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Memorandam from Mr. Fearey to Mr. Allison  (1951) 
by Robert A. Fearey

From;NARA Confidential U.S. Lot58 D118 and D637 Records of the Office of Northeast Asian Affairs, Japan Subject Files, 1947-1956, Reel39



TO : S - Mr. Allison DATE : August 3, 1951
FROM : NA - Mr. Fearey
SUBJECT : Islands

In his attached memorandum, Mr. Boggs states that although he has "tried all resources in Washington" he has been unable to identify Dokdo and Parangdo, mentioned in the Korean Embassy's note. On receiving Bogg's memo I asked the Korean desk to find out whether anyone in the Korean Embassy knew where they were. Frelinghuysen later reported that an Embassy officer had told him they believed Dokdo was near Ullungdo, or Takeshima Rock, and suspected that Parangdo was too. Apparently, that is all we can learn short of a cable to Muccio.

As regards the French desire to change "Spratly Island to "the Spratly Islands", Boggs now says that the plural is probably better though he has always previously supported the singular. Spratly is definitely a group of islands, not just one island.


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