophet.

53 And every man went vnto his awne housse.

Chapter 8[edit]

1 And Iesus went vnto mounte Olivete

2 and erly in ye mornynge came agayne into ye temple and all the people came vnto him and he sate doune and taught them.

3 And the scribes and ye pharises brought vnto him a woman taken in advoutry and set hyr in the myddes

4 and sayde vnto him: Master this woman was taken in advoutry even as the dede was a doyng.

5 Moses in the lawe comaunded vs yt suche shuld be stoned. What sayest thou therfore?

6 And this they sayde to tempt him: that they myght have wherof to accuse him. Iesus stouped doune and with his fynger wrote on the grounde.

7 And whyll they continued axynge him he lyfte him selfe vp and sayde vnto them: let him yt is amoge you wt out synne cast the fyrst stone at her.

8 And agayne he stouped doune and wrote on ye grounde.

9 And assone as they hearde that they went out one by one the eldest fyrst. And Iesus was lefte a lone and the woman stondynge in ye myddes.

10 When Iesus had lyfte vp him selfe agayne and sawe no man but the woman he sayde vnto hyr. Woman where are those thyne accusars? Hath no man condempned the?

11 She sayde: No man Lorde. And Iesus sayde: Nether do I condempne the. Goo and synne no moare.

12 Then spake Iesus agayne vnto them sayinge: I am the light of the worlde. He that foloweth me shall not walke in darcknes: but shall have the light of lyfe.

13 The pharises sayde vnto him: thou bearest recorde of thy sylfe thy recorde is not true.

14 Iesus answered and sayde vnto them: Though I beare recorde of my selfe yet my recorde is true: for I knowe whece I came and whyther I goo. But ye cannot tell whece I come and whyther I goo.

15 Ye iudge after ye flesshe. I iudge no man

16 though I iudge yet is my iudgmet true. For I am not alone: but I and the father that sent me.

17 It is also written in youre lawe that the testimony of two men is true.

18 I am one yt beare witnes of my selfe and the father that sent me beareth witnes of me.

19 Then sayde they vnto him: where is thy father? Iesus answered: ye nether knowe me nor yet my father. Yf ye had knowen me ye shuld have knowen my father also.

20 These wordes spake Iesus in the tresury as he taught in the temple and no man layde hondes on him for his tyme was not yet come.

21 Then sayde Iesus agayne vnto them. I goo my waye and ye shall seke me and shall dye in youre synnes. Whyther I goo thyther can ye not come.

22 Then sayde the Iewes: will he kyll him selfe because he sayth: whyther I goo thyther can ye not come?

23 And he sayde vnto the: ye are fro beneth I am from above. Ye are of this worlde I am not of this worlde.

24 I sayde therfore vnto you that ye shall dye in youre synnes. For except ye beleve that I am he ye shall dye in youre synnes.

25 Then sayde they vnto him who arte thou? And Iesus sayde vnto them: Even ye very same thinge yt I saye vnto you.

26 I have many thinges to saye and to iudge of you. But he yt sent me is true. And I speake in ye worlde those thinges which I have hearde of him.

27 They understode not that he spake of his father.

28 Then sayde Iesus vnto them: when ye have lyft vp an hye the sonne of man then shall ye knowe that I am he and that I do nothinge of my selfe: but as my father hath taught me even so I speake:

29 and he that sent me is with me. The father hath not lefte me alone for I do alwayes those thinges that please him.

30 As he spake these wordes many beleved on him.

31 Then sayde Iesus to those Iewes which beleved on him. If ye cotinue in my wordes then are ye my very disciples

32 and shall knowe the trueth: and the trueth shall make you free.

33 They answered him: We be Abrahams seede and were never bonde to eny man: why sayest thou then ye shalbe made fre.

34 Iesus answered them: verely verely I saye vnto you that whosoever committeth synne is the servaunt of synne.

35 And the servaunt abydeth not in the housse for ever: But ye sonne abydeth ever.

36 If the sonne therfore shall make you fre then are ye fre in dede.

37 I knowe that ye are Abrahams seed: But ye seke meanes to kyll me because my sayinges have no place in you.

38 I speake that I have sene with my father: and ye do that which ye have sene with youre father.

39 They answered and sayde vnto him: Abraham is oure father. Iesus sayde vnto them. If ye were Abrahams chyldren ye wolde do the dedes of Abraham.

40 But now ye goo about io kyll me a man that have tolde you the truthe which I have herde of god: this dyd not Abraham.

41 Ye do the dedes of youre father. Then sayde they vnto him: we were not borne of fornicacion. We have one father which is God.

42 Iesus sayde vnto them: yf God were youre father then wolde ye love me. For I proceaded forthe and come from God. Nether came I of my selfe but he sent me.

43 Why do ye not knowe my speache? Even because ye cannot abyde the hearynge of my wordes.

44 Ye are of youre father the devyll and the lustes of youre father ye will folowe. He was a murtherer from the beginnynge and aboode not in the trueth because ther is no trueth in him. When he speaketh a lye then speaketh he of his awne. For he is a lyar and the father therof.

45 And because I tell you ye trueth therfore ye beleve me not.

46 Which of you can rebuke me of synne? If I saye ye trueth why do not ye beleve me?

47 He that is of God heareth goddes wordes Ye therfore heare them not because ye are not of God.

48 Then answered the Iewes and sayde vnto him: Saye we not well that thou arte a Samaritane and hast the devyll?

49 Iesus answered: I have not the devyll: but I honour my father and ye have dishonoured me.

50 I seke not myne awne prayse: but ther is one that seketh and iudgeth.

51 Verely verely I saye vnto you yf a man kepe my sayinges he shall never se deeth.

52 Then sayde the Iewes to him: Now knowe we that thou hast the devyll. Abraha is deed and also the Prophetes: and yet thou sayest yf a man kepe my sayinge he shall never tast of deeth.

53 Arte thou greater then oure father Abraham which is deed? and the Prophetes are deed. Whome makest thou thy selfe?

54 Iesus answered: Yf I honoure my selfe myne honoure is nothinge worth. It is my father that honoureth me which ye saye is youre God

55 and ye have not knowen him: but I knowe him. And yf I shuld saye I knowe him not I shuld be a lyar lyke vnto you. But I knowe him and kepe his sayinge.

56 Youre father Abraham was glad to se my daye and he sawe it and reioysed.

57 Then sayde the Iewes vnto him: thou arte not yet.l. yere olde and hast thou sene Abraham?

58 Iesus sayd vnto them: Verely verely I saye vnto you: yer Abraham was I am.

59 Then toke they vp stones to caste at him. But Iesus hid him selfe and went out of ye temple.

Chapter 9[edit]

1 And as Iesus passed by he sawe a man which was blynde from his birth.

2 And his disciples axed him sayinge. Master who dyd synne: this man or his father and mother that he was borne blynde?

3 Iesus answered: Nether hath this man synned nor yet his father and mother: but that the workes of God shuld be shewed on him.

4 I must worke the workes of him that sent me whyll it is daye. The nyght cometh when no man can worke.

5 As longe as I am in the worlde I am the lyght of the worlde.

6 Assone as he had thus spoken he spate on the grounde and made claye of the spetle and rubbed the claye on the eyes of the blynde

7 and sayde vnto him: Goo wesshe the in ye pole of Syloe which by interpretacion signifieth sent. He went his waye and wasshed and cam agayne seinge.

8 The neghboures and they that had sene him before how that he was a begger sayde: is not this he that sate and begged?

9 Some sayde: this is he. Other sayd: he is lyke him. But he him selfe sayde: I am even he.

10 They sayde vnto him: How are thyne eyes opened then?

11 He answered and sayde. The ma that is called Iesus made claye and anoynted myne eyes and sayd vnto me: Goo to the pole Syloe and wesshe. I went and wesshed and receaved my syght.

