Boswell's Life of Johnson(1904)/Volume 1/Appendix D

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Johnson Letter to Dr. Leland.

(Page 566.)

'To THE Rev. Dr. Leland.


'Among the names subscribed to the degree which I have had the honour of receiving from the university of Dublin, I find none of which I have any personal knowledge but those of Dr. Andrews and yourself.

'Men can be estimated by those who know them not, only as they are represented by those who know them; and therefore I flatter myself that I owe much of the pleasure which this distinction gives me to your concurrence with Dr. Andrews in recommending me to the learned society.

'Having desired the Provost to return my general thanks to the University, I beg that you, sir, will accept my particular and immediate acknowledgements.

'I am, Sir,

Your most obedient and most humble servant,

'Sam. Johnson.'


'Johnson's-court, Fleet-street, London, Oct. 17, 1765.'