Bohemian legends and other poems/Song of a Soldier

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Bohemian legends and other poems  (1896)  translated by Flora Pauline Wilson Kopta
⁠ Song of a Soldier


Very soon ended the dream of my life—
Yesterday I galloped gladly,
To-day my heart’s Blood rushes madly,
To-morrow I sleep in death,
To-morrow I sleep in death.
Tra, la, la, la.

Your boyhood and youth have ended too soon;
You had a soldier’s brow of pride,
And your cheeks were like the roses dyed;
They have faded now, alas!
They have faded now, alas!
Tra, la, la, la.

Know no fear let the will of God be done;
Write about me a warrior’s song,
That I was brave and did no wrong;
I die gladly for my land,
I die gladly for my land.
Tra, la, la, la.