12 They sayde vnto him: where is he? He sayde: I cannot tell.

13 Then brought they to ye pharises him that a lytell before was blynde:

14 for it was the Saboth daye when Iesus made the claye and opened his eyes.

15 Then agayne the pharises also axed him how he had receaved his syght. He sayde vnto the: He put claye apon myne eyes and I wasshed and do se.

16 Then sayde some of the pharises: this man is not of God because he kepeth not the saboth daye. Other sayde: how can a man yt is a synner do suche myracles? And ther was stryfe amonge the.

17 Then spake they vnto the blynde agayne: What sayst thou of him because he hath openned thyne eyes? And he sayd: He is a Prophet.

18 But the Iewes dyd not beleve of the felowe how that he was blynde and receaved his syght vntyll they had called the father and mother of him that had receaved his syght.

19 And they axed the saying: Is this youre sonne whome ye saye was borne blynde? How doth he now se then?

20 His father and mother answered them and sayde: we wote well that this is oure sonne and that he was borne blynde:

21 but by what meanes he now seith that can we not tell or who hath opened his eyes can we not tell. He is olde ynough axe him let him answer for him selfe.

22 Suche wordes spake his father and mother because they feared the Iewes. For the Iewes had conspyred all redy that yf eny man dyd confesse that he was Christ he shuld be excommunicat out of the synagoge.

23 Therefore sayde his father and mother: he is olde ynough axe him.

24 Then agayne called they the man that was blynde and sayd vnto him: Geve God the prayse: we knowe that this man is a synner.

25 He answered and sayde: Whyther he be a synner or noo I cannot tell: One thinge I am sure of that I was blynde and now I se.

26 Then sayde they to him agayne. What dyd he to the? How opened he thyne eyes?

27 He answered them I tolde you yerwhyle and ye dyd not heare. Wherfore wolde ye heare it agayne? Will ye also be his disciples?

28 Then rated they him and sayde: Thou arte his disciple. We be Moses disciples.

29 We are sure that God spake with Moses. This felowe we knowe not from whence he is.

30 The man answered and sayde vnto them: this is a merveleous thinge that ye wote not whence he is seinge he hath opened myne eyes.

31 For we be sure that God heareth not synners. But yf eny man be a worshipper of God and do his will him heareth he.

32 Sence ye worlde beganne was it not hearde yt eny man opened the eyes of one that was borne blynd.

33 If this man were not of God he coulde have done no thinge.

34 They answered and sayd vnto him: thou arte altogeder borne in synne: and dost thou teache vs? And they cast him out.

35 Iesus hearde that they had excommunicate him: and assone as he had founde him he sayd vnto him: doest thou beleve on the sonne of God?

36 He answered and sayde: Who is it Lorde that I myght beleve on him?

37 And Iesus sayde vnto him: Thou hast sene him and he it is that talketh with the.

38 And he sayde: Lorde I beleve: and worshipped him.

39 Iesus sayde: I am come vnto iudgement into this worlde: that they which se not myght se and they which se myght be made blynde.

40 And some of the pharises which were with him hearde these wordes and sayde vnto him: are we then blynde?

41 Iesus sayde vnto them: yf ye were blynde ye shuld have no synne. But now ye saye we se therfore youre synne remayneth.

Chapter 10[edit]

1 Verely verely I saye vnto you: he that entreth not in by ye dore into the shepefolde but clymeth vp some other waye: the same is a thefe and a robber.

2 He that goeth in by ye dore is the shepeherde of ye shepe:

3 to him the porter openeth and the shepe heare his voyce and he calleth his awne shepe by name and leadeth them out.

4 And when he hath sent forthe his awne shepe he goeth before them and the shepe folowe him: for they knowe his voyce.

5 A straunger they will not folowe but will flye from him: for they knowe not the voyce of straungers.

6 This similitude spake Iesus vnto them. But they vnderstode not what thinges they were which he spake vnto them.

7 Then sayde Iesus vnto them agayne. Verely verely I saye vnto you: I am the dore of the shepe.

8 All even as many as came before me are theves and robbers: but the shepe dyd not heare them.

9 I am the dore: by me yf eny man enter in he shalbe safe and shall goo in and out and fynde pasture.

10 The thefe cometh not but forto steale kyll and destroye. I am come that they myght have lyfe and have it more aboundantly.

11 I am ye good shepeheerd. The good shepeheerd geveth his lyfe for ye shepe.

12 An heyred servaut which is not ye shepeherd nether ye shepe are his awne seith the wolfe comynge and leveth the shepe and flyeth and the wolfe catcheth them and scattereth ye shepe.

13 The heyred servaut flyeth because he is an heyred servaunt and careth not for the shepe.

14 I am that good shepeheerd and knowe myne and am knowe of myne.

15 As my father knoweth me: even so knowe I my father. And I geve my lyfe for the shepe:

16 and other shepe I have which are not of this folde. Them also must I bringe that they maye heare my voyce and that ther maye be one flocke and one shepeherde.

17 Therfore doth my father love me because I put my lyfe from me that I myght take it agayne.

18 No man taketh it from me: but I put it awaye of my selfe. I have power to put it from me and have power to take it agayne: This comaundment have I receaved of my father.

19 And ther was a dissencion agayne amoge the Iewes for these sayinges

20 and many of them sayd. He hath the devyll and is mad: why heare ye him?

21 Other sayde these are not the wordes of him that hath the devyll. Can the devyll open the eyes of the blynde?

22 And it was at Ierusalem ye feaste of the dedicacion and it was wynter:

23 and Iesus walked in Salomons porche.

24 Then came the Iewes rounde aboute him and sayde vnto him: How longe dost thou make vs doute? Yf thou be Christ tell vs playnly.

25 Iesus answered them: I tolde you and ye beleve not. The workes yt I do in my fathers name they beare witnes of me.

26 But ye beleve not because ye are not of my shepe. As I sayde vnto you:

27 my shepe heare my voyce and I knowe them and they folowe me

28 and I geve vnto the eternall lyfe and they shall never perisshe nether shall eny man plucke the oute of my honde.

29 My father which gave the me is greatter then all and no man is able to take them out of my fathers honde.

30 And I and my father are one.

31 Then the Iewes agayne toke up stones to stone him with all.

32 Iesus answered them: many good workes have I shewed you from my father: for which of them will ye stone me?

33 The Iewes answered him sayinge. For thy good workes sake we stone ye not: but for thy blasphemy and because that thou beinge a man makest thy selfe God.

34 Iesus answered them: Is it not written in youre lawe: I saye ye are goddes?

35 If he called the goddes vnto whom the worde of God was spoken (and the scripture can not be broken)

36 saye ye then to him whom the father hath sainctified and sent into the worlde thou blasphemest because I sayd I am the sonne of God?

37 If I do not the workes of my father beleve me not.

38 But if I do though ye beleve not me yet beleve the workes that ye maye knowe and beleve that the father is in me and I in him.

39 Agayne they went aboute to take him: but he escaped out of their hondes

40 and went awaye agayne beyonde Iordan into the place where Iohn before had baptised and there aboode.

41 And many resorted vnto him and sayd. Iohn dyd no miracle: but all thinges that Iohn spake of this man are true.

42 And many beleved on him theare.

Chapter 11[edit]

1 A certayne man was sicke named Lazarus of Bethania the toune of Mary and her sister Martha.

2 It was that Mary which annoynted Iesus with oyntment and wyped his fete with her heere whose brother Lazarus was sicke

3 and his sisters sent vnto him sayinge. Lorde behold he whom thou lovest is sicke.

4 When Iesus hearde yt he sayd: this infirmite is not vnto deth but for ye laude of God that the sonne of God myght be praysed by the reason of it.

5 Iesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus.

6 After he hearde that he was sicke then aboode he two dayes still in the same place where he was.

7 Then after that sayd he to his disciples: let us goo into Iewry agayne.

8 His disciples sayde vnto him. Master the Iewes lately sought meanes to stone the and wilt thou goo thyther agayne?

9 Iesus answered: are ther not twelve houres in ye daye? Yf a man walke in ye daye he stombleth not because he seith the lyght of this worlde.

10 But yf a ma walke in ye nyght he stombleth because ther is no lyght in him.

11 This sayde he and after yt he sayde vnto the: oure frende Lazarus slepeth but I goo to wake him out of slepe.

12 Then sayde his disciples: Lorde yf he slepe he shall do well ynough.

13 How be it Iesus spake of his deeth: but they thought yt he had spoke of ye naturall slepe.

14 Then sayde Iesus vnto the playnly Lazarus is deed

15 and I am glad for youre sakes yt I was not there because ye maye beleve. Neverthelesse let vs go vnto him.

16 Then sayde Thomas which is called Dydimus vnto ye disciples: let vs also goo that we maye dye wt him

17 Then went Iesus and founde that he had lyne in his grave foure dayes already.

18 Bethanie was nye vnto Ierusalem aboute. xv. furlonges of

19 and many of the Iewes were come to Martha and Mary to comforte them over their brother.

20 Martha assone as she hearde yt Iesus was comynge went and met him: but Mary sate still in the housse.

21 Then sayde Martha vnto Iesus: Lorde yf thou haddest bene here my brother had not bene deed:

22 but neverthelesse I knowe that whatsoever thou axest of God God will geve it the.

23 Iesus sayde vnto her: Thy brother shall ryse agayne.

24 Martha sayde vnto him: I knowe that he shall ryse agayne in the resurreccion at the last daye.

25 Iesus sayde vnto her: I am the resurreccion and the lyfe: He that beleveth on me ye though he were deed yet shall he lyve.

26 And whosoever lyveth and belevest on me shall never dye. Beleveth thou this?

27 She sayde vnto him: ye Lorde I beleve that thou arte Christ the sonne of god which shuld come into the worlde.

28 And assone as she had so sayde she went her waye and called Marie her sister secretly sayinge: The master is come and calleth for the

29 And she assone as she hearde that arose quickly and came vnto him.

30 Iesus was not yet come into the toune: but was in the place where Martha met him.

31 The Iewes then which were with her in the housse and comforted her when they sawe Mary that she rose vp hastely and went out folowed her saying: She goeth vnto the grave to wepe there.

32 Then when Mary was come where Iesus was and sawe him she fell doune at his fete sayinge vnto him: Lorde yf thou haddest bene here my brother had not bene deed.

33 When Iesus sawe her wepe and ye Iewes also wepe which came wt her he groned in ye sprete and was troubled in him selfe

34 and sayde: Where have ye layed him? They sayde vnto him: Lorde come and se.

35 And Iesus wept.

36 Then sayde the Iewes: Beholde howe he loved him.

37 And some of the sayde: coulde not he which openned the eyes of the blynde have made also that this man shuld not have dyed?

38 Iesus agayne groned in him selfe and came to the grave. It was a caue and a stone layde on it.

39 And Iesus sayd: take ye awaye the stone. Martha the sister of him that was deed sayd vnto him: Lorde by this tyme he stinketh. For he hath bene deed foure dayes:

40 Iesus sayde vnto her: Sayde I not vnto the yt if thou didest beleve thou shuldest se ye glory of God.

41 Then they toke awaye ye stone from ye place where the deed was layde. And Iesus lyfte vp his eyes and sayde: Father I thanke the because that thou hast hearde me.

42 I wot that thou hearest me all wayes: but because of the people that stonde by I sayde it yt they maye beleve that thou hast sent me.

43 And when he thus had spoken he cryed wt a loud voyce. Lazarus come forthe.

44 And he that was deed came forth bounde hand and fote with grave bondes and his face was bounde with a napkin. Iesus sayde vnto the: loowse him and let him goo.

45 Then many of the Iewes which came to Mary and had sene the thinges which Iesus dyd beleved on him.

46 But some of them went their wayes to the Pharises and tolde them what Iesus had done.

47 Then gadered the hye prestes and the Pharises a counsell and sayde: what do we? This ma doeth many miracles.

48 Yf we let him scape thus all men will beleve on him and ye Romaynes shall come and take awaye oure countre and the people.

49 And one of them named Cayphas which was the hieprest yt same yeare sayde vnto them: Ye perceave nothinge at all

50 nor yet consider that it is expedient for vs that one man dye for the people and not that all the people perisshe.

51 This spake he not of him selfe but beinge hye preste that same yeare he prophesied that Iesus shulde dye for the people

52 and not for the people only but that he shuld gader to geder in one the chyldren of God which were scattered abroode.

53 From that daye forth they held a counsell to geder for to put him to deeth.

54 Iesus therfore walked no more opely amoge the Iewes: but wet his waye thence vnto a coutre nye to a wildernes into a cite called Ephraim and there hauted with his disciples.

55 And the Iewes ester was nye at hand and many went out of the countre vp to Ierusalem before the ester to purify them selves.

56 Then sought they for Iesus and spake bitwene the selves as they stode in the teple: What thinke ye seynge he cometh not to the feast.

57 The hye prestes and Pharises had geven a comaundemet that yf eny man knew where he were he shuld shewe it that they myght take him.

Chapter 12[edit]

1 Then Iesus sixe dayes before ester came to Bethany where Lazarus was which was deed and who Iesus raysed from deeth.

2 There they made him a supper and Martha served: But Lazarus was one of them that sate at the table with him.

3 Then toke Mary a pounde of oyntmet called Nardus perfecte and precious and anoynted Iesus fete and wipt his fete with her heer and the housse was filled of the savre of the oyntmet.

4 Then sayde one of his disciples name Iudas Iscariot Simos sonne which afterwarde betrayed him:

5 why was not this oyntmet solde for thre hondred pence and geve to the poore?

6 This sayde he not that he cared for the pooer: but because he was a thefe and kept the bagge and bare that which was geven.

7 Then sayde Iesus: Let her alone agaynst the daye of my buryinge she kept it.

8 The poore all wayes shall ye have with you but me shall ye not all wayes have.

9 Moche people of the Iewes had knowledge that he was there. And they came not for Iesus sake only but yt they myght se Lazarus also whom he raysed from deeth.

10 The hye prestes therfore held a counsell that they myght put Lazarus to deeth also

11 because that for his sake many of the Iewes went awaye and beleved on Iesus.

12 On the morowe moche people that were come to the feast when they hearde yt Iesus shuld come to Ierusalem

13 toke braunches of palme trees and went and met him and cryed: Hosanna blessed is he that in the name of the Lorde commeth kynge of Israel.

14 And Iesus got a yonge asse and sate thero accordinge to that which was writte:

15 feare not doughter of Sio beholde thy kynge cometh sittinge on an asses coolte.

16 These thinges vnderstode not his disciples at ye fyrst: but when Iesus was gloryfied then remembryd they that soche thinges were written of him and that soche thinges they had done vnto him.

17 The people that was with him when he called Lazarus out of his grave and raysed him from deeth bare recorde.

18 Therfore met him the people be cause they hearde yt he had done soche a myracle.

19 The Pharises therfore sayde amonge them selves: perceave ye how we prevayle no thinge? beholde the worlde goth awaye after him.

20 Ther were certayne Grekes amoge them that came to praye at the feast:

21 the same cam to Philip which was of Bethsayda a cyte in Galile and desired him sayinge: Syr we wolde fayne se Iesus.

22 Philip came and tolde Andrew. And agayne Andrew and Philip tolde Iesus.

23 And Iesus answered them sayinge: the houre is come yt the sonne of ma must be glorified.

24 Verely verely I saye vnto you except ye wheate corne fall into the grounde and dye it bydeth alone. Yf it dye it brengeth forth moche frute.

25 He that loveth his lyfe shall destroye it: and he yt hateth his lyfe in this worlde shall kepe it vnto lyfe eternall.

26 If eny man mynister vnto me let him folowe me and where I am there shall also my minister be. And yf eny man minister vnto me him will my father honoure.

27 Now is my soule troubled and what shall I saye? Father delyver me from this houre: but therfore came I vnto this houre

28 Father glorify thy name. Then came ther a voyce fro heaven: I have glorified it and will glorify it agayne.

29 Then sayd the people yt stode by and hearde: it thoundreth. Other sayde an angell spake to him.

30 Iesus answered and sayde: this voyce cam not because of me but for youre sakes.

31 Now is the iudgement of this worlde: now shall ye prince of this worlde be cast out.

32 And I yf I were lifte vp from the erthe will drawe all men vnto me.

33 This sayde Iesus signifyinge what deeth he shuld dye.

34 The people answered him: We have hearde of ye lawe yt Christ bydeth ever: and how sayest thou then that the sonne of man must be lifte vp? who is yt sonne of ma?

35 Then Iesus sayde vnto them: yet a lytell whyle is the light wt you. Walke whill ye have light lest the darcknes come on you. He that walketh in the darke wotteth not whither he goeth.

36 Whyll ye have light beleve on the light that ye maye be the chyldren of light. These thinges spake Iesus and departed and hyd him silfe fro them.

37 And though he had done so many myracles before them yet beleved not they on him

38 yt the sayinge of Esayas the Prophet myght be fulfilled yt he spake. Lorde who shall beleve oure sayinge? And to whom ys the arme of ye Lorde opened?

39 Therfore coulde they not beleve because yt Esaias sayth agayne:

40 he hath blinded their eyes and hardened their hertes that they shuld not se with their eyes and vnderstonde with their hertes and shuld be converted and I shuld heale the.

41 Soche thinges sayde Esaias when he sawe his glory and spake of him.

42 Neverthelesse amoge ye chefe rulers many beleved on him. But because of the pharises they wolde not be a knowen of it lest they shuld be excommunicate.

43 For they loved the prayse yt is geven of men more then the prayse that cometh of God.

44 And Iesus cryed and sayde: he that beleveth on me beleveth not on me but on him yt sent me.

45 And he that seeth me seeth him that sent me.

46 I am come a light into the worlde that whosoever beleveth on me shuld not byde in darcknes.

47 And yf eny man heare my wordes and beleve not I iudge him not. For I came not to iudge the worlde: but to save ye worlde.

48 He that refuseth me and receaveth not my wordes hath one that iudgeth him. The wordes that I have spoken they shall iudge him in ye last daye.

49 For I have not spoken of my selfe: but the father which sent me he gave me a commaundemet what I shuld saye and what I shuld speake.

50 And I knowe that this comaundement is lyfe everlastinge. Whatsoever I speake therfore eve as the father bade me so I speake.

Chapter 13[edit]

1 Before the feast of ester whe Iesus knewe that his houre was come that he shuld departe out of this worlde vnto the father. When he loved his which were in the worlde vnto the ende he loved the.

2 And when supper was ended after that the devyll had put in the hert of Iudas Iscariot Simos sonne to betraye him:

3 Iesus knowinge that the father had geve all thinges into his hondes. And that he was come from God and went to God

4 he rose from supper and layde a syde his vpper garmentes and toke a towell and gyrd him selfe.

5 After that poured he water into a basyn and beganne to wash his disciples fete and to wype them with the towell wherwith he was gyrde.

6 Then came he to Simon Peter. And Peter sayde to him: Lorde shalt thou wesshe my fete?

7 Iesus answered and sayde vnto him: what I do thou wotest not now but thou shalt knowe herafter.

8 Peter sayd vnto him: thou shalt not wesshe my fete whill ye worlde stondeth. Iesus answered him: yf I wasshe ye not thou shalt have no part with me.

9 Simon Peter sayde vnto him: Lorde not my fete only: but also my handes and my heed.

10 Iesus sayde to him: he that is wesshed nedeth not save to wesshe his fete and is clene every whit. And ye are clene: but not all.

11 For he knewe his betrayer. Therfore sayde he: ye are not all clene.

12 After he had wesshed their fete and receaved his clothes and was set doune agayne he sayde vnto them? wot ye what I have done to you?

13 Ye call me master and Lorde and ye saye well for so am I.

14 If I then youre Lorde and master have wesshed youre fete ye also ought to wesshe one anothers fete.

15 For I have geven you an ensample that ye shuld do as I have done to you.

16 Verely verely I saye vnto you the servaunt is not greater then his master nether the messenger greater then he that sent him.

17 If ye vnderstonde these thinges happy are ye yf ye do them.

18 I speake not of you all I knowe whom I have chosen. But that ye scripture be fulfilled: he that eateth breed wt me hath lyfte vp his hele agaynste me.

19 Now tell I you before it come: that when it is come to passe ye might beleve that I am he.

20 Verely verely I saye vnto you. He that receaveth who soever I sende receaveth me. And he that receaveth me receaveth him that sent me.

21 When Iesus had thus sayd he was troubled in the sprete and testified sayinge: verely verely I saye vnto you that one of you shall betraye me.

22 And then the disciples loked one on another doutinge of who he spake.

23 Ther was one of his disciples which leaned on Iesus bosome whom Iesus loved.

24 To him beckened Simo Peter that he shuld axe who it was of whom he spake.

25 He then as he leaned on Iesus brest sayde vnto him: Lorde who ys it?

26 Iesus answered he yt ys to whom I geve a soppe when I have dept it. And he wet a soppe and gave it to Iudas Iscarioth Simons sonne.

27 And after the soppe Satan entred into him. Then sayd Iesus vnto him: that thou dost do quickly.

28 That wist no ma at the table for what intent he spake vnto him.

29 Some of the thought because Iudas had the bagge that Iesus had sayd vnto him bye those thinges that we have nede af agaynst ye feast: or that he shulde geve some thinge to the poore.

30 Assone then as he had receaved the soppe he wet immediatly out. And it was night.

31 Whe he was gone out Iesus sayde: now is the sonne of man glorified. And God is glorified by him.

32 Yf God be glorified by him God shall also glorify him in him selfe: and shall strayght waye glorify him.

33 Deare chyldren yet a lytell whyle am I with you. Ye shall seke me and as I sayde vnto the Iewes whither I goo thither can ye not come. Also to you saye I nowe.

34 A newe commaundment geve I vnto you that ye love to gedder as I have loved you that even so ye love one another

35. By this shall all me knowe yt ye are my disciples yf ye shall have love one to another.36 Simon Peter sayd vnto him: Lorde whither goest thou? Iesus answered him: whither I goo thou canst not folowe me now but thou shalt folowe me afterwardes.

37 Peter sayd vnto him: Lorde why canot I folowe the now? I will geve my lyfe for thy sake?

38 Iesus answered him: wilt thou geve thy lyfe for my sake? Verely verely I saye vnto the the cocke shall not crowe tyll thou have denyed me thryse.

Chapter 14[edit]

1 And he sayd vnto his disciples: Let not youre hertes be troubled. Beleve in god and beleve in me.

2 In my fathers housse are many mansions. If it were not so I wolde have tolde you. I go to prepare a place for you.

3 And yf I go to prepare a place for you I will come agayne and receave you eve vnto my selfe yt where I am there maye ye be also.

4 And whither I go ye knowe and ye waye ye knowe.

5 Thomas sayde vnto him: Lorde we knowe not whyther thou goest. Also how is it possible for vs to knowe the waye?

6 Iesus sayd vnto him: I am ye waye ye truthe and ye life. And no man cometh vnto the father but by me.

7 Yf ye had knowe me ye had knowe my father also. And now ye knowe him and have sene him.

8 Philip sayd vnto him: Lorde shew vs the father and it suffiseth vs.

9 Iesus sayde vnto him: have I bene so longe tyme wt you: and yet hast thou not knowen me? Philip he yt hath sene me hath sene ye father. And how sayest thou then: shew vs the father?

10 Belevest thou not that I am in ye father and the father in me? The wordes that I speake vnto you I speakee not of my selfe: but ye father that dwelleth in me is he that doeth ye workes.

11 Beleve me that I am the father and ye father in me. At the leest beleve me for the very workes sake.

12 Verely verely I saye vnto you: he that beleveth on me the workes that I doo the same shall he do and greater workes then these shall he do because I go vnto my father.

13 And what soever ye axe in my name yt will I do yt the father might be glorified by the sonne.

14 Yf ye shall axe eny thige in my name I will do it

15 If ye love me kepe my comaundementes

16 and I will praye the father and he shall geve you a nother comforter yt he maye byde with you ever

17 which is the sprete of truthe whome the worlde canot receave because the worlde seyth him not nether knoweth him. But ye knowe him. For he dwelleth with you and shalbe in you.

18 I will not leave you comfortlesse: but will come vnto you.

19 Yet a litell whyle and the worlde seith me no moare: but ye shall se me. For I live and ye shall live.

20 That daye shall ye knowe that I am in my father and you in me and I in you

21 He that hath my comaundemetes and kepeth them the same is he that loveth me. And he yt loveth me shall be loved of my father: and I will love him and will shewe myne awne selfe vnto him.

22 Iudas sayde vnto him (not Iudas Iscarioth) Lorde what is the cause that thou wilt shewe thy selfe vnto vs and not vnto the worlde?

23 Iesus answered and sayde vnto him: yf a man love me and wyll kepe my sayinges my father also will love him and we will come vnto him and will dwelle with him.

24 He that loveth me not kepeth not my sayinges. And the wordes which ye heare are not myne but the fathers which sent me.

25 This have I spoken vnto you beynge yet present with you.

26 But that coforter which is the holy gost (whom my father will sende in my name) he shall teache you all thinges and bringe all thinges to youre remembraunce whatsoever I have tolde you.

27 Peace I leve with you my peace I geve vnto you. Not as the worlde geveth geve I vnto you. Let not youre hertes be greved nether feare ye.

28 Ye have hearde how I sayde vnto you: I go and come agayne vnto you. If ye loved me ye wolde verely reioyce because I sayde I go vnto ye father. For ye father is greater then I

29 And now have I shewed you before it come yt whe it is come to passe ye might beleve.

30 Here after will I not talke many mordes vnto you. For the rular of this worlde commeth and hath nought in me.

31 But that the worlde maye knowe that I love the father: therfore as the father gave me comaundment even so do I. Ryse let vs go hence.

Chapter 15[edit]

1 I am the true vyne and my father ys an husbande man.

2 Every braunche that beareth not frute in me he will take awaye. And every braunche that beareth frute will he pourge yt it maye bringe moare frute.

3 Now are ye cleane thorow ye wordes which I have spoke vnto you.

4 Byde in me and let me byde in you. As ye braunche canot beare frute of it sylfe excepte it byde in the vyne: no more can ye excepte ye abyde in me.

5 I am the vyne and ye are the braunches. He that abydeth in me and I in him the same bringeth forth moche frute. For with out me can ye do nothinge.

6 Yf a man byde not in me he ys cast forthe as a braunche and is wyddered: and men gadder it and cast it into the fyre and it burneth.

7 Yf ye byde in me and my wordes also byde in you: axe what ye will and it shalbe done to you .

8 Heare in is my father glorified that ye beare moche frute and be made my disciples.

9 As the father hath loved me eve so have I leved you. Continue in my love.

10 Yf ye shall kepe my comaudemetes ye shall byde in my love eve as I have kept my fathers comaundementes and byde in his love.

11 These thinges have I spoken vnto you yt my ioye myght remayne in you and that youre ioye might be full.

12 This is my commaundement that ye love togedder as I have loved you.

13 Gretter love then this hath no man then that a man bestowe his lyfe for his frendes.

14 Ye are my fredes yf ye do whatsoever I commaunde you.

15 Hence forth call I you not servauntes: for the servaunt knoweth not what his Lorde doeth. But you have I called frendes: for all thinges that I have hearde of my father I have opened to you.

16 Ye have not chosen me but I have chosen you and ordeyned you that ye go and bringe forthe frute and that youre frute remayne that whatsoever ye shall axe of the father in my name he shulde geve it you.

17 This comaunde I you that ye love to gedder.

18 Yf ye worlde hate you ye knowe that he hated me before he hated you.

19 Yf ye were of the worlde ye worlde wolde love his awne. How be it because ye are not of ye worlde but I have chosen you out of the worlde therfore hateth you the worlde.

20 Remember the sayinge that I sayde vnto you: the servaute is not greater then his lorde. Yf they have persecuted me so will they persecute you Yf they have kept my sayinge so will they kepe youres.

21 But all these thinges will they do vnto you for my names sake because they have not knowen him that sent me.

22 If I had not come and spoken vnto them they shulde not have had synne: but now have they nothinge to cloke their synne with all.

23 He that hateth me hateth my father.

24 If I had not done workes amoge the which none other ma dyd they had not had synne. But now have they sene and yet have hated bothe me and my father:

25 eve that the sayinge myght be fulfilled that is written in theyr lawe: they hated me wtout a cause.

26 But when the comforter is come whom I will sende vnto you fro the father which is the sprete of truthe which proceadeth of the father he shall testifie of me.

27 And ye shall beare witnes also because ye have bene with me from the begynninge.

Chapter 16[edit]

1 These thinges have I sayde vnto you because ye shuld not be offended.

2 They shall excomunicat you: ye ye tyme shall come that whosoever killeth you will thinke that he doth God service.

3 And suche thinges will they do vnto you because they have not knowen the father nether yet me.

4 But these thinges have I tolde you that when that houre is come ye myght remember them that I tolde you so. These thinges sayde I not unto you at the begynninge because I was present with you.

5 But now I goo my waye to him that sent me and none of you axeth me: whither goest thou?

6 But because I have sayde suche thinges vnto you youre hertes are full of sorowe.

7 Neverthelesse I tell you the trueth it is expedient for you that I goo awaye. For yf I goo not awaye that comforter will not come vnto you. But yf I departe I will sende him vnto you.

8 And when he is come he will rebuke ye worlde of synne and of rightwesnes and of iudgement.

9 Of synne because they beleve not on me:

10 Of rightwesnes because I go to my father and ye shall se me no moare:

11 and of iudgement because the chefe ruler of this worlde is iudged all ready.

12 I have yet many thinges to saye vnto you: but ye canot beare them awaye now.

13 How be it when he is come (I meane the sprete of truthe) he will leade yon into all trueth. He shall not speake of him selfe: but whatsoever he shall heare that shall he speake and he will shewe you thinges to come.

14 He shall glorify me for he shall receave of myne and shall shewe vnto you.

15 All thinges that ye father hath aremyne. Therfore sayd I vnto you that he shall take of myne and shewe vnto you.

16 After a whyle ye shall not se me and agayne after a whyle ye shall se me: For I goo to the father.

17 Then sayd some of his disciples bitwene them selves: what is this yt he sayth vnto vs after a whyle ye shall not se me and agayne after a whyle ye shall se me: and that I go to the father.

18 They sayd therfore: what is this that he sayth after a whyle? we canot tell what he sayth.

19 Iesus perceaved yt they wolde axe him and sayd vnto them: This is it that ye enquyre of bitwene youre selves that I sayd after a whyle ye shall not se me and agayne after a whyle ye shall se me.

20 Verely verely I saye vnto you: ye shall wepe and lamet and the worlde shall reioyce. Ye shall sorowe: but youre sorowe shalbe tourned to ioye.

21 A woman when she traveyleth hath sorowe because her houre is come: but assone as she is delivered of the chylde she remembreth no moare the anguysshe for ioye that a man is borne in to the worlde

22. And ye now are in sorowe: but I will se you agayne and youre hertes shall reioyce and youre ioye shall no ma take fro you.23 And in that daye shall ye axe me no question. Verely verely I saye vnto you whatsoever ye shall axe the father in my name he will geve it you

24. Hitherto have ye axed nothinge in my name. Axe and ye shall receave it: that youre ioye maye be full.25 These thinges have I spoken vnto you in proverbes. The tyme will come when I shall no moare speake to you in proverbes: but I shall shewe you playnly from my father.

26 At that daye shall ye axe in myne name. And I saye not vnto you that I will speake vnto my father for you

27 For ye father him selfe loveth you because ye have loved me and have beleved that I came out from God.

28 I went out from the father and came into the worlde: and I leve the worlde agayne and go to ye father.

29 His disciples sayd vnto him: loo now speakest thou playnly and thou vsest no proverbe.

30 Nowe knowe we that thou vnderstondest all thinges and nedest not yt eny man shuld axe the eny question. Therfore beleve we that thou camst fro god.

31 Iesus answered them: Now ye do beleve.

32 Beholde ye houre draweth nye and is already come yt ye shalbe scatered every man his wayes and shall leave me alone. And yet am I not alone. For ye father is with me.

33These wordes have I spoke vnto you yt in me ye might have peace. For in ye worlde shall ye have tribulacio: but be of good cheare I have over come the worlde.

Chapter 17[edit]

1 These wordes spake Iesus and lyfte vp his eyes to heven and sayde: father the houre is come: glorify thy sonne that thy sonne maye glorify the:

2 as thou hast geve him power over all fleshe that he shuld geve eternall lyfe to as many as thou hast geven him.

3 This is lyfe eternall that they myght knowe the that only very God and whom thou hast sent Iesus Christ.

4 I have glorified ye on the erth. I have fynysshed ye worke which thou gavest me to do.

5 And now glorify me thou father wt thyn awne selfe with the glory which I had with ye yerre ye worlde was.

6 I have declared thy name vnto ye men which thou gavest me out of the worlde. Thyne they were and thou gavest them me and they have kept thy sayinges.

7 Now they knowe that all thinges whatsoever thou hast geven me are of the.

8 For I have geven vnto them the wordes which thou gavest me and they have receaved them and knowe surely that I came out from the: and doo beleve that thou dyddest send me.

9 I praye for them and praye not for the worlde: but for the which thou hast geve me for they are thyne.

10 And all myne are thyne and thyne are myne and I am glorified in the.

11 And now am I no moare in the worlde but they are in the worlde and I come to ye. Wholy father kepe in thyne awne name the which thou hast geven me that they maye be one as we are.

12 Whyll I was with the in ye worlde I kepte the in thy name. Those yt thou gavest me have I kepte and none of the is lost but that lost chylde that the scripture myght be fulfilled.

13 Now come I to the and these wordes speake I in the worlde that they myght have my ioye full in the.

14 I have geven them thy wordes and the worlde hath hated them because they are not of the worlde even as I am not of the worlde.

15 I desyre not that thou shuldest take the out of the worlde: but that thou kepe them from evyll.

16 They are not of the worlde as I am not of the worlde.

17 Sanctify the wt thy truth. Thy sayinge is truth.

18 As thou dyddest send me into the worlde even so have I sent them into the worlde

19 and for their sakes sanctify I my selfe that they also myght be sanctified thorowe the trueth.

20 I praye not for them alone: but for them also which shall beleve on me thorowe their preachynge

21 that they all maye be one as thou father arte in me and I in the that they maye be also one in vs that the worlde maye beleve that thou hast sent me.

22 And that glory that thou gavest me I have geven them that they maye be one as we are wone.

23 I in them and thou in me that they maye be made perfecte in one and that the worlde maye knowe that thou hast sent me and hast loved them as thou hast loved me.

24 Father I will that they which thou hast geven me be with me where I am that they maye se my glory which thou hast geven me. For thou lovedest me before the makynge of the worlde.

25 O ryghteous father ye very worlde hath not knowen the: but I have knowen the and these have knowen that thou hast sent me.

26 And I have declared vnto them thy name and will declare it that the love wher wt thou hast loved me be in them and that I be in them.

Chapter 18[edit]

1 When Iesus had spoken these wordes he wet forth with his disciples over the broke Cedron where was a garden into the which he entred with his disciples.

2 Iudas also which betrayed him knewe the place: for Iesus ofte tymes resorted thyther with his disciples.

3 Iudas then after he had receaved abonde of men and ministres of the hye Prestes and Pharises came thyther with lanterns and fyerbrondes and wepens.

4 Then Iesus knowynge all thinges that shuld come on him went forth and sayde vnto them: whom seke ye?

5 They answered him: Iesus of Nazareth. Iesus sayde vnto them: I am he. Iudas also which betrayed him stode with them.

6 But assone as he had sayd vnto them I am he they went backe wardes and fell to the grounde.

7 And he axed the agayne: whome seke ye? They sayde:Iesus of Nazareth.

8 Iesus answered I sayde vnto you I am he. If ye seke me let these goo their waye.

9 That ye sayinge might be fulfilled which he spake: of the which thou gavest me have I not lost one.

10 Simon Peter had a swearde and drue it and smote the hye prestes servaunt and cut of his ryght eare. The servauntes name was Malchas.

11 Then sayde Iesus vnto Peter: put vp thy swearde into ye sheath: shall I not drinke of ye cup which my father hath geven me?

12 Then the copany and the captayne and the ministres of of the Iewes toke Iesus and bounde him

13 and led him awaye to Anna fyrst: For he was fatherelawe vnto Cayphas which was ye hye preste that same yeare.

14 Cayphas was he that gave counsell to ye Iewes that it was expediet that one man shuld dye for the people.

15 And Simon Peter folowed Iesus and another disciple: that disciple was knowen of ye hye preste and went in with Iesus into the pallys of the hye preste.

16 But Peter stode at the dore with out. Then went out that other disciple which was knowen vnto the hye preste and spake to the damsell that kept the dore and brought in Peter.

17 Then sayde ye damsell that kept the dore vnto Peter: Arte not thou one of this mannes disciples? He sayde: I am not.

18 The servauntes and the ministres stode there and had made a fyre of coles: for it was colde: and they warmed them selves. Peter also stode amonge them and warmed him selfe.

19 The hye preste axed Iesus of his disciples and of his doctrine.

20 Iesus answered him: I spake openly in ye worlde. I ever taught in ye synagoge and in the temple whyther all ye Iewes resorted and in secrete have I sayde nothynge:

21 Why axest thou me? Axe them whiche hearde me what I sayde vnto the. Beholde they can tell what I sayde.

22 Whe he had thus spoken one of ye ministres which stode by smote Iesus on the face sayinge: answerest thou the hyepreste so?

23 Iesus answered him. If I have evyll spoke beare witnes of ye evyll: yf I have well spoke why smytest thou me?

24 And Annas sent him bounde vnto Caiphas ye hye preste.

25 Simon Peter stode and warmed him selfe. And they sayde vnto him: arte not thou also one of his disciples? He denyed it and sayde: I am not.

26 One of the servauntes of the hye preste (his cosyn whose eare Peter smote of) sayde vnto him: dyd not I se the in the garden with him?

27 Peter denyed it agayne: and immediatly the cocke crewe.

28 Then led they Iesus fro Cayphas into the hall of iudgement. It was in the mornynge and they them selves went not into the iudgement hall lest they shuld be defyled but that they myght eate the paschall lambe.

29 Pylate then went out vnto the and sayde: what accusacion bringe ye agaynste this man?

30 They answered and sayd vnto him. If he were not an evyll doar we wolde not have delyvered him vnto the.

31 Then sayd Pylate vnto the: take ye him and iudge him after youre awne lawe. Then the Iewes sayde vnto him. It is not lawfull for vs to put eny ma to deeth.

32 That ye wordes of Iesus myght be fulfilled which he spake signifyinge what deeth he shuld dye.

33 Then Pylate entred into the iudgemet hall agayne and called Iesus and sayd vnto him: arte thou the kynge of ye Iewes?

34 Iesus answered: sayst thou that of thy selfe or dyd other tell it the of me?

35 Pylate answered: Am I a Iewe? Thyne awne nacion and hye prestes have delyvered ye vnto me. What hast thou done?

36 Iesus answered: my kyngdome is not of this worlde. Yf my kyngdome were of this worlde then wolde my ministres suerly fight yt I shuld not be delyvered to ye Iewes but now is my kyngdome not fro hence.

37 Pylate sayde vnto him: Arte thou a kynge then? Iesus answered: Thou sayst yt I am a kynge. For this cause was I borne and for this cause came I into ye worlde yt I shuld beare witnes vnto the trueth. And all that are of ye trueth heare my voyce.

38 Pilate sayde vnto him: what thinge is trueth? And when he had sayd yt he went out agayne vnto the Iewes and sayde vnto them: I fynde in him no cause at all.

39 Ye have a custome that I shuld delyver you one lowsse at ester. Will ye that I lowse vnto you the kynge of ye Iewes.

40 Then cryed they all agayne sayinge: Not him but Barrabas that Barrabas was a robber.

Chapter 19[edit]

1 Then Pylate toke Iesus and scourged him.

2 And ye soudiers wounde a croune of thornes and put it on his heed. And they dyd on him a purple garment

3 and sayd: hayll kynge of the Iewes: and they smote him on the face.

4 Pylate went forthe agayne and sayde vnto them: beholde I bringe him forth to you that ye maye knowe that I fynde no faute in him.

5 Then came Iesus forthe wearynge a croune of thorne and a robe of purple. And Pylate sayd vnto them: beholde ye man.

6 When the hye Prestes and ministres sawe him they cryed sayinge: crucify him crucify him. Pylate sayde vnto them. Take ye him and crucify him: for I fynde no cause in him.

7 The Iewes answered him. We have a lawe and by oure lawe he ought to dye: because he made him selfe the sonne of God.

8 When Pylate hearde that sayinge he was the moare afrayde

9 and went agayne into ye iudgment hall and sayde vnto Iesus: whence arte thou? But Iesus gave him none answere.

10 Then sayde Pylate vnto him. Speakest thou not vnto me? knowest thou not that I have power to crucify the and have power to lowse the?

11 Iesus answered: Thou couldest have no power at all agaynst me except it were geven the from above. Therfore he yt delyvered me vnto the is moare in synne.

12 And from thence forthe sought Pylate meanes to lowse him: but the Iewes cryed sayinge: yf thou let him goo thou arte not Cesars frende. For whosoever maketh hi selfe a kynge is agaynst Cesar

13 When Pylate hearde yt sayinge he brought Iesus forthe and sate doune to geve sentece in a place called the pavement: but in the Hebrue tonge Gabbatha.

14 It was the Saboth even which falleth in the ester fest and aboute the sixte houre. And he sayde vnto the Iewes: beholde youre kynge.

15 They cryed awaye with him awaye with him crucify him. Pylate sayde vnto them. Shall I crucify youre kynge? The hye Prestes answered: we have no kynge but Cesar.

16 Then delyvered he him vnto them to be crucified. And they toke Iesus and led him awaye.

17 And he bare his crosse and went forthe into a place called the place of deed mens sculles which is named in Hebrue Golgatha.

18 Where they crucified him and two other with him on ether syde one and Iesus in the myddes.

19 And Pylate wrote his tytle and put it on the crosse. The writynge was Iesus of Nazareth kynge of the Iewes.

20 This tytle reed many of the Iewes. For the place where Iesus was crucified was nye to the cite. And it was written in Hebrue Greke and Latyn.

21 Then sayde the hye prestes of ye Iewes to Pylate: wryte not kynge of the Iewes: but that he sayde I am kynge of the Iewes.

22 Pylate answered: what I have written that have I written.

23 Then the soudiers when they had crucified Iesus toke his garmentes and made foure partes to every soudier a parte and also his coote. The coote was with out seme wrought vpon thorowe out.

24 And they sayde one to another. Let vs not devyde it: but cast loostes who shall have it That the scripture myght be fulfilled which sayth. They parted my rayment amonge them and on my coote dyd cast lottes. And the soudiers dyd soche thinges in dede.

25 Ther stode by the crosse of Iesus his mother and his mothers sister Mary the wyfe of Cleophas and Mary Magdalene.

26 When Iesus sawe his mother and the disciple stondynge whom he loved he sayde vnto his mother: woman beholde thy sonne.

27 Then sayde he to ye disciple: beholde thy mother. And fro that houre the disciple toke her for his awne.

28 After that when Iesus perceaved that all thinges were performed: that the scripture myght be fulfilled he sayde: I thyrst.

29 Ther stode a vessell full of veneger by. And they filled a sponge with veneger and wounde it about with ysope and put it to his mouth.

30 Assone as Iesus had receaved of the veneger he sayd: It is fynesshed and bowed his heed and gaue vp the goost.

31 The Iewes then because it was the saboth eve that ye bodyes shuld not remayne apon ye crosse on ye saboth daye (for that saboth daye was an hye daye) besought Pylate that their legges myght be broken and that they myght be taken doune.

32 Then came the soudiers and brake the legges of the fyrst and of the other which was crucified with Iesus.

33 But when they came to Iesus and sawe that he was deed already they brake not his legges:

34 but one of the soudiers with a speare thrust him into the syde and forthwith came ther out bloud and water.

35 And he that sawe it bare recorde and his recorde is true. And he knoweth that he sayth true that ye myght beleve also.

36 These thinges were done that the scripture shuld be fulfilled: Ye shall not breake a boone of him.

37 And agayne another scripture sayth: They shall looke on him whom they pearsed.

38 After that Ioseph of Aramathia (which was a disciple of Iesus: but secretly for feare of ye Iewes) besought Pylate that he myght take doune the body of Iesus. And Pylate gave him licence.

39 And ther cam also Nicodemus which at the beginnynge came to Iesus by nyght and brought of myrre and aloes mingled to gether aboute an hundred pounde wayght

40 Then toke they the body of Iesu and wounde it in lynnen clothes with the odoures as ye maner of the Iewes is to bury.

41 And in the place where Iesus was crucified was a garden and in ye garden a newe sepulchre wherin was never man layd.

42 There layde they Iesus because of the Iewes saboth even for the sepulcre was nye at honde.

Chapter 20[edit]

1 The morow after the saboth daye came Mary Magdalene erly when it was yet darcke vnto ye sepulcre and sawe the stone taken awaye from ye toumbe.

2 Then she ranne and came to Simon Peter and to the other disciple whome Iesus loved and sayde vnto them. They have taken awaye the Lorde out of the toumbe and we cannot tell where they have layde him.

3 Peter went forth and that other disciple and came vnto the sepulcre.

4 They ranne bothe to gether and that other disciple dyd out runne Peter and came fyrst to the sepulcre.

5 And he stouped doune and sawe the lynnen clothes lyinge yet wet he not in.

6 Then came Simon Peter folowynge him and went into ye sepulcre and sawe the lynnen clothes lye

7 and the napkyn that was aboute his heed not lyinge with the lynnen clothe but wrapped togeder in a place by it selfe.

8 Then went in also that other disciple which came fyrst to the sepulcre and he sawe and beleved.

9 For as yet they knew not the scriptures that he shuld ryse agayne from deeth.

10 And the disciples wet awaye agayne vnto their awne home.

11 Mary stode with out at the sepulcre wepynge. And as she wept she bowed her selfe into the sepulcre

12 and sawe two angels in whyte sittyng the one at the heed and the other at the fete where they had layde the body of Iesus.

13 And they sayde vnto her: woman why wepest thou? She sayde vnto the: For they have taken awaye my lorde and I wote not where they have layde him.

14 When she had thus sayde she turned her selfe backe and sawe Iesus stondynge and knewe not that it was Iesus.

15 Iesus sayde vnto her: woman why wepest thou? Whom sekest thou? She supposynge that he had bene the gardener sayde vnto him. Syr yf thou have borne him hece tell me where thou hast layde him that I maye fet him.

16 Iesus sayde vnto her: Mary. She turned her selfe and sayde vnto him: Rabboni which is to saye master.

17 Iesus sayde vnto her touche me not for I am not yet ascended to my father. But goo to my brethren and saye vnto them I ascende vnto my father and youre father to: my god and youre god.

18 Mary Magdalene came and tolde the disciples yt she had sene the lorde and yt he had spoken soche thinges vnto her.

19 The same daye at nyght which was the morowe after ye saboth daye when the dores were shut where the disciples were assembled to geder for feare of the Iewes came Iesus and stode in the myddes and sayd to the: peace be with you.

20 And when he had so sayde he shewed vnto them his hondes and his syde. Then were the disciples glad when they sawe the Lorde.

21 Then sayde Iesus to them agayne: peace be with you. As my father sent me even so sende I you.

22 And when he had sayde that he brethed on them and sayde vnto the: Receave ye holy goost.

23 Whosoevers synnes ye remyt they are remitted vnto the. And whosoevers synnes ye retayne they are retayned.

24 But Thomas one of ye twelve called Didymus was not with the when Iesus came.

25 The other disciples sayd vnto him: we have sene ye lorde. And he sayde vnto the: except I se in his hondes the prent of the nayles and put my fynger in the holes of the nayles and thrust my honde into his syde I will not beleve.

26 And after .viii. dayes agayne his disciples were with in and Thomas with them. Then came Iesus when the dores were shut and stode in the myddes and sayde: peace be with you.

27 After that sayde he to Thomas: bringe thy fynger hether and se my hondes and bringe thy honde and thrust it into my syde and be not faythlesse but belevynge.

28 Thomas answered and sayde vnto him: my Lorde and my God.

29 Iesus sayde vnto him. Thomas because thou hast sene me therfore thou belevest: Happy are they that have not sene and yet beleve.

30 And many other signes dyd Iesus in the presence of his disciples which are not written in this boke.

31 These are written that ye myght beleve that Iesus is Christ the sonne of God and that in belevynge ye myght have lyfe thorowe his name.

Chapter 21[edit]

1 After that Iesus shewed him selfe agayne at the see of Tyberias. And on this wyse shewed he him selfe.

2 There were to geder Simon Peter and Thomas which is called Didymus: and Nathanael of Cana a citie of Galile and the sonnes of Zebedei and two other of the disciples.

3 Simon Peter sayde vnto them: I goo a fysshynge. They sayde vnto him: we also will goo with the. They wet their waye and entred into a shippe strayght waye and that nyght caught they nothinge.

4 But when the mornynge was now come Iesus stode on the shore: neverthelesse the disciples knewe not yt it was Iesus.

5 Iesus sayde vnto the: syrs have ye eny meate? They answered him no.

6 And he sayde vnto them: cast out ye net on the ryght syde of the ship and ye shall fynde. They cast out and anone they were not able to drawe it for ye multitude of fysshes

7 Then sayde the disciple whom Iesus loved vnto Peter: It is the Lorde. When Simon Peter hearde that it was ye lorde he gyrde his mantell to him (for he was naked) and sprange into the see

8 The other disciples came by ship: for they were not farre from londe but as it were two hondred cubites and they drewe the net with fysshes.

9 Assone as they were come to londe they sawe hoot coles and fysshe layd ther on and breed.

10 Iesus sayde vnto them: bringe of the fysshe which ye have now caught.

11 Simon Peter stepped forthe and drewe the net to londe full of greate fysshes an hondred and .liii. And for all ther were so many yet was not the net broken.

12 Iesus sayde vnto them: come and dyne. And none of the disciples durste axe him: what arte thou? For they knewe that it was the lorde.

13 Iesus then came and toke breed and gave them and fysshe lykwyse

14 And this is now the thyrde tyme that Iesus appered to his disciples after that he was rysen agayne from deeth.

15 When they had dyned Iesus sayde to Simon Peter: Simon Ioana lovest thou me more then these? He sayde vnto him: ye Lorde thou knowest that I love the. He sayde vnto him: fede my lambes.

16 He sayde to him agayne the seconde tyme: Simo Ioana lovest thou me? He sayde vnto him: ye lorde thou knowest that I love ye. He sayde vnto him: fede my shepe.

17 He sayde vnto him ye thyrde tyme: Simon Ioanna lovest thou me? And Peter sorowed because he sayde to him ye thyrde tyme lovest thou me and sayde vnto him: Lorde thou knowest all thinge thou knowest that I love the. Iesus sayde vnto him: fede my shepe.

18 Verely verely I saye vnto the when thou wast yonge thou gerdedst thy selfe and walkedst whyther thou woldest: but when thou arte olde thou shalt stretche forthe thy hondes and a nother shall gyrde ye and leade the whyther thou woldest not.

19 That spake he signifyinge by what deeth he shuld glorify God.And whe he had sayde thus he sayd to him folowe me.

20 Peter turned about and sawe that disciple who Iesus loved folowynge: which also lened on his brest at supper and sayde: Lorde which is he yt shall betraye the?

21 When Peter sawe him he sayde to Iesus: Lorde what shall he here do?

22 Iesus sayd vnto him Yf I will have him to tary tyll I come what is that to the? folowe thou me.

23 Then went this sayinge a broode amonge the brethren that that disciple shulde not dye. Yet Iesus sayde not to him he shall not dye: but yf I will that he tary tyll I come what is that to the?

24 The same disciple is he which testifieth of these thinges and wrote these thinges. And we knowe that his testimony is true.

25 There are also many other thinges which Iesus dyd: the which yf they shuld be written every won I suppose the worlde coulde not cotayne the bokes that shuld be written.